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A handyman is really handy with his tool

I took up position on the right side of the table as Jen started the massage by drizzling some of the warmed oil into Sue's back. Sue let out a low moan, "Mmmm", which turned out to be the first of many that day. She visibly relaxed as Jen laid her hands on Sue's back spreading the oil to cover her half and I did the same on my half.

We started by kneading her shoulders in unison, and then moved down past her shoulder blades to her lower back. We did sweeps, with one hand on either side of her spine and the other on her sides, from the small of her back up along her backbone to her neck and shoulders. My outer hand, along her side, brushed against the side of her breast. With their size I really couldn't avoid the contact. Rather, I didn't try to avoid the contact. And it was ok; I could tell that Jen was doing pretty much the same move. Another "Mmmm" from Sue; this one seemed deeper and throatier. We repeated this move a couple of more times. On each pass I extended my fingers a bit more in order to brush more of her.

We moved on to her tanned ass. First I poured a small amount of oil on her lower back, right above her cleft. Then we each took a cheek and, using the heels of our hands, pushed deep into the muscles.

In the course of massaging her ass, Jen did a push/pull move on the cheek she was working on. As I mirrored the move, the effect was that Sue's cheeks were spread wide open, exposing her asshole and 'taint', or rather, her perineum. I noticed that some of the oil had flowed down between her cheeks.

At the moment of this exposure I quickly looked over at Jen. She silently mouthed 'Oops" and gave a shrug of her shoulders. Looking back down at Sue I now saw that she really didn't have an all-over tan. The sun had missed a spot.

To my surprise, instead of moving on to a different body part or move, Jen repeated this spread move, so of course I mirrored her. This time we paused after the push out move, resulting in a longer exposure of her untanned area. Sue let out another soft moan and arched her back, trying to raise her ass off the table. Jen and I both pushed back at her.

On the next spread move, Jen held the position with one hand, but reached back with the other and gently massaged the exposed area. I did the same. We didn't touch her asshole, but came very close to it. Sue tensed up for a second as we first made the contact, then I felt her relax under our touch.

My mind began to wander. Would Sue welcome a finger or two in there? I think so. How about my dick? Perhaps. I visualized oiling myself up, then easing my cock into her right there on the table, slowly pounding into her inviting ass.

A nudge from Jen's hand snapped me out of this reverie. She gave me a quizzical look. I gave her a smile and the same type of shrug she had given me a moment ago. Did she know what I was thinking? If she had glanced down at my shorts she would have been able to see how turned on I was getting.

We moved to the end of the table to start working on her legs. Jen applied more oil to each leg. We started on her calves, kneading the muscles from side to side, pushing and pulling. We worked up past the knees to her thighs using the same motion. These moves alternatively pushed her legs together and pulled them apart. I noticed that Sue seemed to slightly resist the pushing together but seemed to assist in the pulling apart, so that her legs were gradually spread farther apart. Jen and I worked out way up higher until we were just below her ass. My hands on the inside of her thigh were so close that with the smallest deviation I'd be touching her taint. I resisted that temptation.

Then, as my hand met Jen's, she nudged it up so I did brush against Sue, right above her pussy. As Sue let out another "Mmmm", I looked over to Jen who, once again, shrugged and smiled.

We reset ourselves back at the foot of the table.

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