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The educator and the black man.

She rubbed it harder and harder until, a minute or so later, she shouted that she had to cum again.

"Oh, fuck!" she shouted. "Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, God, yes!"

As she orgasmed, she stopped fingering her clit and pressed her face into the bed spread. All I could hear coming from her was a muffled, squealing noise that lasted almost thirty seconds.

As Nancy's orgasm (the second one I'd watched her have) subsided, Ben stopped fingering her asshole and picked up a small tube of gel from the floor next to the bed. I hadn't noticed it before. Standing sideways to me, he applied it liberally to that monster cock of his. As he applied the gel, he sort of jacked himself off as though trying to make his erection even larger and harder.

Then, pushing Nancy slightly forward on the bed, he got on his knees behind her. I heard him say something to her that I couldn't quite make out. She didn't answer him but looked back at him over her shoulder with an almost frightened expression on her face. Looking between Ben's legs, I could see from my vantage point that he was guiding the end of his cock slowly into her juicy cunt. As he worked it in, Nancy lowered her head back down to the bedspread. I heard her say, almost whispering, simply, "Ooooh., yes!"

Soon, holding her waist with both hands, Ben was dog-fucking her. He didn't give her all of his cock at first. But after a minute or so he was driving almost all of his long, thick cock into her. He fucked my wife harder and harder, his swollen balls dancing wildly between his legs.

And she was loving it. Her excited voice filled the room: "Oh, Ben! Oh, fuck me! Oh, yes! Fuck me with your big cock!"

That's when I could hold off no longer. I shot semen all over the wall beneath the guest room window. I'd meant to cum on the ground, but my orgasm took me a little by surprise and I ejaculated a little sooner than I thought I would.

Meanwhile, the incredibly horny scene continued. After fucking her dog-style for several minutes, Ben slowly pulled out of Nancy's cunt and pressed the crown of his slippery cock against her asshole.

She said something like, "Oh, wait." But her words didn't seem to have any conviction.

Ben didn't wait. Soon maybe an inch and a half of his thick cock was inside her asshole. He was considerate enough not to thrust all the way into her. Instead he held the shaft of his cock steady in his right hand and let Nancy try to adjust to its girth.

He started to push it in further, but Nancy suddenly dove forward on the bed, a move that freed her asshole from his cock. She then rolled over on her side and looked up at him.

I heard her say something that sounded decisive but not angry. I definitely made out the words "too big."

For a few seconds I wondered if I'd have to intercede. I wasn't going to let this guy painfully sodomize my wife unless she wanted it. If necessary, I'd barge in through the back door and beat the shit out of him.
But it wasn't necessary. Instead of trying anything rude, Ben got down on the bed next to Nancy and gently embraced her from behind. For almost a minute, the two of them lay there spooning. He was kissing the side of Nancy's beautiful face and gently caressing her breasts with his left hand. His stiff cock was in the vicinity of her rear end, but he didn't seem, for the moment at least, as though he was going to try to re-enter either her cunt or her asshole.

Nancy then sat up and pushed Ben on his back. Quickly kneeling beside him, she gripped his cock in her right hand (which looked suddenly very small) and, tossing her hair off her face to make sure I had a good view, began licking the end of it. Damn! That couldn't taste very good! Had she forgotten where he'd just had it?

Then, cradling his balls in her right hand, she took almost two inches of Ben's oversized cock into her mouth and began sucking it. He sat up on his elbows to watch her as she worked on it, her eyes closed in concentration. I heard him say "Yes, oh yes. Like that. Keep sucking my cock. Oh, yes, that feels so good."

I kept watching too, my cock a

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