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"Oh." Just then Catherine came back in, he thanked her for the food, telling her how good it was. She just smiled.


Ricky was relieved to see his car sitting there appearing untouched as they drove on into town.

At the gas station he filled a two gallon can, slid that into the trunk and headed back. Catherine took a different route which surprised him since it was further.

He realized why when he saw the sign for the golf course. Catherine stopped, surveyed the parking lot, then acting irritated, she drove on to where Ricky's car was.

He poured the fuel into the tank, then struggled with the engine for several minutes before it started. With a wave, Catherine and Sissy left. Ricky drove back to his room.

With classes and having to study, it was the next Saturday before Ricky gave Sissy a call. He was thinking of taking her out for a movie, then maybe she might want to do some more of that fun stuff they had done in the car.

"Sissy isn't home, she left with her girl friends." Catherine told him. Then she launched into a series of questions about his plans, how he was doing in school.

It was almost like there were long time friends, they ended up visiting on the phone for well over an hour.

Then she apologized for walking in on him when he stayed overnight there.

"It's OK, things happen I guess." Ricky managed, feeling his face flush at the memory.

"Good. I didn't want to embarrass you. But the good lord was certainly kind to you." She giggled like a school girl.

Ricky didn't answer, he was suddenly tongue tied.

"In fact, you can stay over here any time you like!" She hesitated, waiting for a response.

"I understand, I was young and shy once, it's OK." She added.

"I'm not really that..I mean.." Ricky managed.

"Call me again sometime, you are fun to talk to." Catherine hung up.

Rick sat for several seconds looking at the phone in his hand. Catherine appeared to be somewhat on the forward side, she wasn't like any Mom he had ever met.

The next morning the phone rang, it was Catherine.

"What's up?" Rick asked her.

"Well, Henry is off pretending to play golf, Sissy took off with her friends again and I am bored. Why don't you come and get me, we can maybe take a drive in that fancy car of yours?"

"You want to go for a drive? With me?" Ricky was surprised at that.

"Yea, I do. I like you, you are fun to talk to."

"Well, OK. I will be there in about an hour." He really didn't know quite how to say no.

Catherine came out of her house the moment he pulled up. Ricky was surprised to see her wearing a halter top and a pair of white low slung shorts. He tummy was flat as a pancake and golden brown, he knew she must spend a lot of time in the Sun.

As she slid into the passenger side bucket seat, he could see she had on traces of makeup and her hair was nicely done up, flowing in waves almost to her shoulders.

Ricky blinked at that, Catherine looked like she had fixed herself up for a date or something.

"Let's drive out towards the lake, there is usually very little traffic out there, OK?" She smiled. Ricky glanced at her, the halter top was showing a large expanse of well tanned breasts.

He took a deep breath, one glance at her was enough for him to begin to erect, and he was thinking it might be best to keep that under control.

For a mature woman, Catherine was kind of hot.

"Drive fast!" She asked.


"I want to go fast, go real fast!"

OK. She wanted to go fast, that he could do.

Rick stepped on it a bit harder, the large engine responded with a guttural growl.

"Faster!" She urged. Now Ricky was at the point where the tires were complaining when he negotiated the curves. The last two miles just before the road ended at what was a local paper company lake, was nearly straight and slightly uphill. The place was usually deserted since the lake had almost no fish in it.

"How fast will this go?" She asked. Rick glanced over at Catherine, she had one hand resting on her chest, her index finger inside the top.

It looked like she was...touching herself?

"I don't know.

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