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Cynthia's Party lead Nancy from gloom to love.

lly wants to eat my pussy first?"

"I do,"said the guy who had been on my left when sitting down. They were all dressed in only their t-shirts and boxers.

I started jumping up and down doing a mini cheer, "I'm gonna get my pussy licked, I'm gonna get my pussy licked!"

They had me get on the couch with my face lying on the cushions and my ass pointing up and the guy on the left came over and hiked my skirt up and pulled my thong down to halfway down my thighs. He began kneading my ass and it felt so good. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and started licking my puckered asshole, licking, sucking, all while cupping and squeezing my ass. I moaned as he continued his oral assault on my ass. He stopped and then I felt him removing my blow pop from my mouth. He took the blow pop and ran it up and down my crack before going back and licking some more. He then did it again and this time, he pushed the blow pop against my hole and inserted it into my ass. He began fucking me with it and then pulled it back out, told me to open my mouth and put the blow pop back in my mouth before going back to eating my ass-pussy.

All four of them did this to me, eating my ass, fucking it with a combination of their fingers and my blow pop and each time, they would give the sucker back to my hungry, waiting mouth. I was squirming and writhing as these men ate my ass for a good 20 minutes and I couldn't wait for them to fuck me. I needed them to fuck me. Sucking their cocks all morning, having them cream my face and then piss on me had already made me so incredibly horny, so full of lust and now with them eating, licking and toying with my ass was now literally driving me wild with passion. I started to ask them to use me.

"Please, please, use my tight ass and fu..," I started to say and then the doorbell rang.

Damn it I thought to myself as they stopped.

"Ah, that must be the pizza," my master said. " Straighten up and go get the door slut."

I did as I was told and went to answer the door. I opened it and a cute college age boy was standing there with three boxes. He looked at me and was obviously pleased with the hot girl who had just answered.

"Um, uh, three meat lovers," he asked.

"Actually, there's only one MEAT lover here, but if you are referring to the pizzas then yes, come in," I teased and went back to sucking on my blow pop.

He stepped in and saw the guys and looked slightly disappointed. "So, um, that'll be $27.50," he said and my master walked to get his wallet off the counter. "You all just watching the game?" he asked.

"Well, actually they were all taking turns eating my pussy and fucking it with this," I said matter-of-factly in my best girly voice while showing him the blow pop before sticking it back in my mouth and started sucking on it again.

"Woah, wait, what?!" he said shocked and surprised. "Are you serious?"

"Well, of course, silly," I said, " I mean, it's like, only totally fair since I let them face fuck me till they all came on my face."

"Are you serious?" he asked. "You gave them all blow jobs?"

"Well, I wouldn't say she gave us blow jobs as much as I would say we raped her mouth and throat and she took it like a good little girl," said my master as he handed $30 to the stunned pizza guy. "If you want, you can drop a load in her mouth real quick before you take off."

This all felt like a cheesy porno, but truth be told, it was getting me excited.

"I, I don't know, I mean, really, that would be awesome, and I love getting a blow job, but are you sure, I mean, that's really ok?" he stammered asking my master.

I just stood there sucking on my blow pop as they talked, smiling away. This guy really thought I was a young, hot, slutty girl.

"Hell yeah, it's ok, just don't expect a blow job. You have to fuck her face. Get on your knees little girl. Take the sucker out of your mouth," my master commanded.

I did as I was told and got on my knees and looked for a place to put my blow pop.

"Stick it in your ass while you let the nice boy use your mouth," my master said.

I smiled and reached back, pulled my

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