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"You are so damn sexy," he purred into her ear.

How he said it, with such... gentleness puzzled Farrah. It also gave her a tingly feeling.

He nudged her forward a bit, trying to get her to start walking. "This way," he said, guiding her into her bedroom. She knew this from the slight bit of light she was able to make out.

The man cleared his throat and Farrah heard him rummaging around; perhaps looking for something. "Now, my love. The fun starts," he said in a husky voice, his voice suddenly changing. In one swift motion, he pushed Farrah back onto her bed and handcuffed her wrists to the headboard.

She let out a little whimper again as the cold metal came in contact with her skin. A soft hand ran across her face. The touch almost felt... familiar in a way. "If you try to kick me, you will regret it," The stranger told Farrah, making her forget about her previous thought. "Do you understand?"

She nodded slowly. Having the blindfold on was making the young woman nervous. She could hear so many things; but didn't know where they were coming from. She felt so vulnerable and nervous.

Farrah tried to remember where she put her cell phone. She thought it was on her night stand. But since she couldn't see anything, it would make it virtually impossible to get it; even if it was there.

Interrupting her thoughts, her bed creaked. Was he getting on the bed? She could sense that someone was kneeling over her.

"I am going to have my way with you," the man said. "I will do whatever I want; wherever and whenever I want and as rough as I want," he said adamantly. "Do you understand?"

She nodded again. For some reason, his words had excited her a bit.

Farrah felt his hands on her hips. He slid them up to just to the side of her breasts, exposing her stomach to the chill of the air. He slid the tips of his fingers over her stomach.

Farrah's breathing quickening; both from the fright and the excitement his touches caused her. Her chest rose and fell, noticeably.

The man bent down and she could feel his hot breath which was tickling her stomach. He began to plant warm, wet kisses on her torso.

"I just want to lick you all over. You are so damn delicious," he growled softly, licking her stomach which caused her to shudder.

The man reached back and grabbed a knife, unknown to Farrah. He began to cut the material of the t-shirt she had on. When Farrah heard it ripping, she gasped realizing what he was doing. She held her breath, trying not to move in case it accidentally slipped.

Her eyes were closed under the blindfold, trying to keep her body still. After he pulled the t-shirt off, Farrah exhaled, relieved.

"Mmm," the man said licking his lips at the sight of Farrah's breasts. "Your tits are nice," he complimented, grabbing the right one and squeezing it roughly.

He scooted up and dipped his head and kissed her, exploring her mouth with his tongue. He bit it slightly, as well. He moved from her mouth to her cheek and then her ear.

He licked the outer rim of it and sucked on her earlobe. Then he nibbled at it a bit. Moving down along her jawline, he left a trail of kisses until he got to her neck.

The mystery man bit at her skin, rather roughly.

Farrah didn't want to admit it; but she was enjoying this. This was wrong, though. She was being taken against her will; wasn't she?

He sucked and bit until her ivory skin grew red. The guy moved down, placing kisses along her upper chest, not leaving one area not kissed, licked, or bit at. His lips moved down to her breasts and he uttered a soft growl, staring at her large breasts.

He didn't waste any time sucking on her nipples which were already hard due to the cool air and her growing excitement. He moved to the other one, determined to give each of her breasts equal attention. He was not gentle at all, sucking on her tits and nibbling them.

She knew there would be bruises there tomorrow.

While he focused his attention with his mouth on one nipple, his other hand roughly played with the other one; rolling,

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