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Stacey meets the stranger from the bathroom.

"Oh, I want you too."

It must have been kismet or something, because I got to be the one to take Tom's briefs off. When I slipped them down his legs, my face was right in front of his throbbing erection.

His cock was beautiful. Pretty big. (Carrie told me it was 7 1/2 inches; she measured her brother's cock. I wonder how big my brother's cock is?)

I licked it all the way from bottom to top, and then I kissed the head. He oozed a bit of clear liquid, and I sucked it up. When we kissed again, my lips were all slippery. While we did our two-minute make-out, I stroked it with my hand. He was moaning the whole time.

Looking around the room was really trippy. All the girls were topless and the guys were naked. All of them had a hard-on, and it was neat to see all the different kinds and sizes of cocks. I saw my first uncircumcised penis too. It had skin all the way over the head, with just a little bit of the tip sticking out.

A lot of guys didn't last the whole two minutes. They shot their loads right away, and their partners seemed really disappointed.

When we got down to the final hand of poker, I cheated. I slipped Tom two aces, and he gave me a three and a six. He won and I lost, so he got to fuck me. I was in heaven!

Janie and Heather were the two odd girls out, so they had to do each other. All the guys stopped to watch as they kissed, played with each other's breasts, and finally settled into the 69 position. I had done it with another girl, both Colleen and Aliyah, but I'd never watched two others do it. I think I was as turned on as the guys. It was really hot.

Meat and Marla sat out the final round, because she was the only one who could take on that monster cock. Her cunt must be as wide as her body. They did it doggy-style and we watched as he slipped it in her pussy. He kept slowly going, pushing it in. I don't know how, but he got it all in. It must have touched her heart. Literally.

Most of the guys just hopped on their partner and started humping away. Tony came so fast that Tiffany didn't even get off. We could see her frigging her clit with her fingers after he was through. His jizz was pouring out of her vagina. Wham, bam, thank you ma'm.

But not Tom. He really knew how to make love to a woman. He kissed and licked me all over my body. His tongue laved my nipples and they got so hard, I thought they would burst.

He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked, then moved across to the other one. My body was on fire. I writhed under him and came so hard I must have leaked a quart of juice.

His mouth moved down to my pussy and he sucked up as much as he could get in his mouth. "I love your scent," he said.

He spread my lips apart and looked at me. "Your pussy is so beautiful." I like looking at in the mirror too. My lips look like pink rose petals.

He went to work on me with his tongue, flicking it across my hood until my clit peeked out. He ran circles around its swollen head, then sucked it into his mouth and worked it with his lips.

My hips started to buck, my whole body shuddered. "Oh yes, yes...OH GOD YES," I screamed, as my orgasm flooded his face. The girls were looking at me with envy, cause, except for Carrie, none of their partners had gone down on them.

"I'm ready, Tom, please let me feel your cock inside me." He hovered over me and rubbed the head of his cock all over my clit, then he slipped it into me. Slowly, slowly, until he bottomed out, touching my cervix.

My hips rose up to meet him as he thrust into me. After awhile, we switched positions and I got on top of him. My hair made kind of a tent around him, and our eyes we focused right on each other. I loved to watch his face as we made love.

His hands were all over me, fondling my breasts, playing with my nipples, then rubbing my clit with his thumb. I lost count of how many times I came. I was in heaven.

Everyone in the room was watching us, which just added to the thrill for me. Here i was, the star of my own sex show.

I sat all the way down on his cock, and started squeezing him with my vaginal muscles.

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