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And now they had a Varsity Football team. Excellent! They also offered Women's Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Golf, Tennis, Fencing, Track, Sailing, Archery, Rifle, Bowling, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey and Rugby. The Cheerleading Team is coed, of course. All of these sports teams competed in the NCAA Division One.

I was impressed with the athletics complex. A twelve-million-dollar Athletic Ccomplex with all the amenities you could think. Lord Byron College had purchased a lot of land in Boston, razed it and turned it into the Football Stadium, where the school's Men's and Women's respective Soccer teams practiced and the Women's Field Hockey games were also played. Nearby, within the same complex the Men's and Women's Track teams could be seen practicing on the Outdoor Track course. The complex was also home to the Gymnasium where the Men's and Women's Basketball teams practiced, along with the Men's and Women's Volleyball teams. The Basketball court was also where the Men's Wrestling team rolled out their mats for their practice meetings and their matches. Lord Byron College was getting ready to take on Boston College in Football. They'd already beaten Boston University in Wrestling and Harvard University in both Men's and Women's Basketball. Yeah, we were getting there.

How did Lord Byron College go from technical college one year to major athletic powerhouse? The founder of the school, Julianne Byron Conrad left us with a massive endowment of over three billion dollars. All of a sudden, the school's board of directors could do pretty much whatever they wanted. So we built ourselves new dorms and beefed up our sports programs. Adding a Division One College Football team was the final step in establishing ourselves as the new super power in collegiate America. Man, I really do live in interesting times. I was lucky to come to the school at this most interesting of all time periods. Also, I would be among the first members of the school's inaugural football team. How about that? I was part of history.

Yeah, I was having the time of my life. The football team coach was James Conrad Stephenson, nephew of the school's founder. He was also the Director of the Athletics Department. A really cool guy. He treated all of us like champs. We faced off against Boston College in our first-ever football game and won. Okay, we beat them only by one point but who cares? Winning is winning! The entire school celebrated. Oh, yeah. That Friday night, I went hanging out with some friends of mine. Let's see, it was me, Luther and Connor. Luther is a tall, good-looking young black man from Brockton. He's a defensive lineman on our team. Connor is a tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed Irishman who serves as running back on the team. I'm an offensive lineman these days. It's fun. Yeah, we all went to this bar on the Back Bay and had a blast.

At this bar, I picked up a hot black chick named Melissa Brownstone.

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