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I froze, unsure what to do. I couldn't give him my phone. I didn't even have it on me! But I didn't want him to kill Liv either. Fuck! This wasn't fair. Then a thought sprang into my head. My phone doesn't have batteries. But he doesn't know that..... I sighed, pretending to give in. "Alright, dickhead. You win."

He grinned and lowered the machete. "Good. Now, give me that phone." Liv calmed down a little, but still sat there sobbing quietly.

I had to stall him. "Well now, you told me not to move. Looks like you're gonna have to come get it."

"Ohhhh....." he started, trying to think of something to call me. He bent down and reached into my pockets, coming up empty handed. "Ok smartass, where is it?"

"I never said I had it on me. I don't know where it is. So go fuck yourself!"

He turned away, thinking. Then with lightning speed, he turned and backhanded me. "You fucker! It's at your camp isn't it?"

I recoiled in pain. "I don't know. I lost it. I just hope it still works! That was an expensive phone."

"Well, we're gonna go find it. Take me to your camp."

Cody spoke up. "Suck a nut. We're not going anywhere!"

"Oh, yes you are. Or the girl gets it!" he pulled out his machete and walked over to Liv.

She screamed and tried to shrink away from him. He put the blade to her throat and pressed down. She started crying again. "Please! Don't!"

He ignored her and said to Cody and I, "You've got 5 seconds, otherwise the girl dies."

It wasn't even a question at this point. I said quickly, "Alright, alright. We'll go. All of us."

He nodded and walked over. He proceeded to cut us loose, one at a time, and retie our hands. We walked in front. He followed, holding the .45 and watching us. Naturally, we were talking and trying to come up with a plan. The problem was, none of us knew what to do. The odds were definitely stacked against us. We were unarmed and bound. The lunatic was armed to the fucking teeth and had one of the dogs trailing him.

But where was the other one? I thought. Then I remembered Cody taking on one of the dogs while the other chased Liv and I. Cody must've killed it earlier. The odds just improved. I whispered to Cody, "Where's the other dog?"

He gestured with his head in the opposite general direction. "All over there. I fucking tore it apart."

"That's a slight improvement." I tried to smile, but failed.

Liv turned to me, looking terrified. Her eyes were all red and puffy.

I tried to reassure her. "Hang in there, baby. I'm gonna get you through this. I swear. You'll be alright."

We arrived at our original camp about a minute later. Bre's body was still lying there. Liv took one look and gasped in horror. She buried her head in my shoulder and started crying hysterically yet again. I put my arms around her as best I could.

The guy, who had been following us this whole time, shouted. "Hey! Let go of her!"

Something inside me snapped. I turned to him and shouted right back, "I'll tell you what, asshole. Why don't you come over here and try and stop me, eh!?"

There was a pause, followed by a machete being unsheathed and footsteps. Then a pair of hands grabbed me from behind and tore me off of Liv. I spun around and kicked him as hard as I could, directly in the balls. He groaned and collapsed, dropping the machete. Cody went for it, sawing through the ropes around his wrists, almost cutting himself. Then he cut us free.

The guy was just getting up, still in agony. Cody stepped up and raised the machete, about to decapitate him. That's when he whipped out his .45, and Cody was soon staring down the barrel of it.

"Nice try, now drop it. I mean it!" he paused and cocked the gun, putting it to Cody's head. The remaining dog had paused and was sniffing around, but came running over, snarling. Cody stared at it with hatred and probably wanted nothing more than to impale it, before complying.

Abrams spoke. "Smart boy. Now, all of you, start searching. We're not leaving 'til we find the phone. Now that your hands are untied, you should do a better job. Go!"

We had no choice.

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