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He has his first experience with an older woman.

Walt moved up along side Karen and kissed her deeply allowing her to taste her own pussy juice. She asked what she could do to reciprocate so Walt steered her petite hands to his exposed engorged cock. Karen stared at it in awe not knowing what she was supposed to do next. Walt guided her through hand job techniques and soon had Karen licking and kissing his cock. He moved her to the next level of sucking the head of his big cock and fondling his cum filled balls. Karen started to get into it and tried to take more and more of his cock in her mouth. Walt could feel his orgasm building but elected not to warn Karen.

His first burst of cum caught her totally by surprise and when she felt the second burst she tried to swallow the first. Her mouth quickly filled with cum and to prevent gagging she pulled his cock from her mouth. Walt's cock kept firing cum and it hit her in the face, hair and bare tits. Karen giggled as she held the spurting cock in her hands as Walt's cum flew everywhere. Karen had come along way since their first date.

Karen Expands Her Horizons

The next several dates were repeat performances and Karen had become comfortable with both of them being totally naked. Walt added variations to their sex. He taught her about sixty-nine so they could eat each other together. He also introduced his finger into her asshole as he ate her pussy. He placed Karen on all fours, licked her pussy and rimmed her asshole. One night he placed just the head of his cock in her pussy and rubbed her clit with the soft head of his cock. Karen went wild and had multiple orgasms.

Karen told Walt that she was ready to fuck but didn't want to do it in the car. She planned to do it at her house when her mother was away. One Saturday her mother was invited to a wedding and would be gone the whole day. Her mother had no sooner pulled out of the driveway that Walt was over at the house. They went straight to Karen's room and took off all of their clothes.

With Karen lying back on her bed, Walt slid between her legs and was gentle and patient as he eased his throbbing cock into her pussy. The pressure of his fullness almost negated the pain of losing her virginity. The pain soon subsided and Karen only felt pleasure as the large cock touched every fiber of her cunt. Walt fucked her slowly with long deep strokes and Karen began to hump her cunt up at him. She had numerous orgasms with the last ones violent and vocal. Walt tensed and flooded her pussy to overflowing with his cum. He continued to pump her pussy and she could feel the juices running out of her cunt and trickling down her thighs. Karen held Walt tightly as she felt she was in heaven.

The rest of the day they showered, had more sex and stayed naked all day. At one point they took a bath together in her parent's whirlpool tub. After the bath Walt gave Karen a body massage with her mother's bath oil. First he massaged the front of her body paying special attention to her tits and her pussy. Sensing that she was on the verge of another orgasm he slipped his cock into her cunt and Karen humped herself into frenzy.

Walt then rolled Karen over on her stomach and massaged her back, shoulders and the back of legs. He kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks and as he massaged her ass he put an ample amount of oil on her asshole. Then Walt began to probe her asshole first with one and then two fingers. Before long his fingers were moving easily in and out of Karen's thoroughly lubed asshole. He lifted Karen up by her hips until her ass was in the air as she rested her head on the mattress. He removed his fingers and positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass. As he eased his cock into her bunghole he heard Karen gasp and hold her breath. He assuredly told her to relax and that he would not hurt her.

As Walt eased his cock into her ass the head cleared her sphincter as Karen uttered an audible gasp.

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