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Luna is taken by her rival to work on a farm.

True, they were both women, and now shared an unfortunate history with the same man. However, forgiveness wasn't in the cards, despite Dawn's apology.

"I'm not doing this for myself," she frowned, deep in thought. "Okay, I am, but not only for myself. Not even for Dawn. In my opinion, it's only fair that she get cheated on; if he cheated with her, how can she be surprised he cheated on her? No, I'm doing this to stop him. The next woman might be a completely innocent soul, with no idea what a monster she's allowing into her life."

I agreed. He did deserve it, and hopefully this would teach him a lesson about deceit.

I was flipping through the photos my sister had taken of her friend at work. Antonia was happy to help, and more than qualified to attract Eddie's attention. A blue-eyed blonde who did a little dancing on the side, she had upgraded her natural endowment to a head turning level, comparable to Erica's fabulous and totally original pair. She wasn't shy about using them, either.

These pictures will get Eddie's juices going, I thought, and with the profile we're putting together, he's almost certain to take the bait, especially since he has no idea he's the fish.

"Nice work on the pictures," I smiled. "Maybe you have a future as a photographer."

"Yeah, well, Toni will take her clothes off at the drop of a hat, so it wasn't hard to talk her into it," she giggled. "She does have nice tits, doesn't she?"

The pictures were taken in the ladies locker room, and showed Antonia in various states of undress, starting in a skin tight t-shirt, and finishing with her bra and panties on the floor. It was more than we needed, but better to have extras.

We were going to set a honey trap for Eddie. Dawn had caught him with a woman he had met online, and she told us he was still on the same site, hunting for his next victim. It was simple enough to merely set up a fictional woman on the site, using Toni's picture, and wait for Eddie to come calling.

That portion of the plan was being handled by a friend of mine, Paul, who was a whiz on the computer. He was going to alter the photos slightly, just enough to maintain Antonia's anonymity, and play the part of the bait online, responding to posts. The character's name was 'Paula'. It was his idea to make Paula's occupation known; she was a 'dancer', and the cleavage in her photo made it clear it wasn't with the ballet.

Paul didn't know Eddie, but he knew men. He was gay, and that was his brilliance. He reasoned that most men would be intimidated by a woman who has enough confidence to dance nude in public. He was probably right. Any man who wasn't intimidated wouldn't be able to resist taking a shot at Paula, for bragging rights alone.

The newest members always get the most activity; if you're only looking for a woman to fuck, why sift through the thousands of long-time members, when there were eager newbies to be had. Eddie wouldn't be the only reply, but her was almost certainly among them. We left it to Paul to sort him out of the chaff.

All of this was just the preliminaries. We were just isolating him, so we could lure him into the real trap. Until then, we waited patiently.


It was my job to keep my sister occupied while we waited. It was a task I took upon myself, selflessly sacrificing my wellbeing to keep her happy.

Yeah... I know. 'Keeping her happy'... also known as fucking her brains out... was hardly an onerous thing. Still, I didn't have much else to do, so I took my job seriously. Erica and I went at it like rabbits.

I was behind my sister, watching my cock plunge into her pussy as I fucked her doggy style. I was standing, and she was on her knees and elbows at the corner of the bed. It was very athletic.

"Mnaaaaaahhhn, yes, fuck me, Gig! I just love your big dick in my cunt!" she grunted, bracing herself with two fistfuls of comforter.

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