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Summer sun and a whole lot of hot neighbor.

Although his entire body was seemingly made out of a polished metal, his cock seemed almost flesh like. "My creator felt it might be interesting to give me better sensation in this piece of my anatomy so the material there is flesh like, consistently warm, and actually has what could be interpreted as nerve endings for sensation."

"Wow...that's got to be at least nine inches. He designed you well endowed." Dani reached out and grabbed a hold of the protruding cock, "Oh, it is warm." A strange shiver ran up Tick Tock's body at the soft touch of her hand. His left hand grasped onto the back of the couch to steady himself.

"That...feels very strange." He looked down at the fabricated flesh that was his cock. Veins protruded from it, swelling up. "Oh, what..." The robot immediately arched his back hard, arms flinging behind him and from the tip of his cock came a pearly fluid shooting straight at Dani. His ass bucked forward as the jets kept splashing against her face. The curvy blond was completely caught off guard, believing that he was unable to do this. The thick creamy substance covered her face as it flowed over her mouth, down her chin and across her breasts.

"Wow, well, that was kind of...awkward. I didn't think you could...what the hell?" she had just tasted some of his cum.

Tick Tock was still kind of reeling from the experience, trying to regain his composure, "I didn't know I could do that either. There is to store the fluid. What's wrong?"

Dani was flabbergasted, "It tastes like chocolate. Really fantastic chocolate. You wouldn't think it from the color, or just at all." She began lapping up the cum on her, dragging her fingers across her tits and face, drinking it from a pool in her hand. "That's a good thing. Well, *gulp* that kind of saddens me. I was hoping for more than just that. But, it is your first time so I..."

"Oh, I can go again." Tick Tock said almost eagerly.

A huge smile lit up Dani's lovely face, "Really? That's wonderful! Here, sit down on the sofa and keep your legs together." She stood up, letting him get on the couch. Straddling his crotch, she slowly lowered her pussy down onto his shaft. Her lower lips slowly parted at the edge of his tip and another shudder coursed up Tick Tock's spine. His hands traced along the curves of her hips running up her sides, across her nipples and around her head.

"What are you doing?" Dani asked him, as she closed her eyes to the gentle caress of the metal hands.

"I have no idea, it just seemed like the right thing in this moment." Tick Tock began lunging his own hips up into her. Moist tightness held steadfastly to his cock, sucking it into her. He could already feel the same sensation as before welling up, but it didn't bother him. He inexplicably knew that he was able to keep going as long as he wanted to.

Dani sensed his cock swell again, shoving the whole thing deep inside hard. From somewhere unfathomable came another rush of the pearly fluid, squirting within her pussy. It felt to Dani like nothing else ever had. Tingles ran through her pussy as it spread, warm liquid causing normal sensations to blossom further, become more intense. After just one thrust, thanks to the amazing cum, she was starting to feel an orgasm coming on strong.

Tick Tock grabbed a hold of her waist, pushing her up then lowering her again. During the final throws of his gushing torrent he was fucking her, trying to increase her pleasure. She was his friend and it was important to him that she enjoy herself. Driving into her the torrent of cum stopped, but his thrusting started building up speed. Dani felt her first orgasm come along fierce, flooding through her body, welling up and bursting forth as she let out a loud scream of lust.

Inside Tick Tock felt gratified by her enjoyment, it seemed to increase his own enjoyment as he let loose another batch of his tingling cum.

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