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Sisters and friends play; husbands obey.

the place, and so far!"

"It was great though so I was soon tossing him off every time we could be on our own. I got him to spunk off all over my tits so that we could wipe it off easier. I learned to suck it and I made him suck and wet my breasts but he's never seen my pussy and he never will. You can see it whenever you like Harry and from Friday you can put that lovely cock in there too. I've fancied you for about two years now and I'm not going to let any other of your girlfriends deny me my share of that lovely cock. Show it to me again. Now, quick before that taxi comes."

Harry produced his tool, just nicely fat and long. Jan knelt down in front of him and swallowed him again, quickly frotting him up to a good stand. Harry's feelings soon built up. Not long now! Then the doorbell rang! Jan didn't stop, sucking and milking until he shot into her mouth all that he had left for tonight. She kissed him deeply with a mouthful of sperm and left, calling out to the taxi driver.

Sunday morning arrived, still cold with a biting wind from the east. Harry opened his eyes and instantly remembered last night. His cock was rock hard and he was tempted as he remembered Jan's lovely red lips encircling his knob end. Then he remembered that he was going to see Kate at lunchtime and so leapt out of bed and jumped into the shower. When he was soaked he remembered he hadn't had his cock reducing piss so he let it all go down the shower. What a nice relief!

He managed some breakfast, cereal, toast and marmalade with coffee. He didn't want to eat too much. If he was going to spend good money on a girl he might as well get a good share of what was going.

Sunday was normally housekeeping day but in view of the lack of time today he had to skimp it, mentally promising himself that he would do the washing tomorrow evening and the dusting and polishing on Tuesday. By half past ten he was beginning to prepare himself for Kate. He got out the clothes he was going to wear, his lemon shirt with the light green cords and a green and white sweater to keep out the wind, with his suede slip-ons again. He checked that he'd got his wallet, keys

and change then remembered to put a packet of condoms in his hip pocket.

At half past eleven he went out to the car, started it up and drove round to the filling station for petrol and a newspaper. The car was his pride and joy; an old but well preserved MGB in British racing green. It's soft top was in place, of course, and he checked that the heater was working perfectly although it was only about two miles from Kate's to the Green Man. He still wanted her to be snug and warm.

After returning from the garage he stripped off again and went to the bathroom to shave and clean his teeth. He then went down and started to read the paper in the lounge, after first checking the street map to make sure he would find Kate's house without any trouble.

At just after twelve he was avidly reading about yesterday's victory when the phone rang. It was Jan!

"Hello Harry," she said quietly. "I just wanted to apologise again for last night. I really didn't mean to lead you on like that. I'm furious with myself now. I hope that we can still be friends, and maybe a bit more?"

Harry picked up his cock out of his lap. It grew fatter as he smiled at the memory and answered her. He'd give her a little shock.

"Hi Jan, you little minx! Of course we can still be friends. I was just sitting here starkers and thinking about you and that made me pick up something out of my lap and give it a little stroke. It's gone quite big now; I'll slap the phone with it!"

There was a pause after the slaps and then Jan's young tinkling laugh came down the phone.

"That's lovely Harry. I know we'll be friends forever now. I'm glad I caught you before you go to see your new girl friend today. What time are you meeting her?"

"In about half an hour so I've got to go, sweetheart. Call me again soon and we'll fix something up, OK?"

Harry hung up and quickly slipped on his clothes, made sure he'd got everything and went out to the car.

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