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A guy ought to warn a gal when he brings someone home.

His hands were digging into my side trying to pull me closer.

"We shouldn't Sam, too many people could get hurt and I truly love my husband" I pleaded.

"Please put me down Sam, you have proven your point" and with that he slid me down his body, and I could feel his hard bulge on my tummy.

I rested my hands on his chest, but didn't move away from him. His erection was intoxicating and turned me on instantly. His chest was like a brick wall and so defined, I could feel his nipples through his tight t-shirt and I licked my lips.

The silence between us was torturous, so many things we each wanted to say but didn't. I started to pull away and he grabbed me from behind my head and he tilted my head back so I could see his face.

"Just once Ann, so we both know. You have crossed my mind since that first day I met you, I have never met a woman I connected with so instantly. Wondering what you feel like, taste like" his thumb caressing my cheek, pulling me closer.

"It's wrong Sam, on so many levels. But ... I can't seem to resist it either." And I let him take control.

He held my face between his big hands and pressed me against the cinder wall and away from the window in my office. He had to bend down a bit to adjust to my 5'3 stature; he was so close I could feel his breath on my lips. He licked his lips and softly pressed to mine, my eyes closed relishing the pressure of his mouth on mine. My hands rested on his hips, pulling him into me and enjoying the erection poking into me and his kiss deepened. I opened my mouth and he slid his tongue in and a growl escaped, whether it was from him or me I'm not sure. I couldn't get enough of him, I wrapped my arms around his waist and his hand still cradled my head at the base of my neck and as he assaulted my mouth. It was electricity, pure sex attraction, and hunger. I sucked on his tongue, and he gripped my hair tight in his hand and pulled. The floodgate opened between my legs, and I whimpered into his mouth. He broke the kiss with a loud 'smack' and I could see my saliva glistening on his mouth. My lips burned and were swollen from the onslaught and from his goatee. Our breathing resonated in my office, and a slight hint of musk filled the air.

"Oh my god woman, I have never been kissed like that." He rested his forehead against mine.

"I could lose myself in your mouth Sam" and I slid my hands up his chest to wrap around his neck.

"I'm so wet right now, what am I supposed to do with all this?" I looked him in the eye, anxious for his response. The ache between my legs was almost uncomfortable and I could feel the slick moisture his kiss had created. He untied my yoga pants and placed his hand down my soaked panties, he immediately slipped a thick digit between my fat lips and found my hard clit. His eyes closed in ecstasy.

"I haven't been this hard in such a long time. I like how the ache feels" and he grabbed one of my hands and rubbed it against his crotch. The heat from him was intoxicating.

His rough finger stroked my swollen nubbin and he had me panting.

"Wow, you are soaked" and he pressed me harder against the wall and slipped a finger deep in me and I dug my fingers into his thick arms.

"Madre de Dios!" he growled against my neck, and proceeded to pump his finger in and out of me. Then I felt another massive finger join in. His hot breath was on my neck and my hands had worked up to his shoulders and latched on for support. He had me pressed against the wall and I could feel it biting into my shoulders.

"Oh Sam, don't stop please" I moaned, enjoying the finger fucking he was administering to me.

"I wish it was my dick inside you, pumping like this," he growled right before he took my mouth again. His tongue matched his fingers' strokes, he twisted his hand so that he was palming my pussy and his fingers were now curved inside me. He pressed his palm against my clit while his fingers stroked my G-spot that sent me over the edge and I started to release.

"Oh God.

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