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Mother rewards Boy Blue by blowing his horn.

We were distracted from our kiss by the arousal he was causing, though we tried to pour it into each other through our kiss anyway: her tongue and mine dancing as gently as possible.

I reached down between her slacks to rub her clit through the fabric, and she did the same, lifting the short length of my dress enough to rub against my sheer panties, and get her fingers instantly soaked with mine and her husband's juices leaking out of me.

We turned towards him, she unbuttoning his shirt again while I worked on his jeans. When she had gotten his shirt open we both took a nipple in our mouths and teased it in different ways. I was very pleased with his desperate moans, and I began to edge them towards the bedroom.

"I want to eat you out Lucia, and I want John to help me."

"Oh yes!" she agreed.

"I want to sit on your face, John and I want Lucia to fuck you."

We had reached the bedroom, kissing and caressing all the way, and we had discarded every piece of clothing along the way.

Lucia stood by the bottom of the bed while John and I finished undressing her. I pushed her gently and she fell on the bed, then scrunched up until her head was on the pillows. I looked at John, and he at me, then we began to kiss between Lucia's spread legs, licking her flesh and running our tongues into each other.

She told us it felt good, but we didn't need her to speak when we could hear how she moaned. He fucked her slit with his tongue and I tried to lick her clit downward from on top of her vagina, but I couldn't reach all the way and could only tease her with a very light flicker while John fucked her cunt with his tongue. I reached up to twist her nipples while we ate her out, and she responded positively to more pressure, more pain. I kept this up, through my curiosity, until, both of us licking at her clit and each other's tongues, we had made Lucia cum once. I raised my head, but he didn't stop I waited a moment to let the tension build up again.

"Does your wife like pain?" I asked, forcing John to stop pleasuring her.

"Yes, Sarah, she does."

"I know she likes getting fucked hard and being bitten," I said, "what other types of pain does she like?"

"She likes lots of pain. Let me show you."

John raised himself up and looked straight into Lucia's eyes. "I'm going to show Sarah what types of pain you like. Show her what you like and how much." Lucia moaned like crazy just from hearing this, and I knew that John was about to turn her on immensely, and show me how to do the same.

"Grab the headboard and keep your arms there." Lucia nodded her head to indicate she would obey, and seemed to brace herself for whatever John was about to do to her.

John bite down on Lucia's nipple, and twisted the other one hard. So far it was nothing I hadn't done, and she went wild as always. But then he slapped them, both of her nipples, and continued to do so hard and fast, each slap harder than the last. Lucia was lost in the pleasure, her eyes closed, head thrown back and moaning so often and so deeply.

"You like that baby?"

I couldn't believe it when she answered: "Yes Sir."

And what came next I was not at all prepared for. This loving, this self-sacrificing man slapped his own wife's face: hard...and she moaned and said, "thank you Sir."

He did it again and she returned to his eyes, staring into them lovingly.

"You like that bitch?"

"Yes Sir!"

"May I slap her aching cunt?" I asked him. "Would she like that?"

"She would like that," he answered.

"Lucia, should I give Sarah permission to slap your cunt?"

"If...oh Jesus!" He slapped her hard. "Don't blaspheme."

"Sorry Sir!"

"Yes Sarah," he said, looking straight into his wife's eyes, "Slap my wife's cunt: HARD."

"Spread your legs and keep them open." I said to her. "Don't you dare close them at all! I'm going to slap your open cunt so hard you scream. And right on your swollen clit, too!"

"Yes Ma'am."

I couldn't believe what I was finding out about my new lover, but I liked it. I did exactly what I said I would and it made me so hot to do it.

I brought my

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