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He cheats, she gets even, but at what cost?


I frowned at her. Isabella wouldn't be considered the common ideal of beauty in today's world, but then again neither would I. I would be considered "plump, heavy, chunky" but Isabella would be considered, "overweight and fat" Neither of us were thin by any standards, but neither of us were obese either.

I had come to terms with the fact that I would never be thin but could still be beautiful, sexy and attractive. Isabella, on the other hand, had a much harder time coming to terms with the fact that she would never be a size 6 (in fact I was a size 14 and she was a size 18) and couldn't see how beautiful she was.

Long naturally golden blonde hair, bright blue eyes, naturally tanned skin that was flawless, bountiful breasts, full hips, a nice round ass. Men were forever checking her out, women too. Hell, I'd even found myself checking her out and having temporary lustful thoughts about her myself! But she just couldn't see herself as attractive or sexy no matter what anyone else said or did. I'd given up trying to convince her she was attractive years ago and settled for never letting her put herself down.

" more word like that and I'll dock your pay young lady!" She gave me her usual "I'll agree so you'll shut up about it" expression and went on to tell me all about her discussion with David.

"He agreed to go for the STD and standardized medical exams tomorrow if you'd like. His last relationship was 5 years long and they'd been engaged for the last year and a half of it. She kept putting off setting a date for the wedding until finally she broke it all off saying she had found someone else and left him. It ended almost two years ago and aside from flirting at work and a couple dinner dates with patrons who had given him their numbers he hadn't been romantically involved with anyone since his ex fianc__e. He had a one-night-stand with a patron just after they'd broken up but that was it for sexual encounters since her. He's also willing to be at your beck and call for a one-on-one interview with you anytime you want after the results from the exams are in."

David still had his back to us but I could see the line of tension in his shoulders. He was anxious and itching to turn around and look for the response on my face to Isabella's debriefing.

I grabbed my purse and handed Isabella the corporate credit card, "This just became a working dinner meeting. Why don't you go pay for dinner and head on home. I'm going to go chat with David...and don't worry; I'll call a cab home for myself. I'll see you tomorrow at work darling."

We hugged goodbye as she paid for dinner and she whispered in my ear, "You've been drinking...try not to do anything rash and please go home alone tonight. I'll see you in the morning."

I turned and made my way to David. I stood beside his table with my hands on my hips looking as stern and impatient as one can look while wobbling slightly on one's own heels, "I certainly couldn't permit a full scale interview without all the medical documentation to back you up...but what say you walk me outside and wait for a cab with me and we'll have ourselves a little chat?"

David looked suddenly shy as he got up from the booth and smiled at me. He gathered his things and we walked outside into the fresh fall air.

"I hope you don't mind, but I called a cab for you while I was in the back room. They should they should be here within 5 to 10 minutes. Where'd Isabella go?"

All his usual flirtatious exuberance was gone. He seemed suddenly shy and awkward and almost deliberately turning the discussion away from the job offer he just put himself up for. "She lives just a block away so she walked home. What's wrong David? I thought you wanted this job?"

He looked up at me sharply, "I do! I mean, it sounds like an interesting idea. I just don't know what to say. Flirting with customers is one thing, but that's just acting. This is real."

I grinned impishly and took hold of his jacket, "It sure is" I said as I pulled him into me and kissed him hard.

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