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Wake-up, we have company.

I thrust my hips forward and Pam got the message. As Pam watched me licking her friend's pussy, she began to grind her hips hard against my cock as it filled her own wet pussy. She was jealous that I would want to pleasure anyone else while she was available and willing to pleasure me.

I continued to eat Beth as I fucked Pam and the sounds of lust filled the air. Finally when my tongue was too tired to continue licking out the sweet nectar that oozed from Beth's loins I lifted my face from her blonde bush. My face and her thighs were covered with her wetness.

I eased back a bit on the bench and my cock slipped out of Pam's tight pussy. She lifted her head in surprise as she watched me help Beth slide off the padded bar. Beth turned around and she straddled the bench looking down at her friend. Pam looked up at Beth's beautiful body, not without a certain amount of envy. Beth's tits were smaller but her body was firm and her blonde hair and light complexion made her just beautiful.

I pressed Beth's body forward until her hips touched the padded bar. Pressing on her shoulders, she leaned forward until she was poised directly above Pam's body. She placed her hands on the bench on either side of Pam's face to support her upper body. The two friends faced each other, their naked breasts only inches apart, their open pussies only inches apart as their thighs were spread and both of their pussies were available for my pleasure.

I moved back behind Beth and sat down. My cock grazed Pam's open thighs as my tongue teased Beth's ass. Both girls shuddered and watched each other intently as I teased their loins. I stood up and Pam watched intensely as my cock slid between her friend's swollen labia and Beth let out a deep moan. Taking hold of the bar on either side of Beth's hips I began to thrust in and out of the young beauty as Pam watched her face fill with lust. Now she had some idea of how she must have looked to Beth moments earlier when my cock filled her own pussy. Beth's tits bounced back and forth as my cock rammed into her sweet, young body. Again and again I thrust deep into her tightness as she began to scream softly with passion.

The two girls could not stop watching each other as Beth felt her body going out of control. She threw back her head and let out a soft scream as I felt her insides shower my impaling ramrod with her sweet flow. I thrust a few more times into her tightness and then slipped my cock out of her panting body.

Sitting down on the bench, I thrust forward directly into Pam's open pussy. Beth's cum, which covered my cock, let me slide right into Pam's tightness. As I thrust forward into her body, Pam's huge tits began to bounce and heave with passion. Beth watched her with fascination and envy as her huge tits moved with the rhythm of my thrusts. Once again the girls watched each other intently as sexual passion overcame them. As my own breathing became heavy, Beth felt my hot breath on her spread thighs as my lips kissed her firm asscheeks from time to time.

I thrust into Pam for several minutes and then switched back up to Beth's tight pussy. Over and over again I thrust into the young beauties as I felt the tightness of their pussies work wonders on my raging cock. It was as if they were in competition to see which would be able to make me cum.

Finally after several switches, I felt my balls begin to boil as I thrust deep into Pam's twitching pussy. Just as my cock was about to explode, I decided to withdraw from her sweet loins. As my cock left her body it shot up and my cum sprayed onto Beth's stomach and chest just inches above Pam's panting body.

I lifted myself off the bench and my cock continued to spray hot cum onto Pam's heaving chest and her firm stomach. Then sitting down again between her spread thighs, I let the rest of my cum ooze out onto the soft, dark fur of Pam's mons. Needless to say both girls were surprised by my actions.

I moved around the pole and then stepped over the bench straddling Pam'

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