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Book Three of the Confirming Carter series.

Then when I caught you coming out of Mrs. Johnston's apartment I figured that you had an old woman fixation. Later, outside Mrs. O'Brien's I figured that you were a real prick for taking advantage of her loneliness and that you were a typical male. However, I talked to her in the laundry room one day and she was a different woman. You made her feel pretty and desirable. Even old Mrs. Johnston seemed to beam every time she saw you. She was the one who told me that you had voluntarily given up your summer to help your aunt out of a bind by working here as a handyman. I figured that maybe you weren't such a little prick after all. That's when I started to think differently about you. "
"Catching you with your aunt was hilarious. I didn't realize until later that the woman at the door was your mother. You must have shit your pants!" She started to laugh so hard at that that I couldn't help but join in.

I couldn't resist. She was too beautiful. Damning the consequences I moved closer, reached out, pulled her to me and planted a huge kiss smack on her lips and then recoiled waiting for her to slap me. Her reaction was one of surprise at first and then she shocked me with "Why'd you stop? Don't you want me or don't I fit the profile?"

I didn't know what she meant by profile but I'm not stupid. I knew that she was encouraging me to continue. I reached out again and pulled her into my arms. Her huge breasts were mashed against my chest and my tongue met hers as my hands started to play with her ass cheeks. I pulled her butt into my groin as she reached behind me and did the same. We stood there grinding against each other for a seemingly long time. I couldn't get enough of her tongue as our saliva mixed together.

By now my hands had started to explore her 38's and soon my mouth started to make its way down to them. I pulled apart her blouse too forcefully and her buttons bounced onto the hardwood floor. Now this fabulous chest that was ogled every night by dozens of men was mine to feast on and I was ravenous. The feel was different then any breasts I had kissed before but that didn't bother me in the least. They were perfectly molded and the nipples stood out proudly as I sucked on them. I was surprised that they stood up so firmly without the support of a bra. Stepping back as I fondled them, it did strike me strange that they looked more like the breasts of a much younger woman.

Continuing to kiss my way south, I bussed her incredibly flat stomach and I wondered what kind of exercises she must do to keep it so flat but then realized that a woman in her profession couldn't afford to let her body go to pot. I found out later that Maggie had actually had a minor tummy tuck two years previously.

Now kneeling, as I looked back up past her monstrous tits that jutted out proudly, I detected slight scar marks where her breasts met her stomach. I watched her shake her long, straight hair from side to side in bliss as I concentrated on orally servicing her. Tongueing her pussy brought another shock to my psyche as I looked in awe at a gold ring. I had never met, let alone, sucked a woman who had been pierced in that sensitive area. She ran her fingers through my hair as I licked her clitoris and rolled the ring around in my mouth.

As I started to separate her labia lips with my tongue she stopped me briefly to notify me that she was cumming already. Quickly I returned to my attack. With my tongue plunging in and out of her cunt, my nose was buried in her little patch of pubic hair. My eyes could barely focus but I could see that her pubic hair was neatly trimmed in the shape of a heart. It was then that I realized that the heart shape was the only hair in the area and that she was a natural redhead. She must have shaved regularly and the thought of her doing that caused another erotic vision.

Soon she started to clutch my head tighter and ordered, "Eat me! Oh yes! That's it! Uh.

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