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Susan and Brittany enjoy Thanksgiving.

There were six of them. All of them seemed ready with their pants off and cocks in hand. None of their cocks seemed to be under seven inches the biggest at least had to ten inches and three inches thick I got even more afraid. My husband is quite small. Fully erect MAYBE five inches. They were going to kill me with their pricks I kept thinking to myself.

"See we could've already had our fun with you. Only we wanted to wait until you were awake to be able to see, hear and feel what we are going to do to you. I assure you, Mary we wont leave one hole untouched. We are going to rape your pussy first. When that begins to stretch out and get too filled with our cum, we are going to fuck your asshole. Ever had it in your asshole, Mary?"

I shook my head "No". I wouldn't let my husband fuck me there. I had a boyfriend back in high school who tried it. I hated it. It hurt so bad I started crying and told him to pull it out after only the head was inside. So needless to say hearing them tell me they were going to fuck my asshole and that there was nothing I could do to stop it this time scared me worse then them raping my pussy.

"Don't forget her mouth, Rod." Someone from the group said.

"Never. I would never forget her beautiful, sexy mouth. Before tonight is over you will have six cocks in every hole you have at least once. But knowing my group probably alot more than once."

The group laughed. I started crying even louder.

He bent own and took one of my nipples in his mouth. I was ashamed to admit that if I closed my eyes and imagined he was someone else it felt really good. But then he bit down hard on it. I screamed and he laughed.

"You didn't think this was going to be gentle did you??" He laughed a vicious laugh as he started kneading my breasts hard and pinching the nipples even harder. He took his cock and rubbed it on my left tit leaving a trail of precum all over my nipple.

"Yeah baby we are gonna have fun with you. Alot of fun." He then got up on the bed with me and positioned himself between my legs. He felt my pussy.

"Oh no we can't have fun with a dry pussy. Can we boys??"

A chorus of "No's" came from all the men.

He started to open my pussy lips with his fingers and starred at my clit. I have a larger clit then most women making it easy to spot. He started to pinch and rub my clit as he worked the fingers of his other hand inside my slit. Finding my pussy hole he started to finger fuck me with first two fingers, then moved up to three. The combination of him rubbing and pinching and even biting on my clit and finger fucking me was making me wet. I could feel the wetness seep out from between his fingers.

"That's a good little slut." He told me. I was horrified that he was able to make me wet!

He repositioned himself back between my legs and I could feel him starting to push inside me with his cock head.

"You ready for some major penetration, baby?"

"No please don't do this." My plee fell on deaf ears as he rammed his cock to the hilt inside my pussy. I screamed. His cock was so much bigger than my husbands that his cock hurt! He pounded in and out of my pussy several times. I was screaming so loud that one of his buddies had to cover my mouth.

"Yeah Whore how does this feel?? Either your husband is really small or he doesn't fuck you very often because your pussy is tight as hell!"

The other men started stroking on their cocks. All of them getting more turned on by the sight of me spread on the bed with this man's cock ramming inside my pussy.

"Please get out of me!!" I tryed to beg but with the hand over my mouth it just sounded mumbled.

"Shut her up, Pete." Rod, who I could tell was their leader, told the man who was covering my mouth.

I watched a evil smile spread across his face as he straddled my chest.

"Here, Bitch.

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