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An office encounter with his Slut.

Toby kept his mouth clamped on her clit and sucked and licked for as long as the lady was cumming.

When she climaxed, all her muscles clenched and she jammed her pussy up against his face for an ultimate time. After her tremendous orgasm, Mary Sue completely relaxed in the chair, resembling a puddle of spilled milk. Toby knew she had climaxed, but he didn't know what would happen next, except that he did take advantage of the opportunity to devour all the delicious juices that had just been produced.

Mary Sue Langley completely relaxed in her special chair for a few minutes, while her personal slave knelt in front of her waiting for further orders, and hoping she would want to fuck. He was 18 years old, and probably hornier than he had ever been in his life from the sight of the white pussy and the flavor and aroma of the juices he had just swallowed. For the time being, he just looked at her face, which was a mask of lustful joy, with her eyes closed and her lips parted in a grimace of extreme pleasure.

When she opened her eyes, he looked down again, and Mary Sue was elated at this reflexive act of subservience. He had brought her to a great orgasm, and she expected another from his cock in her pussy, and many more over the next year, until the next swap meet.

"That was great, Toby. I think you know what I want now, so let's get into the bed."

"Yes, Ma'am." He was more than happy to do as she ordered, so he moved backward to allow her to get up.

Mary Sue wasn't the least bit coy, and she believed modesty had no place during sex, even with a black slave. She got up from the chair, unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving her wearing only her long linen blouse. Seconds later, she was as naked as the man with her, and she lay on her back on the bed. Toby was sure he knew what she wanted, but he waited until she gave him definite orders.

"Come here, Toby, and give me that big, black prick of yours."

Her legs were spread wide and Mary Sue's head nestled in a pillow as she lay on her bed waiting for her orders to be followed. Knowing the young man was still rather lacking in experience, she reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips to make penetration easier. As he climbed onto the bed after her, Toby held his huge cock to keep it out of his way, and Mary Sue smiled as she gazed at it with lustful anticipation.

He knelt between her legs and leaned forward, one hand wrapped around his shaft to guide it and the other arm supporting his weight. When Mary Sue felt the hard tip against her dripping pussy, she took over the process, holding it in her fingers to rub it in her wetness. With her lubricating juices spread evenly, the fingers of one hand guided Toby's cock to its target, which the other thumb and index finger were holding open.

"Right there," she murmured to the man who was leaning above her with his hand on his cock. "Stick that big prick right in there."

Once again, Toby did as ordered, thrusting forward so the head wedged into the hole being held open. When he saw his owner close her eyes and hear her draw her breath in between her teeth, he feared he may have hurt her and pulled it back out.

"Did I hurt you, Ma'am," he asked her, fearing punishment and losing what he knew would be an easy job on the plantation.

"No! No, it felt good. Stick it back in me, and give me all of it."

Relieved, Toby drove his cock forward again and felt the head slide between the soft edges of the lady's pussy. Her reaction was the same, but he didn't let that deter him this time. Seconds later, he thrust forward again and felt the slippery sides of her tight channel start to massage his cock. Her pussy was tighter and felt hotter and better than any place it had ever been before. After driving forward the third time, enough of his shaft had been imbedded that he no longer needed to guide it, so he leaned forward over her and started to support his weight on both hands.

To Mary Sue, the fucking she was starting to get was alread

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