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More tales from the massage table.

'Yeah, thanks Aj for the job you did. This setting is very good isn't it? He grinned cheekily. 'Yes sir it's super. Ma'am can watch TV even all day long like this.'

'Aj can you see well from that chair?' my wife queried. It's slightly at an angle, but no big problem.' He replied. My wife moved towards me. 'Aj come here and watch. You can see very well from here. And there's enough room here.' I indicated. We were breaking another boundary... maybe it was the effect of the wine we had been drinking all evening.

He didn't have to be told twice, he also pulled off his shirt and was on our bed sandwiching my wife between the two of us. 'Yeah this view is fantastic.' he exclaimed. We all settled back to watch the film with my wife leaning against me. It was in a minute or so that i realised that it was the same film i had chosen earlier on in the evening. 'This is that Tarzan DVD?' i asked incredulously. Aj looked at me over my wife's head and gave me cheeky smile. 'Yes sir the one you chose earlier.' he said. The mischief in his eyes was very evident. I decided to play along. Afterall, all of us were adults and we could jolly well handle an adult scene without being embarrassed.

It took me only few minutes to realise that this was a porn movie. Within minutes, the main character who was a very well built, handsome and muscular guy was rubbing himself against a busty woman who was probably Jane after rescuing her after falling into a river. The appreciation she showed was by feeling up Tarzan under his loin cloth. My tipsy wife who seemed to have lost verbal inhibitions started giggling and remarked that Tarzan seemed to be not wearing any underpants. Aj defended him rather cheekily. 'Ma'am he's in the jungle. Where can he find under pants.' This response got her giggling even more and she snuggled even closer to me.

I was at a loss at how to handle this situation. But as the film progressed, i started getting turned on as the content was extremely erotic. My wife who was snuggled against me felt it and started giggling even more. She also slid her hand down to gently start rubbing my hard on. If Aj had any inclination of what was going on, he didn't show it at all.

'Jane' had managed to get Tarzan spread-eagled on a sandy beach by the river and was hastening to untie his loin cloth. I noticed that everybody was watching the unfolding events rather tersely and thought that lightening the mood would be a good idea. 'What do you think? How long will it take to remove that?' Aj chuckled and said, 'I don't think it will take long now, females are experts at knots aren't they?'

'Hey don't try to be funny. Men are also experts at knots.' My wife piped in, elbowing Aj in the ribs jovially. Aj feigned shock and pain, clutching at his chest.

My wife suddenly looked concerned, 'Oh was that very painful. Please, i am so sorry.' He grinned wickedly, 'To repay for your damage you have to at least get a cup of coffee for us.'

My wife jumped off the bed to get us all some coffee. While she was gone I asked Aj whether the film was hardcore and he replied that some parts were. I wanted to know if it was suitable for the 3 of us to be watching together. He was of the idea that we were all adults and it should be ok. But he left it to me to decide if i didn't want to continue.

But truthfully i was also fairly aroused from what i had seen and wanted to continue though i didn't tell him so in so many words. He slyly asked whether he could borrow a sarong as his jeans were not comfortable for bed. I lent him one of mine and we had both changed into sarongs by the time the coffee arrived. 'Did you watch anymore after i went down?' my wife asked. She noticed that we had changed into our sarongs but said that it was not fair for only us to get comfortable. She disappeared into the bathroom and returned shortly in a loose night gown and promptly received a glowing compliment from Aj for it.

The film resumed with the female lead starting to go down on Tarzan while still was trying to get the knots undone.

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