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Gary lifted me off the ground carrying me back towards the table he placed me down gently sitting facing him he stood between my legs still kissing me. He kissed my neck gently one hand caressing my tit teasing my nipple as I whispered no you're my best friends husband stop, Slowly his lips moved down until I felt him lick each of my nipples his hands running up and down my back. His hand again moved up my thigh, once more he traced my pussy against my panties the juices leaking from me telling him I was enjoying it. I laid back on the cold table top opening my legs as Gary eased my panties to one side as he dropped to his knees, again I asked him to stop saying no this is not right we are both married.

I lifted my arse slightly from the table as I felt his tongue running along the lips of my pussy flicking it hard over my clit, I bit my lip not wanting to let a sound out that told him how much he was turning me on. Gary started probing my pussy with his tongue pushing it deeper into the depths of my wet pussy, he pulled my panties hard to one side and I heard them rip before falling away from me. He was lost in his passion as much as I was I didn't care all I wanted now was to be fucked by him, I laid there naked legs open with my best friends husband licking my pussy the guilt now gone no longer thinking of what Kat might say.

Gary stood removing first his shirt then undoing and removing his trousers releasing his hard cock, saying I'm going to fuck you hard you little slut. He gripped my legs pulling them hard apart his cock founding my pussy as he rammed it hard into me, he lifted my legs giving him greater access to my pussy helping him go deeper with every hard forward thrust. He was deep in my pussy, I again asked him to stop coming to my senses realising that this was wrong. He told me to lay back and enjoy the fuck he was going to give me. I rocked my hips meeting his thrust thinking what would Kat say if she knew, my body soon started to shake as he bought me to an almighty climax. I was now lost in my excitement calling out for him to fuck me, his was poking my pussy hard and fast every inch buried deep inside me. He leant down as we kissed again I moved my pussy hearing our skin slap together as his cock met my pussy.

Gary moved back taking my hand leading me towards the stairs. We kissed as we slowly climbed each stair towards my bedroom. Once inside we fell onto the bed holding each other kissing as his fingered my wet pussy as I took his hard cock into my hand, slowly I stroked it feeling little drops of pre-cum dribble from him. I moved down between his legs licking the tip of his cock before taking him deep into my mouth, Gary run his fingers through my hair whispering how good it felt and how good I was at sucking cock. I eased myself round placing my legs either side of his head lowering my pussy down towards his mouth. I soon felt his tongue probing my inner depths as I sucked his cock hard. Gary run his tongue slowly up the crack of my arse cheeks flicking his tongue across the little hole to my arse, before slowly moving it back towards my pussy. I caressed his balls as I rocked my head up and down the full length of his hard cock, taking him really deep into my mouth feeling the tip of his cock touching the back of my throat.

I felt his cock starting to throb in my mouth I didn't want him cumin yet so I eased back moving round laying next to him kissing once more.

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