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Maggie is asked to check in on Jake one more time.

"I've been waiting for this ALL day."

I crawled forward slowly, making each movement with a deliberate feline flair. I tossed my pigtails from side to side and smiled, pausing to blow a kiss as I advanced. As I got closer and closer, swaying my hips from side to side, I could see Colin's excitement increase visibly, as a bead of sweat formed on his brow and the bulge in his pants throbbed. I wet my lips and pouted as I drew myself between his legs, using my hands to gently push them wider to allow me to get in nice and close to his body. Kneeling up now, between his legs, I began to slowly caress my tits, licking my fingers and tracing them in circles around my nipple. Colin moaned as I hefted one heavy breast in my hand, and lifted it upwards, craning my neck down to flick the erect nipple with my long and agile tongue. I let a soft moan escape my own lips as I gave my tits one last squeeze, and winked up at the camera.

"I want to feel your big, hard, cock down my throat." I said with a smile. "I want to taste your cum and feel it fill my mouth before I swallow it all down."

"Excellent." Marco murmured. "Now I want to you slowly remove his pants."

Making eye contact with Colin all the while, I gently began to run my hands up and down his legs, using my fingernails to scrape gently through his pants one way, and then smoothly running my hands the other. I felt him shift impatiently as I caressed him, and sympathetically ran my hands up to his pulsing tent. I softly began to rub the flat of my palm up and down the shaft of his hidden cock, and heard him gasp appreciatively. I slid one hand under him slightly and began to softly squeeze his balls through his pants, eliciting more positive groans. Leaning in, I began to rub my face against his caged pole, acting as if my mouth was a drawn by a powerful magnet to his member. Deftly using my teeth, I gripped his zipper and began to slowly, slowly pull it downwards.
"Show me that big fat cock." I whispered as my mouth left his zipper. "I want to see it."

Reaching into his pants with one hand, I easily found his cock as it surged towards freedom. I felt the wetness of his precum on my hand as I gingerly guided his head out of the opening in the front of his pants, freeing it to the open air at last. I felt him sigh in relief as I gave his shaft a nice hard squeeze in my fist, and giggled in delight as I was rewarded by a slimy bead of precum that oozed out to run down his shaft and onto my hand. Smiling up at him, I raised my hand to my lips, and ensuring the camera had a good angle, licked the salty fluid off. Showing it on my tongue for a moment, I slid it back into my mouth and made a show of savouring his flavour, closing my eyes and moaning with pleasure. I felt his hands begin to caress my hair unconsciously, nearer to the end of my pigtails than to my head as he struggled to keep himself from skull-fucking me wildly. I knew Colin was desperate to feel my mouth on him by now, and decided to put him out of his misery.

"I can't take it any more." I said with exaggerated impatience. "I have to feel you in my mouth "

With a flourish, and being careful to keep my hair out of my face from the angle the camera looked down on me, I thrust my mouth forward, and laid the flat of my tongue as far down the underside of his shaft as I could.

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