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They are his Family. His Children. His Blood.

At the sound of his sleep-roughened voice, she panicked and slammed the phone down, only to hear it ring almost immediately.

"I'm waiting, Blondie. Clean up and get yourself here. Now!!"

Hailey did just that, her heart singing. She wore her short little cheerleader outfit, high heels and no bra or panties. Driving over to his apartment, she rang the bell and knelt submissively at the door. The door opened, and there he was - her Master, her Nick. Overwhelmed, she bent and kissed his feet, only to be grabbed roughly and dragged into the apartment.

"So you want to come back to me, do you Blondie?"

At her affirmative nod, Nick kissed fiercely.

"You are going to prove that to me, Blondie. Are you willing to accept everything I intend to do to you today?"

"Oh, yes, please Nick. Please, please!"

Nick turned and walked away, and with a mixture of relief and trepidation, she followed him into their playroom. In response to his quiet command, she knelt in the middle of the room, back straight, hands crossed behind her and thighs wide apart. Nick brought a low, narrow padded bench and placed it in front of her. Gentle pressure on her neck caused to bend forward over the bench, with her stomach resting on the flat surface. Using soft ropes, Nick bound her ankles to thighs, and wrists and elbows tightly behind her back. Her knees were spread wide apart and attached to bolts in the floor. Patiently, he braided ropes into her hair and attached the rope to a pulley in the ceiling, tightening it so that her head was held high. A ring gag completed his initial plans and Hailey was ready and vulnerable to whatever Nick had in mind.

He started by fondling her lush tits, kissing, licking and suckling on the red nipples until they responded marvelously, standing to attention, stiff and wet from his ministrations. He took two long pieces of twine and tied them tightly around her stiff nipples, attaching the other ends to the pulley in the ceiling. A little pull there, and the Hailey's breasts took on a conical shape, extending away from her body and exposing the tender underside. He turned his attention to her pussy. A few strokes on her clit and in her pussy had her wet and begging for more. So he brought out his new fucking machine and inserted the tube deep into her pussy. A flick of the switch on the frame of the machine had the tube moving slowly in and out, exciting her, but not enough to climax.

Nick then picked up a thin, whippy cane and moved over to stand in front of her. He caressed the underside of her tits, giving her a hint as to his next actions. Hailey drew a deep breath and then screamed as the cane cut into the underslopes of her breasts. As the blows came hard and fast, Hailey continued to scream - she had never been whipped there before, and the pain was almost unbearable. She was sobbing uncontrollably by the time he stopped at twenty strokes.

Nick pressed another couple of buttons on the fucking machine. The tube moved faster, and Hailey began to feel an uncomfortable warmth deep inside her as the tube began to heat up. Nick's next command was given quietly.

"Count the strokes and thank me Blondie. You get twenty strokes. If you miss, I'll have to start over again."

Now the cane was aimed at her soft ass. The first two strokes brought shrieks of pain from Hailey, before she remembered that she had to count. With a shaking voice, she began to count from the beginning and in spite of her best efforts, it was thirty strokes before Nick decided that he was done.

Nick lit a candle and placed it directly under her clit, grinning as she wriggled desperately to escape its heat. He returned to her tits, removing the twine and rubbing them briskly to get the circulation back. He brought in a flat board mounted on two sturdy legs and and placed them under her tits so that they rested comfortably on the flat surface. He adjusted the board so that only her nipples protruded beyond the flat board. Hailey watched in horror as he picked his next implements of torment - two thin needles and a light hammer.


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