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An afternoon of erotic delights.

Her squeals seemed to gather pace & got louder as she lost control, obviously as an orgasm swept through her body, she throwing her arms around the head of her lover & hugging his face into her ample bosom.

This tipped Rob over the edge, reaching up under the hem of Mel's dress, he began to caress her left leg just above the knee, his fingers moving to & fro, moving upwards to her inner thigh. She responded by parting her legs slightly, allowing him better access & encouraging him to explore further. With both of them watching events in front of them avidly, his fingers continued their movement upwards, he could feel the moist warmth of her excitement, until he felt the full wetness of her pussy. He pulled the flimsy material of her thong to one side & began to rub her dripping pussy, God, she was wet, as wet as he had ever known.

Mel let out a quiet gasp as she felt his fingers begin to rub up & down her lips, she rotated her hips in response to his stimulation. She could hardly breathe, not wishing to be discovered, but desperately wanting some of what the girl she was spying on was getting. She felt Rob's fingers begin to manipulate her clit & a shock wave shot through her body. She turned her head round to face him quickly & smiled a 'thank you' smile. He grinned back, continuing his manipulation, encouraged by her response.

The couple had now changed position, the guy fucking the girl doggy style, his cock sliding in & out of her slick pussy, an almost mesmerising sight plain to both of them. Deliberate, deep strokes, in & out, she trusting back to meet each one, a grunt forced out of her, at the deepest point of penetration.

Rob slipped two fingers into Mel's pussy, replicating the speed of the fucking taking place in front of their eyes. He felt Mel's hand tugging at the button on his shorts, then the zipper, then releasing his raging hard on from the confines of his boxers, her small fingers immediately wrapping themselves around his cock. He was continuing to finger fuck her, his hand totally coated with her juices, but now she was wanking him too. Heaven he thought!

Still looking at the couple fucking, Mel's own excitement was building fast & she was having trouble not crying out aloud in the same way the girl was. She had never been this turned on, as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her body. She was close to sensory overload, watching the couple, her pussy being fingered & wanking Rob's hard cock. But she wanted more; she needed Rob's hard cock inside her, fucking her like the one in front of her was doing to the girl's pussy. She didn't want to make love; she wanted to be fucked, like an animal, outside, in the open, watching two other animals fuck.

Releasing Rob's cock from her grasp, she turned & whispered into his ear 'Get that dick of yours into my pussy now, fuck me, screw me!' Rob was slightly taken aback; he had never seen Mel like this. She was wanton, just a sexual being, her only focus was on being pleasured. He was as caught up in this as she was & wasn't going to argue. He pulled up her dress, so that her butt was visible, yanked her thong down to her knees & grabbing his cock, rubbed it up & down her swollen pussy lips a couple of times before with one thrust, he buried it deep into her soaking pussy!

Mel steadied herself as Rob began to screw her, matching the timing of the other couple, which by this time had gathered momentum. The girl was once again crying out as if in the throes of climax & Mel thought that by the expression on the guy's face & the grunts coming from him, that he was getting close too. She just hoped that their fucking didn't get too loud, she didn't want to get caught & that anxiety added to her excitement. Rob was really going for it, slamming his cock deep into her dripping pussy. She shook as another wave rippled through her body.

With his eyes focused of the fucking couple, Rob continued to screw her; he was now into this almost animalistic rutting.

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