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Time to get even with my sister's cheatin ex.

You've never felt so horny in your life, never felt so alive, never felt so out of control before with this powerful leather lady horsepower between her legs, the scent of sweat and leather. The sun finally setting she makes her way back up the street. But you live in seconds of anticipation as your thighs give way one more inch, one more lip barely scraping the horn. Your entire being fixated upon minute movements, you are no longer interested in flashing titties or waving to the crowd, all your attention is on those final two inches. Sweat begins dripping from your body and you're not sure but you believe that it is you that's groaning. You begin to grab for handfuls of her jacket then reach around and grab a handful of tit. She turns back to look at you and you can see your own face mirrored in her glasses, the look of dire need (three months since a boyfriend) almost animalistic, while she portrays no eyes just that smirk.

You realize that you are passing the original bar that you started, notice the same crowd of women, you see Kerri Ann sitting at her table inside. Then like a rattlesnake she is upon you, both arms over your shoulders she plunges your clitoris onto the horn and her tongue down your throat catching the screaming orgasm as all those moments of build-up come crashing upon you in that final second. As you hear the applause cascading from the curb, you shudder as a wave of humiliation washes over you due to your public display. You know that those dykes were cheering for her, that you are just a toy, a toy to be used, by her and at that thought a little squirt seeps out of your pussy onto the seat below.

She loves it, lives for the look, that look of recognition, then the humiliation then the recognition and she creams every time she sees the look, especially the humiliation. She holds your cheek in her one hand her smile like that of a crocodile. "Don't worry, my little slut," another shudder, "that's just the first of many. Main Street is a very long street." Then she laughs and you know you must get off this thing, but your legs are too weary from doing this split, from just cumming, from tension that you must just ride it out.

Now that your clit has found the horn it is impossible to get off it, your arms still hung up in your coat give you no relief, your legs not strong enough to lift, your skirt has risen up and floats upward showing your panties to the crowd, your breasts are still in the bra but have shaken a bit loose after the first orgasm. And now another one is coming stronger than the first, you lean forward immersing yourself into the scent of leather, and sweat and now a scent you do recognize. You clutch onto her as the second one hits you gritting your teeth against the onslaught. By moving forward you have laid your little man flat on the rawhide riding out the bump and vibration spewing juices like you have never done before.

Hell, just four hours ago, you were a sweet young girl who worked in an office somewhere in Daytona and now just another slut grinding away in public, in front of people you might know, the humiliation sends another jet of lubricant soaking your dirty panties and as that jet comes down you find yourself humping the seat like a bitch in heat your arms now torn from the silk to cling to the woman taking you on the hell ride. Who shudders to herself whether from pleasure or just an evil chuckle is hard to tell.

Now you have made your way to the bridge and are stuck on the skyway.

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