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She fulfills her fantasy in St. Louis.

As he remained there, waiting for instruction, Mistress began rubbing the tip of the riding crop along his ass cheeks, making him tingle in anticipation. He didn't want to disobey her but he really wanted her to smack his ass with that crop.
She stood and straddled his back, making sure to spread her pussy lips open so her clit would be rubbing against his back, as she continued to rub the crop along his cheeks, stopping occasionally and sliding it between his legs, gliding it across his balls. It felt so good, he felt like he was being hypnotized. The feel of her wetness on his back as she rocked back and forth with her motions; the stimulator and the leather on his skin was so damn erotic, he could feel the sweat beading on his brow. He could feel the pressure building and hoped she wouldn't make him wait long.
Mistress sensed his need growing and rose, throwing his clothes to him, she instructed him to get dressed, while she pulled a dress over her head. "You will get in your car and follow me," she informed him.
He did as told, then found himself sitting in his car, following her down the road. He still had the stimulator in place and was aroused even more by the vibration of the car and every bump he hit in the road. Though he wondered where they were going, he knew he didn't care as long as he was following her. Without warning, the stimulator in his ass began to vibrate, sending tingling sensations through his extremities. What was this?
In her car, Mistress was smiling as she fingered the buttons on the remote to the stimulator she had placed in Ryan's ass. She knew, by the time they got to her place, he would be willing to agree to anything she proposed and that was just the way she wanted him. Begging her; knowing that she was the only one that could bring him to the brink of the pleasure and pain he, needed.
Behind her, Ryan was shifting in his seat, trying to satiate the desires running through him. As they turned down another road, he felt the power and pressure of the vibrator increase. Holy shit, he swerved for a moment but quickly recovered. What was she doing to him? How many speeds did this thing have? How much longer before they got where they were going? The wheels were turning and at the same time, he was having trouble focusing as the blood was no longer supporting his brain but rushing to his hardened and damp prick, threatening to push him too far.
She pulled into the driveway of her simple but beautiful little two bedroom cottage home. Before sliding from behind the wheel, she took Ryan's vibrator up another notch, knowing he would already be agonizing over it's power.
Ryan had stopped behind her and put the car in park, when he felt the vibration turn to an intense hum. He swore he could hear the vibration but wondered if it was just because the pressure was coursing its way through his entire body. He opened his door, as she walked toward the car but was finding it difficult to put his feet on the ground and get out.
"Follow me," she said briskly as she strode quickly toward the door. Despite his situation, he knew if he didn't follow her quickly, she might very well lock the door and leave him standing outside. He struggled to his feet and walked as fast as he could, ambling to catch up with her. He followed her into what he could only describe as the most comfortable and quaint house he'd ever seen. All the soft colors and homey d__cor definitely denied the commanding nature of his Mistress. He could smell apple cinnamon and vanilla wafting through the house, mixing with the scents of her womanly fragrances and it was more sensual than he had imagined.
As he stood there, with his ass and balls humming, she turned and placed a new collar around his neck, with a long leather leash, that he could see would easily reach his ass, if she were so inclined to slap him with it. "Remove everything, my pet, and leave your clothes at the door."
As soon as he had done so, she took

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