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Ale, a room at the Prancing Pony, and three horny Hobbits.

She is very thorough and requires his presence with her frequently.

The apple press is now a going concern and we are seeing a handsome return. I must spend too much time there overseeing, but Mama has begun taking a more active hand there. She is well liked by the clientele being still a fine figure of a woman. When the taproom is full she will often spend the night there handling the service herself rather than return after dark. This does cause Tyree some consternation for his concern for Mama is genuine.

The news of your aspirations toward government contracting is music to my ears. Even at this great distance we share our thoughts for I have also seen where such a profit can be had. While I will not burden you with the details I will say make what arrangements you can for manufacturing finished goods and I will provide the raw material. In this way we can double our profit on the same resources. Guard yourself from too much excess. The leisure habit can sap your drive and will expose you to all manner of unwholesome temptations. Look into the possibility of acquiring a relaxation establishment in Richmond, perhaps the Crimson Doll.

Something peculiar happened with your sister. About the time of my sister's arrival Gertrude disappeared for three days. That is she made no appearance and with the guests I did not notice her absence. Fortunately she came to no harm. On the morning of the third day we were breakfasting on the veranda when she walked up in the company of one of the farm niggers. He was very respectful and smiled big at Gertrude. She thanked him for bringing her home and told him to go home. She was wearing a course homespun and it appeared that was all, her feet were bare. She smiled all around as I introduced her to our guests and showed a great deal of enthusiasm at meeting Tyree especially.

Tyree is a handsome young man about standing six feet if he is an inch. He has sandy colored hair and is well muscled. I noticed that he watched Gertrude leave. Shortly, he excused himself and we all rose with the ladies joining me in the parlor to conference. I did not see Gertrude until dinner and she only appeared long enough to take a heavy laden plate back to her room. She had changed into a careless shift indifferently worn with her hair in shambles. I asked if she felt well or if I could attend to her, but she assured me that she had everything in hand. I have never seen her so careless of her appearance before.

The next morning she had Tyree drive her into E... They were there all day. When they returned she hurried to her room. Mama intercepted Tyree, who was looking haggard, to question him about their whereabouts during the day. I feel that Mama was more than a little put off that he had not been available when she needed him. Gertrude called for him, but Mama sent Zed, the boy, in Tyree's place. Millie, I could see wanted to object, but held her tongue as she watched him head off to your sister's service. She kept him busy late into the night and into the morning as we could all discern from the loud commotion coming from her quarters. Fearing that something was amiss I sent the groom, Old Tom, to investigate. He returned some hours later worn to death from exertion on her behalf.

Though her activities have abated somewhat, she still requires the frequent assistance of some man or another, and her demeanor toward the slaves has changed markedly. Previously, she had shown no recognition of them, now she is very solicitous toward them. What's more, she has insisted in being part of our business planning and daily will tour the grounds accompanied by one of the boys or spend the evening overseeing the Applepress after Mama returns home. Though her behavior is much more pleasant the sudden change has me perplexed. I think I will take your advice and send her to you when you are ready to address her needs.

Dreaming of You,



Hazel Park

E..., Virginia

August 15th, 1862


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