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Claire is tested by her sexual fantasies in the VR world.

At the moment, Miri's focus was on that new girl, Mayet -- or rather, her absence. A foreign-born girl, she barely even spoke Ba'lorian, the language of Tildor! How many out here on the eastern fringes of the kingdom actually spoke Kemetic? Granted, there was a small population in the capital, but the nearest country with a large population was the Caloren States, and that was west, across the continent, at least four months distant by overland travel -- or so she'd been told. Mayet had dark skin, and some of the other staff thought her pretty. Mayet was new, and yes, there was construction going on all around, yet it should not have taken her this long to deliver a single load of sheets and towels! There were, after all, two more loads to take upstairs! If she was goofing off, Miri would set her straight, that was for sure! Working in the manor was a privilege, not a right. If she wasn't capable of working laundry, there were a lot of other, less desirable jobs to be done. Cleaning the latrines would be a start!

Brusquely, she put Livona and Tamara, two of the cleaning staff, to collecting dirty laundry from the first level rooms. Once that was done, Miri stormed upstairs, the hard soles of her boots clattering on the stonework.

Striding quickly, down the hallway to the linen closet.

She heard a woman making noises and slowed down. Definitely, too, the sounds of a man, grunting. Was Mayet having sex? Miri grumbled, fuming. If so, she could bloody well do it on her own time!

* * *

Royce was tempted to go again, but decided against it. He wanted to talk to this young woman, learn more about her. He lifted up, and slowly pulled out of her. On his knees, he glanced at her gaping pussy, the ring of semen matted in the hair around her black labia, and the bright pink of her inner walls. More sperm drained out of her hole onto the towel.

She sat up, legs splayed, a huge grin on her face. "Oh, thank you, my Lord! That was a wonderful gift. I hope I pleased you as well."

"You did. Very much so."

Using a corner of the towel, she smiled as she wiped herself down.

Seeing him pulling up his underwear and pants, Mayet said, "Lord? May I finish taking care of you?"

Puzzled, Royce paused. "What do you mean?"

She moved closer, then gently grasped his semi-erect cock. Without ado, she opened her mouth, sucking and licking him.

"Oh," was all he said. One hand caressed her head as she cleaned him with her tongue. She tried to take him deeper into her mouth, but only managed partway because of his girth and length.

* * *

Miri peered around the corner. She saw Mayet's dark body on the floor, a man with his pants around his knees and his cock stuffed to the hilt into her pussy. The man looked familiar. Then he pulled out. And out. He was enormous! Miri didn't think she could get her own hand around him, he was so wide! And though she knew there might be men with longer cocks, she'd never seen one.

Her first thought was to wonder how Mayet had ever managed to take him all the way inside.

Her second was to imagine this man stuffing his cock into her pussy, to feel him plunging into her own depths. Miri's last lover had been over three years ago, and suddenly that was ancient history. This man, well! It would feel magnificent! Whoever he was, she was going to find a way to do him.

As he partially turned, Miri's heart skipped.

Oh, no! The Duke!

Her eyes went back to his maleness, then to Mayet licking him. The look in Mayet's eyes was affection, maybe even homage to what had obviously just given her pleasure. Yes, Miri could understand that, watching her tongue caress his cock. He'd obviously just ejaculated, but under Mayet's ministrations, he stiffened again. Miri felt her groin loosen, growing damp.

She stepped closer to get a better look.

* * *

A movement at the doorway caught his attention. Mayet, absorbed in her task, didn't see her.

"Shit," Royce muttered.

He had an open marriage with his two wives. Susan had laid down the ground rules.

After nearly a year of marriage, Mayet had been his first love

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