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Dean Pelt receives a surprise visit from Ginger's friend.

He ran over and took in the scene, Rebecca and Danielle's confused expressions and the silly grins on Troy and Trey's faces.

A loud howl was heard in the compound. All movement stopped for a moment and then there was laughter and smiles all around.

"What was that? Why does everyone look so happy?" Rebecca was looking around at the smiling faces surrounding them.

"It was the Alpha. He's with his mate." Trey looked lovingly at Rebecca. "The Alphas being apart is always stressful for the pack. Knowing they're together lets everyone know things will be OK again. I know they will be for me." He reached out and gently stroked her face.

"OK lovebirds. Let's get these trucks unpacked and then you can all get to know each other better." Lila was the Alpha Bitch's second, and since Lee was busy with the Alpha, it was her job to make sure things got done around here. She wasn't going to let a little thing like finding their mates interfere with that. At least not for the moment.


Xylon and Jeff were making the final preparations as Carr entered with his Betas. Alistair and Rhys followed a few minutes later. The remainder of the Council were close behind. Once all were assembled Xylon nodded to the security guards who brought Kyle into the observation room. He was still in the specially made straightjacket that could contain him in either of his forms. He was no more compliant than at the beginning, throwing himself against the walls and fighting every step of the way.

"You know I heard some of the Wilson Betas talking, and they said Kyle had always been the quiet type. Guess they haven't seen him lately." Cole couldn't imagine having a friend who turned into one of these things. He really hoped Kyle would be able to go home.

"If this works, maybe he'll return to his old self. Just pray we get it right the first time." Xylon didn't look forward to multiple test trials. He hoped his laboratory's results were correct and repeatable. If not, it was back to the drawing board. And he really didn't think they'd have time for more testing anyway.

"Unfortunately, the best way to introduce the agent to turn off the Dire Wolf gene is by aerosol. Not the easiest to apply, but the other methods just didn't seem to work at all, or not as well. I really don't know how you'll do this outside of a controlled environment like this." Xylon seemed almost apologetic.

"Let us worry about that Xylon. Let's see if it works first." Carr was getting impatient. He wasn't used to dealing with scientists. He didn't like all this waiting around for tests and experiments. He was used to just acting.

Kyle was staring at them through the window, daring them to do something. He snarled and growled and hurtled himself at the window. The Council members jumped back when he hit the pane.

Cole and Brett exchanged amused glances. Guess it had been a long time since those Council members did much other than sit in their chambers. They were nothing like Alistair and Rhys who still acted like Werewolves.

A commotion at the doorway got everyone's attention. "I should be there. He's my son. I want to speak with Carr, now." Morgan Wilson's voice reverberated through the hallway.

Carr walked to the door. "We didn't ask you to come because we just weren't sure what would happen and wanted to save you any more heartache than you've gone through already Morgan."

"I appreciate that, but I prefer to be here with my son." Morgan looked at Carr, not breaking his gaze until Carr nodded his approval. They walked back to the observation room quietly.

"Go ahead Xylon." Carr leaned against a wall and kept half his attention on Morgan.

Xylon pushed a button that released the substance into the room holding Kyle. Everyone watched intently.

Kyle could feel the difference in the air but couldn't see or smell anything.

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