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An older man and then a younger guy sample Kathy.

"Plus all of this is on CCTV so don't even think about doing anything. I have had enough of you and how you treated me. Now listen to me and listen closely. WE ARE OVER."

"But Nikki..."

"Don't but Nikki me. We are over and I don't want to see you in here again." Her hand held onto Jay's leg as she spoke and deep in her brain she registered how good it felt. Slowly she moved her hand up and down feeling the muscles under the fabric of his uniform. Squeezing gently she wanted to explore further but with Phil standing in front of the counter she didn't dare risk it.

"This isn't over."

"Yes it is I'm not going to tell you anymore. It's over end of story. Now go otherwise I will call the police. We shut fifteen minutes go and I still have jobs to do." Jay's leg felt so good under her hand. Higher it went until she heard a small intake of breath behind her.

"Pretty boy if I find out you have been fucking my girl I will rip your head off."

"I'm not your girl."

"She isn't your girl."

Both of them spoke at the same time. Jay would have found it funny but he was trying to stay calm as Nikki played havoc with his leg. He didn't think his cock could get any harder. Very slowly he felt her hand rub up and down his thigh as she spoke to Phil.

"I will deal with you later Nikki." Phil shouted as he backed up glancing at the ceiling where she had indicated the cameras were. "And as for you pretty boy, watch your back. I know you are fucking her."

"Phil just go, she doesn't want you and you know that. I am not fucking her." A hand slid up his leg and grasped his cock over the material and he bucked slightly. Her hand was delicious on him and all he wanted to do was feel her hand against skin. His leg quivered with each stroke of her hand and his cock twitched even harder. Placing his hand against her ass he squeezed gently feeling her firm muscles underneath.

"You would say that. Well guess what pretty boy you will never fuck her the way I do. She fucks like a bitch in heat and I'm the only one that can control her."

Disgusted by Phil Jay moved quickly. Jumping the counter he grabbed Phil by the throat and pushed him against the wall.

"Don't ever talk about Nikki like that. She is not a bitch and she does not need to be controlled. Now if you don't fuck off I will personally throw you out." His face contorted with rage jay threw Phil away from him knocking a chair over as he did. The noise echoed in the room as Phil scrambled to his feet. Rushing at Jay he snarled his hatred. Ducking Jay caught the glancing blow from Phil's punch causing him to stagger slightly.

"STOP NOW." Nikki shouted. Shaking she stood between them hoping they didn't hit her as they fought. Blows reined between them and Nikki noticed the blood on Jay's face. Pushing Phil away she screamed up at him.

"Fuck off now. I am not yours now or ever. Get that into your thick skull." As she shouted she hit him, each punch emphasising her words.

The tension in the air was almost visible between them all. Jay stood breathing heavy against the wall waiting to see if the other guy got the message. He knew he was going to be in big trouble after the bosses saw the footage on the cameras. He should not have hit Phil but he could not stand back and hear him disrespect Nikki.

Spitting blood onto the floor Phil pointed at Jay. "This isn't over pretty boy."

Pushing against him Nikki spoke.

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