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Tara & Willow gave Buffy a hot show.

Going to the beach sounded like a good idea. Maybe looking at other hot guys would take the image of George's dick out of my head.

I took a quick shower. As I was putting my underwear on, George walked in on me in the bathroom. I quickly jumped.

"Can I help you?!" I tried my best to not sound grumpy.

"Oh..." he said, looking up and down my body. "Sorry." He slowly walked out of the bathroom.

I wasn't shocked that he walked in on me, I was shocked at the way he was looking at my body. He looked like he was checking me out. Something about George is unsettling, but I can't stop thinking about him. Fuck.

We were at the beach for a long time. I had fun swimming and playing around with brothers and cousin. Sometimes I would have to stay in the water to hide my boner. Thinking about George has me desperate for dick. I needed his dick.

When we got home we quickly got ready to go to my grandparents house for dinner. I haven't seen them in a long time and getting to see them tonight warmed my heart.

As soon as we arrived at my grandparents house, I give them the biggest hug. They were such a cute couple. My grandma was always bossy and grumpy with my grandpa but I knew deep down she loved him. On the other hand, my grandpa was a wise old man, generous and very polite.

Dinner was served and we all sat down. I felt a manly presence next to me. It was George. I tried acting normal but I felt like George could read my mind because he kept looking at me. Everyone was talking and laughing and I just seemed to play along. Out of nowhere something touched me and an electric spark went up my body. I looked down and see George's hand grabbing my crotch under the table. I didn't know how to react so I looked at George and he was acting like nothing was happening.

"Holy fuck!!" I said to myself as his hand was touching my crotch.

"Yeah. Yeah. The beach was great!" he said, keeping up with the conversation everyone was having. While massaging my crotch.

I don't know where I got the courage to do this, but my hand seemed to find its way under the table to meet George's dick. I was touching his dick and he was hard. His dick was so big I still couldn't believe it.

We played with each others dick under the table until everyone started to get up. It took him a while to get up because his boner had to go down, or else everyone would notice it.

On our way back home, my mind was filled with images of George's dick. I needed him to fuck me. I wanted him so bad.

When we got home, George was acting like nothing happened and we all went to bed. I was disappointed because I thought he was just playing with me.

I got undressed, turned off the lights, and laid on my side. I left my door unlocked because a part of me was wanting George to come in at night.

My wish came true. Around 3 A.M, I felt a warm body get under the covers and pushed me against him. Immediately I could feel something poking my butt, I turn around and I see George putting his hand over my mouth.

"Shhhhh." he said. I was shocked and the only thing I could manage to do was smell his hand. It smelled musty and sweaty but I didn't care.

"I see the way that you look at me. We played with our dicks during dinner. You're such a bad boy. I think I need to teach you a lesson." he said, whispering in my ear, feeling his warm breath.

He took his hand off my mouth and drool was sliding off the edge of my lips.

"Are you sure you want this. What about my aunt? What if she sees us?" I said hesitantly.

"Don't worry about your aunt. She was tired from today and fell asleep quick. Since I can't fuck her pussy tonight, I'm going to fuck your tight boy pussy." George said as he pushed me harder into his dick.

I responded with a slight moan. George got under the covers and took off my underwear. He grabbed my back and pushed me on my stomach.

"George what are you going to do to me?" I asked as I bit my lips.

"I'm going to give you what you want." he said aggressively.

All I could think about was ho

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