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Kaz was determined to control Susan.

Instinctively, I put my half-empty beer down and rubbed her shoulders. As I did this, I could see straight down her v-neck shirt. Ordinarily, I wouldn't stare at my own sister's cleavage, but her unwillingness to discuss last night gave me a bold feeling of entitlement as far as ogling her ample rack was concerned.

We sat in silence some more and as the quiet intensity between us built up, Louis sauntered up and dropped an abandoned sneaker right in Maura's lap, bursting the bubble that otherwise probably would have been our second kiss.

"Dogs are dog-tired," she said, "We should move along."

I attempted to kiss her on the cheek but she either ignored me or missed the cue. At any rate, I used the ride back home to think about things other than my sister's physical charms. As stirring as the situation was to my loins, in real life it wasn't going to bear out anything but heartache.

We pulled back into the driveway and Mum was just pulling out. She rolled down her window.

"I'm going to Shelley's to play trivia. Do you guys want to come?" she asked.

Maura looked at me, then answered that we were too tired after the hike. We let the dogs out and each of us headed to our rooms with one thought - hot-tub.

I had on my second pair of trunks that I keep there. Maura emerged wearing a red one-piece with some kind of crimping on the sides. She looked as if she had positively poured herself into it and it really showed off her curves. She went to the cupboard and brought out a bottle of zinfandel and two glasses.

"Coming? Or are you too scared?" she asked.

"With you in that suit, I might be," I half muttered.

"Maybe I was saving it," she said with a snicker, "Bring the towels."

I watched her walk out the door across the patio in admiration of how well-sculpted she was. She lifted up the cover, poured two glasses of wine and let her shapely body descend into the steaming water. I was quick to follow.

The water was not quite scalding hot and the evening air was crisp. The water didn't quite cover Maura's breasts, so not only did I have a great view of some triple-D cleavage, her nipples were straining against the fabric of her suit. If she noticed my staring, she didn't say anything.

We sat next to each other in silence, staring at the stars in the clear sky as we drained the wine.

"So did you want to talk about that kiss?" she asked suddenly.

"What kiss?' I said.

"This one," and she planted her lips on mine.

I was surprised totally by this and could do nothing but obey. I took her wet body in my arms as our tongues danced and twirled in harmony. Her eyes remained closed.

At the same time I was enjoying the full kisses of her plump lips, I was very conscious of my hands. I didn't know how far she wanted to go with this. Or even, for that matter, how far I wanted to go.

The question was answered for me when I felt her hand on my rear, pulling me into her. She was leaning back against the inclined seat of the hot tub and her legs were parted enough for my thigh to be pressed against her crotch.

"Are we crossing a line here?" I asked.

She looked up at me, still urging me towards her, "It's probably no worse than playing doctor when you're a kid."

"We're not kids - sorry honey - and we never played doctor," I said.

"Shhh," she said, shutting my weak protest down with another tongue-heavy kiss.

My hands reached up to her breast. At first I was caressing and kneading gently. But as I heard her sighs of contentment, I pulled down the cup of her suit freeing her wet bosom and exposing her hard nipple. I quickly cupped her breast and brought my mouth down upon the swollen tip, letting my tongue lap at her enormous tit-meat.

Her hand went to my hardened cock and stroked it with loving curiosity. I was about to pull down the other cup of her suit when suddenly the dogs barked.

I heard the door open and my mother call out for us.

Maura hollered back as she simultaneously pulled the top of her suit back on.

My mother peeked out through the screen door.

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