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Wife turns slut for vacation duration.

Melissa made a horrible face at him. "Put your clothes on ass hole." Melissa told him walking past him.

Melissa and Leona showed Mike's wife the tape of her husband and told her of the rape he committed on Melissa. Maryann was a large woman of two hundred pounds, she was only five feet tall, with brown curly hair and brown eyes, she wore a lose fitting dress and brown penny loafers. Maryann cried at first watching the tape then went suddenly quiet when Mike walked into their home and saw his wife of twenty-two years with Melissa and Leona. Mike's face went beet red. He gritted his teeth." I am going to kill you!" he yelled lunging at them and landing on top of Melissa strangling her, and suddenly everything became black and silent. The next morning at the diner Leona was waiting on customers as normal when Jeff came strolling into the diner looking around for Melissa, but he did not see her anywhere around.

"Where is Melissa?" Jeff asked as he sat down at the counter.

Leona smiled at him. "She is cooking now." She said pointing back at the kitchen where Melissa was flipping eggs.

"Morning Pretty Lady." He told her. "Hey where is Mike at?" he asked wondering why she was cooking.

"Hi hon. I guess Mike got more involved in his food then he liked and had a nasty accident. He won't be back." She said as she lifted the lid to the large pan of stew she was cooking. I hope this isn't too bitter or tough." She said laughing to her self.

Jeff looked at Melissa smiling at her. "I have moved here, wonder if there's a chance of a Pretty Lady going with me to dinner tonight?" he asked almost holding his breath for her answer.

Melissa looked at him remembering the rape. She smiled at him. "I think the odds are very good." She told him getting another order out.

Three months had gone by since Mike's disappearance, Melissa and Jeff had become a steady couple and were even talking about marriage, Leona was working late at the diner when Maryann came in to see her. She seemed nervous.

"Something wrong Maryann?" she asked seeing how jittery she was.

"I feel like something bad is going to happen Leona." She told her looking out at the parking lot.

"Like what?" Leona asked her.

"I am scared just like I use to be before, well you know Mike left." She said to finger a napkin.

"You know he won't be coming back Maryann. He can't." She told her patting her hand.

"I know I am just being silly." She said smiling." Well I am going to go home and I will see you tomorrow." She told Leona.

Leona poured her self a cup of coffee when she felt a cold chill go through her body. "Oh something evil crossed my path." She said watching Maryann walk across the parking lot when suddenly she heard her screaming and an eighteen wheeler crushed her and never stopped. Leona was screaming as people were running to Maryann's crumpled body laying on the ground. Leona ran from the diner and to Maryann. She took her in her arms when Maryann opened her eyes.

"He's going to get us." She told her as a tear fell from her eye.

"No, it was a horrible accident. You'll be all right." She told her pushing the woman's bloody hair out of her face.

"I am so cold." She said then closed her eyes taking her last breath.

Leona began crying and rocking back and forth. "No don't go, please. Maryann don't go!" she cried holding her tightly until the ambulance and police arrived.

Melissa arrived as they were taking Maryann's body to the morgue." What the hell happened Leona?" she asked her taking her into her arms.

Leona was crying hysterically. "She said he was going to get us." She cried into Melissa's arms.

Melissa looked at Leona strangely. "Who is going to get us?" she asked Leona.

Leona became hysterical breaking away from Melissa. "Mike! That's who is coming for us!" She said looking all around her like a scared animal. "Oh God we're going to die!" she cried falling to the ground.

Melissa knelt down beside her." He's gone, remember?" she asked her friend.

"He's back! He ran her down tonight!" she cried watching the e

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