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He thought to himself, "Well we are off to a good start."

That evening the guests ate dinner and then returned to their own cabins. At least some did but Kim and Lin made their way over Charly's and Ginger's cabin as planned. Lisa and Steffi were also in a randy mood and they snuck around the cabins where the guys were staying. Buck decided to go for a walk as well and he purposely headed in the direction of the women's cabins.


"I'm really looking forward to Chinese food today," Ginger said jokingly.

"You're bad! I wonder if they are still virgins or if they have played around with any toys?" Charly replied.

"I don't know but I am looking forward to anything we do with them. They are so delicious looking," Ginger added.

"Yes I'm looking forward to their visit too," Charly agreed.

After dinner Kim and Lin arrived at Charly's and Ginger's condo as planned. Charly and Ginger were wearing workout shorts and t-shirts. They were not wearing bras or panties and they were barefoot. Lin and Kim had worn tasteful one piece outfits that were loose fitting and concealed their charms. Charly instructed the two pretty girls to undress each other slowly and to place each piece of clothing on the chair in the room.

Kim as she had done many times undressed Lin with painstaking slowness and she soon had Lin's pussy throbbing in anticipation. Charly and Ginger watched intently as Kim removed every article of Lin's clothing until the girl was standing in the room naked. Then Lin undressed Kim and she soon had her naked as well. They stood together admiring each other's naked beauty in the presence of their hosts. Charly then instructed the girl's to embrace and caress each other's body as she had witnessed earlier that day.

The two pretty women stepped close to one another and wrapped their arms around the other's body. They French kissed each other deeply as their tongues danced around in the other's mouth. Their small breasts pressed against each other's as their hands caressed their backs and worked their way down to their shapely asses. The girls ground their pubic mounds together as they cupped each other's ass cheeks moaning in each other's mouth. The two lovers were a picture of erotica as they held, kissed and caressed one another. They looked like two nymphets embracing in their natural wonder.

Charly told Kim that she should begin her descent on Lin and work her way down to her pussy. Kim broke her kiss with Lin and then slowly trailed her tongue and lips down Lin's body. Kim took her time and sucked on Lin's perky tits and nipples for quite some time before moving to her tummy. Kim tickled Lin's belly button with her tongue and licked all around the sensitive area. Kim finally reached Lin's pussy and she found it to be dripping wet as she ran her tongue over the moist vagina. Lin gasped out loud and grabbed Kim's head for support as the tongue danced over her hot twat. Kim did as she had done many times and worked her magic on Lin's pussy. Lin was moaning and pressing her quim into Kim's face as she experienced a string of orgasms.

"I have got to get my clothes off this is making me way too hot," Ginger sighed and then quickly stripped.

Charly was also taken by the erotic scene before her and elected to strip as well. She and Ginger sat back on the sofa with their naked bodies touching as they watched the pretty women make love to one another. Without being told Lin repeated the action on her lover and before long Kim was writhing, moaning and cumming. The two women then stood once again and kissed each other deeply tasting their juices mingled with each other's.

"Let's take this to our bed," Charly directed.

They moved to the bedroom where Charly had Kim and Lin lay next to each other on the bed.

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