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Karen takes a passenger.


She giggled, and kissed him.

When George finally checked off the last item of his grocery list, the two made their way to the check out line to pay. After filling the conveyor belt with his haul, the woman dragging them across the scanner and the bag boy did all the work, leaving George standing their waiting to know the damage. He looked around and noticed a cute Asian girl bagging groceries a few registers down the line checking him out. They locked eyes for a moment and she quickly looked away, though she looked back a few moments later and gave him a coy smile. George smiled back.

Dawn leaned in so that she was less than an inch from his ear and whispered so that only he could hear, "Like her?"

Feeling like he had been caught, he laughed nervously. "Sorry, I was just looking."

"I do not mind if you look George," she whispered, "If you desire her, it would be my pleasure to arrange a meeting. I can tell you that she thinks you are very nice looking, and wishes to meet a guy just like you."

Keeping his voice low, he whispered back, "Really? She looks way to cute to be interested in a guy like me."

"You mean a handsome, intelligent, nice young man, who's pants are curiously tight in all the right places?"
George had already forgotten that his body was now very different. Thinking back, many of the women they had passed had been giving him strange looks, but he had attributed them to Dawn's attractiveness, not his own.

He admired the cute bag girl some more. She had long, raven black hair, and a pretty, exotic looking face. Her uniform wasn't very flattering, but he could tell she was beautiful. Though, much more petite than he usually preferred, and not anywhere near as curvaceous and sexy as Dawn. But that wasn't really saying much as no one he had ever seen in his life, even in show business, could come anywhere close to Dawn.

"She looks a little young though. What is she, 16?" asked George.

"14 actually. She is very new to her sexuality, but she fantasizes quite a bit. She is nervous about her body, but she is mentally ready for sex, if she could only gather up the courage to go through with it."

"Does she have a boyfriend?"

"She did, but he turned out to be a jerk. Luckily, she realized it in time before they got farther than some heavy petting."

"Well, I think she might be a little young for me, but a little fantasy couldn't hurt. Let's give her a nice vivid dream involving her most potent fantasy tonight. Let her remember all the details and feel every sensation."

Tingle, "Done. But George, do you not wish to take her? To hear her cries of bliss as she cums with your wonderful cock inside her, over and over again?"

She reached down and traced the shape of his cock through his pants while she spoke. George looked around nervously. They were in clear view of several people, but none of them seemed to notice. A wet spot was forming at the point where the tip strained against the fabric.

"M-Maybe...but the law here is 18. Younger than that and it's considered rape."

"The law may say 18, but for you there is no law, as far as sex is concerned anyway. And she wants you. Look at her."

George looked over at the girl, who could clearly see what Dawn was doing to him. She was trying to bag the merchandise for her customers, but was distracted by the show. Her eyes were glued to Dawn's hand on his shaft.

"She wishes she was me right now. All you have to do is wish it, and the girl will be yours. Please George, I want to watch you take her. I want to hear her scream as you fill her virgin cunt with your cum."

George was so aroused that he was having trouble thinking, but he didn't like where his thoughts were going. Yes, he desired the girl, but she was just a girl, and even though the age difference was not much in the grand scheme of things, she could still easily be one of the students in his swimming classes. It felt wrong somehow, that he would be having those thoughts about someone so young. Dawn's encouragements stopped being sexy.

"Stop!" said George quite audibly.

Several people cl

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