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Mark gets a lesson from Miss Bennings that leaves him wanting so much more

But, Brad had other ideas. It was a matter of what he called psychological domination and he wanted to now only take total ownership of Aisha, he wanted her husband to be thoroughly humiliated, dominated and controlled by her. He wanted Umer to feel like he was not even comparable to other men, when it came to sex. To start off the process, he held a pool party at his home to which he invited Aisha and Umer. Brad knew, that the more Umer felt inadequate, the stronger Aisha would become enslaved to him.

At this time, Umer still had no idea that his precious wife had been sleeping with Brad for weeks. To Umer, it was just a pool party at a neighbour's house, nothing more than that. However, upon arrival at Brad's house, he was rather rudely surprised, when he discovered a house filled with two dozens men in Speedos. They looked like real athletes, not some fat bureaucrats like most men Umer usually met. Brad came to greet them.

Brad offered his hand and presented himself as Aisha's new friend "to his pleasant surprise!" as he said. That defused the cuckolded husband's anger. Perhaps, Brad was just an innocent guy befriended up by Aisha and nothing had happened between them so far. Besides, they were in Brad's territory among his friends, best not to create a scene.

As they wandered in, Aisha noticed that most of these men were visibly well hung with their Speedos very nicely filled out. Umer even though still in his shorts had lost a large part of his authority. In fact he was almost ashamed that soon he too would be in his Speedos! He didn't fill up his Speedos and that added to his feeling of inadequacy! Why the hell had Aisha brought those along for him, instead of swim shorts? It did not occur to him that he was being set up. With the greatest of trepidation, he slipped quietly into his own Speedos, trying his best to adjust his cock and balls, hoping to create at least some semblance of a respectable bulge, but failing miserably. When he emerged from the change room, Umer was astounded to see Aisha in an obscenely tiny green bikini! He had no idea she owned such a garment.

Aisha decided to stay in Brad's vicinity and she had often her hand on his arm as if she didn't want to break the contact. It was very uncomfortable party for Umer, Aisha paid him no attention whatsoever, and the other guests made sure that they knew Aisha was Brad's lover, even though she was married to Umer. Of course, they did not say so openly, but the knowing looks and snickering was a dead giveaway.

Eventually it got too much for Umer, and he decided to leave. He shook hands with several men around but discovered that Brad had now his arm around Aisha's waist in a very possessive gesture and she clung to his arms, defying Umer. Brad had a finger between her skin and the fabric of the bottom of her green bikini, a garment no decent wife would ever wear in public, at least as far as Umer was concerned! She clearly had no intention of following him and returning home. There was nothing he could do at this moment, just publicly admit his defeat. Aisha would stay for the night with Brad among several of Brad's friends who had been invited for the night. Umer made some lame excuses and left, happy to be out of company that made him feel distinctively small, literally and figuratively. But he was angry with Aisha, how dare she treat him like this?

When Brad retired for the night, Aisha followed him.

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