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Co-workers decide to act on impulse.

Now he let his hand glide up her side and cup her breast squeezing it, massaging, and pinching her nipple through the material of her clothes. He taunted Jorge, "Would you like to suck my cock now?"

Not waiting for a muffled answer, Ricco said, "What if I pulled her panties down?"

Jorge had a whole series of facial expressions, but he couldn't talk.

Lifting her dress all the way up past her waist Ricco showed her off with a full view of her panties, showing the nice curves of her body. He let the dress fall back into place then reached under on both sides of her hips and pulled her panties down to her knees. "How about now? Would you like to suck my cock and balls?" He added the balls to make it sound like he was raising the stakes.

Beto stood by in Gabriela's panties laughing at Ricco's remarks, and watching to make sure the ties remained secure.

Ricco lifted the back of her dress showing her naked ass to Jorge and Beto. "Do you want to suck me off and swallow my cum now?" He loved teasing and being in control.

Beto went around to the front of Gabriela lifted her dress and said, "Mmmm, I say let's just fuck her."

Gabriela got a horrified expression. Jorge got a range of expressions sculpting his face.

Beto had cupped her pussy, and was now fingering her clit hood and clit. He teased her pussy lips until they started to engorge even more. His finger traveled all around her vulva and across her perineum pressing the skin by her anus. Finally his finger sank into her pussy and sloshed in the pussy juice. He brought the finger to his mouth and tasted her pussy juice. "I want to eat your pussy, and suck on those pussy lips. I want to see the diamond shaped piss hole. I bet you have a cute asshole. Do you have a cute asshole?"

Gabriela now had a blank expression on her face. Who would even be thinking about that?

Ricco said, "We can't let her have all the fun. Let's get him to join in."

Now Jorge's eyes got wide.

Ricco effortlessly picked up Jorge. "Beto, pull his shoes and pants off."

It was obvious that Jorge was semi hard from watching the events with Gabriela. Beto teasingly said, "Look here he is starting to get hard." Beto rubbed Jorge's ass through his underwear, up and down the crack, grabbing the ass cheeks, and rubbing his crotch. Reaching around front he grabbed his cock and held onto it, making it engorge and get harder. Beto said, "I think he likes me, do you think it is the panties I am wearing?" Suddenly Jorge's cock was fully hard.

Beto rubbed the cock up and down gently and squeezed it every other stroke, and let his hand travel down and rub his crotch all the way back to the cheeks and the warm spot in between. He pulled down the front of the underwear to expose the cock head. Beto was not embarrassed. He had been in prison for a long time, and had experienced many things. "Look he has a drop of precum for me!" Bending over Beto licked up the precum.

Jorge had a look of astonishment on his face.

Gabriela had a look of disbelief.

Beto vigorously started teasing the cock head, licking and sucking while pulling the underwear all the way down to the ankles. He fondled the balls, sucking one at a time and then sucked the cock more while grabbing the ass cheeks. Jorge could not control it and he shot his cum into Beto's mouth. Beto played with it in his mouth, smacking his tougue to the roof of his mouth and showing the strings of cum when he opened his mouth. "Hmm good!" he said.

Gabriela saw everything, and it started to make her wet as she had never seen a man sucking off another man feeling him off, playing with the cum in his mouth and then swallowing it.

Ricco took Jorge and retied one end as a noose and the other to his hands tied behind his back, so that if he struggled he would only tighten the noose. Then he removed the cloth from Jorge's mouth and put a soft round ring gag that he had stolen in Aruba.

He placed Jorge on his knees and Ricco inserted his cock into the mouth gag, feeling Jorge's tongue trying to pu

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