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Vinos, Earth's Defender, is recruited for an...odd job.

"Jim, they are here!" Tuesday yelled to me.

Rhegan was running around like a chicken with its head cut off, whooping and yelling, until her mom opened the door and let her out of there like she was shot from a cannon. She streaked out of the house and launched herself right into the outstretched arms of Amy, who fiercely clutched her right back.

Tuesday and I hugged Flo and Bill and we turned to Amy, who wore a leg weakening smile on her face, her big dimples were the same as they were before, deep and cute.

"Hi Mom! Hi Pop!" She just beamed at us.

Tuesday broke into joyous sobs and they clutched each other crying for what seemed like an eternity. Meanwhile, Bill and I grabbed her luggage and hauled it inside.

Later, after Bill and Flo had a couple of cups of coffee, they decided to leave before traffic got to be too heavy on I-35 heading north, despite our protests for them to stay for dinner.

We ate like royalty, the chicken was awesome and we listened intently to Amy tell us about herself and her time in Oklahoma with her grandparents. She rarely made mention of her mother, I am sure that she was still a little touchy on the subject.

Amy fell into a great environment for her to flourish, both artistically and intellectually. Sebastian's parents were fantastic people, and they allowed her to spread her wings. She blossomed physically and spiritually, and she was a really down to earth little girl, who just happened to be damn smoking hot.

For the next few weeks, she seemed to be adjusting rather nicely to our home. Tuesday and Amy, along with Rhegan, were inseparable. I think that Tuesday liked to have an older female to talk to, and I liked to catch glimpses of Amy whenever I could. Tuesday and Amy would sun themselves out by the pool in bikinis, driving me nuts, Amy would walk about the house in little shorts and tank tops, driving me nuts, and the worst, Amy has the most beautiful feet that I have ever had the pleasure of lusting over. Long, slim toes and slender feet with a perfect arch. What was bad was that she loved to go barefoot and I always had a great view of her pretty, pretty feet.

I had the pleasure of spying on them one time as they swam laps in the pool, which was Tuesday's early morning ritual. I couldn't hear what they were saying, which was fine; the visual was fine with me.

My wife had on a nice, form fitting, one piece racing suit that perfectly accentuated her full 'B' cup breasts. I always thought that her body was amazing, we were high school sweethearts, lost our virginity to each other, and even now, over twenty years later, I can still barely keep my hands off of her. Tuesday was a hair over 5'4", shoulder length blonde hair, tone body from years of swimming, perfect in my eyes.

She and Amy swam a few laps and then stood in waist deep water, facing each other, Amy's back was to me at an angle so that I could just see the swell of her right breast. She was wearing one of my wife's bikinis, and she was definitely, dare I say, overqualified for the top. Amy's body was incredible, she was about an inch or so taller than my wife and about ten pounds heavier, but that weight was in the right places.

They stood facing each other, talking over something, when Tuesday turned her butt towards her and Amy bent over slightly, looking at what she had to show her, it was all very nonchalant, which was incredibly sexy to say the least.

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