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"You may be seated."

The attendant spoke to the judge. "You have before you, your Honor the case of the State versus Symonds."

The judge shuffled the papers in front of him. Clearing his throat he addressed the court.

"I have read the statements from the State and from Mr. Symonds lawyer. Based on the evidence provided by the State I declare that the case should be set down for a hearing in the High Court."

Just then the courthouse doors opened, Nina turned, seeing one of the office juniors walking towards her.

"Right on time." Nina thought.

The junior passed Nina a small package and whispered in her ear. The junior walked away. Nina looked inside the package and looked over at Dane who was looking a little worried.

Nina stood. "Your Honor, could I please approach the bench?"

The judge stared down at Nina, peering over his glasses at her. He frowned at her.

"Do you have something further you want to add, Miss Gant?"

Nina cleared her throat. "Yes, your Honor. I have some new evidence that I have just been handed that proves Mr. Symonds is not guilty of the State's allegations."

The judge nodded.

Nina and Dane walked up to the bench. Dane whispered to Nina as they walked.

"What are you up to Nina?"

Nina smiled at Dane, shrugging her shoulders.

"Nothing Dane just doing my job!"

"Right." Said the judge.

"Would you care to share the new evidence with us?"

"Yes, your Honor." Nina replied.

Just as she went to speak of the new evidence the egg went off inside her, she gasped as the strange buzzing sensation went through her entire pussy. She was speechless as the vibrations went through her, it was an indescribable feeling of pleasure as the egg vibrated and pulsed inside her. She felt her clit harden as her pussy responded to the titillating buzz of the remote egg. She was becoming very wet. The sensation went on, she could feel an orgasm building, She moaned as the egg vibrated deep inside her, her pussy muscles reacting to the pulsing sensation, squeezing against the egg.

"Miss Gant." The judges stern voice made Nina realise that she was openly cumming in the full view of the courtroom but she couldn't help herself, the pleasure from the little egg inside her was so intense.

"Miss Gant!" The judge barked at her.

"Yes, yes your Honor?"

Nina managed to say, trying not to cry out as she orgasmed. She felt a small warm trickle as her pussy juices flowed out of her body. She pressed her legs together, hoping that her panties would absorb the fluid.

"Is there something wrong?" The judge demanded.

"No your Honor." Nina thought quickly.

" It was just a stomach cramp."

Nina told the judge of the audio tape that she now had in her possession and the private investigators affidavit.

The judge nodded as he read the report. Taking the tape from her hand he announced an adjournment to his office, calling for Dane and Nina to join him in his chambers. Nina looked around the courtroom. She couldn't see Him. They all went into the judges chambers. The people who remained in the courthouse sat and waited. The security guards stood with their hands behind their backs. The taller of the two pulled His hat up from low on his forehead and lifted it off, He scratched at His brown hair and put the hat back on, ensuring that it was low over His face.

The judge sat as his assistant placed the tape in the machine. After listening to the tape he turned to Dane. "Any comments, Mr Edwards?"

Dane's face was red. "None, your Honor. In light of the new evidence the State withdraws the charges."

The judge laughed. "Of course. We will return to the court and I will address this matter."

They all file back into the court. The judge made his announcement.

"After hearing the new evidence brought before me today, I am convinced that the state does not have a case against Mr. Symonds. The case is dismissed."

Nina turned to her client, who was smiling from ear to ear.

"Miss. Gant. Thank you so much."

"You are welcome, Mr. Symonds."


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