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Domme punishes her female slave.

He liked watching her big tits bounce in his face while she rode him. There was one other gem of a natural talent Claudia reed possessed: she had a delicious pussy. Drake had eaten some pussy in his lifetime, but never had he tasted a pussy as sweet and delicious as Claudia Reed's perfect little honey-pot. It was a beautiful pussy, neatly tucked in, none of that meat curtains bullshit. No, Claudia had a model perfect cunt. She liked that word too- cunt. She liked it when he said, "show me your pretty cunt" and she would open her legs and spread those juicy pink lips for him. She tasted like fruit and honey, and he would eat that pussy like it was the only meal he'd had in weeks any time Claudia wanted.

Right now, she was on her knees, working his cock in her little manicured hand, looking up at him with a sweet wicked smile. She tugged down the straps of the simple black dress she wore, and pushed down the lace bra as well, letting those magnificent tits bounce free. She sucked at him, working her mouth expertly on his cock, all the way down, then up to lave at the swollen head. She knew just how he liked it. He had taught her. She had Drake's cock all the way in the back of her throat, and she let it slide out with a delicious pop. He looked down at her with an appreciative smile,

"You wanna ride me? Come up here and bounce that pussy on me. C'mon, show that bitch how it's done." The bitch in question- WannaBeCarmenElectra- was busy watching an animated movie about penguins on the big screen TV and did not hear this, or seem to care.

"We land in an hour, and we have to go straight to the press junket. I don't have time to shower and get ready if you come all over me, and you know you will. I vote you come down my throat and I will swallow it up neatly like a good girl. No mess."

"I love how you think." He sighed, and felt her envelop his cock in her mouth again, this time sucking hard and serious, which is what would get him off in a matter of seconds.

She knew how to do that flicker thing with her tongue just under the head, and how to cradle his balls in her hand as she worked him, and just at the final second, she knew to carefully scrape her teeth along his shaft. She did all this and he came, shooting a thick, creamy load right down her throat. As promised, she swallowed every drop. She didn't let him go at all. She milked his cock dry, and when he had not a drop of semen left in his body, she got up to wet a cloth from the bar and kneel down again to gently clean him up. He would never admit it out loud to her, because he felt it made him kind of a wuss, but this was his favorite part. She always did this for him, the clean up. She did it with care, as if his cock and balls were precious jewels. She always licked away any stray cum with her tongue, then massaged him clean with a warm, wet towel that felt like a huge tongue. Sometimes she did it as he lulled away to sleep. When he was all clean, she would kiss the head of his cock and go right back to whatever she was doing before the blow job started- usually working. Claudia was not only a fantastic fuck, but she was also the best assistant he had ever had.

Today, before the mind blowing blow job, she had been quietly reviewing script notes for director Ravi Khan's action sci-fi flick "Modern World.

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