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The Disco: A break to dance becomes a wild, orgiastic romp!

She has now revealed to you that she is a lesbian and this has pique your interest further because you now feel that you have to go with a man to prove to yourself that things are alright. Well Sangitta it is my job to guide you through the path that choose to lead."

Sangitta tossed and turned in her sleep and realised that she was drifting between reality and fantasy and could not decide what world she wanted to be in. She could feel herself sweating despite the fact that she was naked in her bed. She could briefly hear herself talking to Indira even though she was only in her dream.

She woke up with a start and tried to compose herself. She picked up her book again but she was obvious that she too much on her mind to concentrate on the book. She was being asked by Indira about her sexuality and she did not know what to do. She decided to get up and have herself a bath.

As quietly as she could she went to the bathroom and began to run the bath. Once it was run she stepped in and tried to relax. As she laid there the door opened and her mother walked in. She did not mind this fact. Her mother would often still bathe her when she was asked.

Her mother looked at her daughter and could see the redness in her eyes. It was obvious to her that Sangitta had not slept well at all and had something big on her mind and she obviously needed someone to talk to and she hoped that it would be her that she talked to.

Sangitta looked at her mother and it all just came out. She told her all about Julie and all about Indira and the thoughts that she was having her sexuality and then she sat back in the bath and waited for the expected tirade from mother. Instead her mother stood up and sat down on the floor next to her in the bath and began to speak.

"Sangitta you must know that both your father and I are quite liberal when it comes to our faith. We practice our beliefs and yet we have never forced them on you. We know about your secret hiding place and we know that you smoke and drink but we also know that you are in a different culture to which we were brought up."

"You may have noticed that there has not been a queue of families lining up with young men trying to palm you off on them for marriage. We made it clear in the community that you were not up for barter and that when the time was right you would make your own decision. As I can tell you are obviously struggling with your sexuality. If it would help I can tell you that me and your father would not disown you if you were a lesbian but you may have to leave the family home and find your own place."

"That is not because you would dishonour us but because the community would not understand and would attack our house and we as your parents would not deserve that. Can I give you a few rules? Her mother said.

"Yes." Said Sangitta.

"You do not make love to anyone in this house whether it be male or female. You are discreet about what you do and you protect the family at all times. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Sangitta said.

With that her mother left her alone and Sangitta bathed herself. It was still early and she had hours to go before college. She went back to her room and rested on her bed and drifted back to sleep. As she drifted off the towel dropped away again and she was naked again. This time she allowed Indira to come to her and that made Sangitta smile. She was cuddled to sleep and had was more settled in her head of what her plan was.

Over the next couple of weeks nothing special happened. She would speak to Julie as a friend and make it obvious that she had not made her mind up yet and that's she would be the first to know when she did. Then one day she got pulled aside and was told about a party that was going to be held.

Sangitta accepted the invitation and she went home and told her mother about it and could she sleep out for the night.

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