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Lisa's Dance of the 7 veils goes terribly wrong.

Sekka made a sound of disgust and tossed my pants at me.

"Hurry up and get those on. I can't believe mother asked me to drag your sorry ass to her chambers."

He had growled that, making it clear he either still had a grudge against me, or he didn't like his mother very much, and thought less of her... toys. I couldn't help but sigh at that thought as I struggled to get my body to work for me. My limbs were stiff from disuse and the cold, and were still stinging from being ripped off the chair. I resisted the urge to snap back as Sekka started to growl impatiently, and instead quickened my efforts until I finally had them on and done up.

I let out a small, startled yelp when he promptly picked me up slung me over his shoulder. I sighed and looked around me, lightly rubbing my frigid arms. I let out a soft sigh in relief when we exited the freezer and entered to warmth of the very spacious kitchen. He took me out of the kitchen, down a hall or two, and stopped at a familiar room. Sekka knocked on the door.

"Sekka? If that's you, come on in and leave him on the bed."

When Sekka entered, Rurita wasn't in sight, however the bathroom door was shut. She must have just gotten out of the shower. I let out a soft grunt when I was literally dumped onto the bed. I shifted to sit up when I was promptly flipped onto my back and pinned by a knee on my still tender back, causing me to squirm. I shifted my head so I could see the bathroom door, where I saw that I was right. She was still dripping, so she had only just gotten out of the shower, and thankfully had a towel wrapped around her.

Sekka huffed, shaking his head as he grabbed my wrists. I sighed and offered no resistance as he proceeded to bind my wrists together as his mother attached a five foot chain to my collar, the other end already attached to the head of her bed. Once my wrists were sufficiently bound together, Sekka left and I scrambled to sit up, a simple action that took quite a bit of effort.

My eyes were locked on the bit of bed between my legs as I sat on one leg, the damaged one stretched out in front of me. I looked up as Rurita gently pulled my chin up so I was looking at her. She then kissed me, and without fighting or resisting, I kissed back, letting her tongue in, responding to her every move.

When she lightly pushed on my chest I laid back, shifting my leg so she could easily take my pants off. Naturally I was uncomfortable, since I was laying back on my bound hands, but I stayed silent as she carefully removed my pants, shed her towel, and crawled over to me, stroking my cock, she soon got me hard and crawled over me.

I shifted some, the location of my arms making this kinda tricky, but as she started to kiss me and slowly lower herself onto me, I flexed my thighs and thrust into her, noting with a small frown that in this position I could stimulate neither her clit, not her sweet spot... Meaning I'd have to work harder and longer to get her off.

I sighed, rubbing my tongue against hers, in time with my thrusts as I first slowly slid out, and back in, that task a lot harder with the situation I was in. I kept the slow pace going until she lowered herself farther onto me and bit my lip. I started picking up speed, kissing her with a passion.

Once she was almost flat up against me, and I was moving in and out of her like a jackhammer, her tail coiled painfully around the base of my shaft to keep me from cumming, did she finally come for the first time, her muscles quivering around me. I kept up the kiss as she never broke it, panting slightly, a thin layer of sweat coating my body. I didn't get too long of a break before she started grinding against me, having recovered from her climax, letting me know that I wasn't done yet.

I closed my eyes as I slowly started back up again, my balls aching and my muscles growing weary and the binding on my wrists was starting to dig in.

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