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Four friends become lovers.

Seriously Mrs Matthews is ok with this and I do this all the time. Just one quick look then I promise you can have your clothes back. We don't want you getting caught here with me like this do we

DONNA: can't you just pick the size for me. I don't wanna be naked in front of u Mr. Matthews

PHIL: but Donna, it will only be one second I promise. I can't do it without having seen what you look like without them, without having seen how you look down there

DONNA: what would Davey tell me! oh my!

PHIL: oh Donna he won't know, he won't have to know this. Anyway I'm doing this for art, he sees you naked for other reasons. Actually, has he seen you naked before?

DONNA: uhmm yes Mr. Matthews. Oh gosh! I shouldn't have told you that

PHIL: no it's fine , we are quite free in this house. I don't mind

DONNA: if I take off my panties and let you see me real quick, you'll give me back my clothes right away? And then we're done?

PHIL: I may have to look a little bit but no longer than hmm a minute? But then we're done yes

DONNA: I see...promise you'll give me back all my clothes?

PHIL: yep. Now just slide those black panties down for me

DONNA: slips off my undies and now really embarrassed...... There, I'm all naked now Mr. Matthews, give me back my clothes

PHIL: wowee... Well Donna. Davey certainly has got something special here, such a jewel

DONNA: oh Mr. Matthews

PHIL: hmm so beautiful. And yess a shaved, pussy as you said

DONNA: yeah

PHIL: now Donna just quickly, sit back down where you were and can you show me yourself properly

DONNA: give me back my clothes. Don't stare

PHIL: sorry but I can't help it

DONNA: give me back my clothes Mr. Matthews!

PHIL: I paint a lot of girls Donna but I must say yours is the prettiest pussy I've ever seen. Even my wife never had a pussy like that when she was young. Wait one second for me Donna, are you ok? This is necessary I promise you

DONNA: Mr. Matthews! give me back my clothes or ill scream!

PHIL: ssshhh no no don't scream. Wait there, please Donna, this is ok, just one look at your pussy properly. Please can you open your legs for me?, I need to see if I can use white underwear with you

DONNA: Mr. Matthews! Mr. Matthews! my clothes! Now!

PHIL: hey sssshhh Donna Donna

DONNA: your tricking me!

PHIL: you've got to wait here for Davey haven't you. You can't have them back just yet. If you do this for me, spread your lovely legs and show me if your pussy is pink or not

DONNA: I need my clothes

PHIL: please?

DONNA: just really quick, Mr. Matthews? Where will I sit?

PHIL: where you were before, there on the sofa

DONNA: mmm okay

PHIL: hmm that's it, just open them wide for me and let me take a nice look. You see I need to look if... if it'll show through some of the more see-through stuff we have... Hmmm... Wow it is very pink isn't it Donna. Has Davey seen this pussy up close like this before?

DONNA: blushing...I don't need to answer your question, (attempting to stand up)

PHIL: no no stay here, please. I'll hold your arm so you stay for a moment

DONNA: Mr. Matthews...

PHIL: hmmm Donna, just stay for one second. God I wish my wife had a pussy like this when she was younger

DONNA: mmm you do?

PHIL: definitely. Honestly Donna, I didn't want to admit this to you but sometimes I wish my wife looked more like you. Davey is such a lucky bastard to have you

DONNA: Mr. Matthews, stop this now. They might be coming

PHIL: ssshhh no no, I haven't had a call yet

DONNA: but Mr. Matthews.... please give me back my clothes

PHIL: it's ok Donna

DONNA: Mr. Matthews...

PHIL: they will ring soon and then you can get dressed and I will go and fetch them

DONNA: mmmm ok then. Just 1 more minute Mr. Matthews....

PHIL: just stay with me for two minutes and let me get a feel for the painting

DONNA: don't stare at my pussy. Hey, stop that

PHIL: I'm not staring, just thinking. I'm looking and deciding what I can give you when you come to the studio

DONNA: mmm and?

PHIL: hmm something in red I think would suit you

DONNA: ok Mr.

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