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Karen takes a vacation in the woods and is discovered.

I accept your fuck fest invitation and give you a deep throat passionate tongue kiss lasting several seconds. I feel your hand upon my upper thigh as you stroke the satin material up and down my hosed legs. It feels so incredibly feminine that I am leaking steady streams of love juice into my hose.

I tell you this as my own hand seeks the hair spilling over your crotchless hose between your legs. I continue to fondle you as our kisses become inseparable while our tongues search each other's mouths. You tell me to slow down and finish our dinner because you want me to enjoy being a woman for a little longer. You explain that you are just as sexually aroused seeing me dressed this way and want to enjoy the tantalizing views and thoughts of a bisexual relationship with me.

We continue to leg pet and caress each other as we adjourn to the living room couch. You tell me that you have picked out a special and favorite adult video for us tonight from our collection. It is one of two attractive British heiresses who are very naughty at a formal ball. We watch as the two lovely ladies enjoy and explore each other's bodies while wearing clothing and hose similar to what we both wear tonight. You tell me that you see me as the one who is more submitting and yourself as the one who is more commanding.

This gets me incredibly turned on because you already know that we have had this same conversation while finger fucking each other during previous viewings. I am so hot and you turn to give me a forceful and demanding kiss ramming your tongue deep into my mouth. I accept your tongue and begin to suck it just as if I was giving you a blowjob! This excites both of us so much that we continue to search each other's bodies by hand listening to the 2 ladies talk of their pleasures!

You then turn off the TV and tell me that it is time that we make our own memories and pleasures and that you want me to act like the slut that I am. I beg you to reach up my dress and touch me where I ache because I am so hard. You tell me no and that you want to really enjoy teasing me! You then begin to trace your tongue lazily across my chest between the v in my dress slowly making your way down to the point. I hold your head to me as I find your soft cleavage in my hand and squeeze your mound so that your nipple becomes erect in my fingers.

You tell me how beautiful I am in this dress and that my hose are so dark and sexy, you cannot wait to put your tongue in my pussy. I am just streaming loads of cum into my hose and starting to stain my dress but know better than to tell you this. I enjoy your hand petting my legs making sure, once again, that I enjoy the feel of satin caressing the very fine silk hose. I pull you deeper into my bosom and feel you biting my nipple and squeezing my soft mound. You huskily tell me that my tits look so hot underneath the satin dress that you will probably be fucking me from behind while squeezing my bra encased mounds in a little while.

I move your head off of my chest because all of this talk from you has pushed me to the point that I must have your sexy, life giving tit in my mouth. I run my fingers under the dress and sexy bra and pull one glorious mound out of its pretty prison and place as much as you into my mouth that I can. You sigh as your fingers find the inside of my thigh where the crotchless hose ends and my soft waiting scrotum skin waits.

You begin to softly trace my line from balls to butthole leaning over to whisper in my ear that even an heiress deserves a good fucking when she can get it. I sigh and suck your breast squeezing it with my hand to force more into my mouth. You shudder at the sudden delight of my hands kneading your succulent tit and find my hole with a fingernail.

I beg you to enter me like I deserve and you softly whisper no.

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