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Glancing at Marty as he drove, Todd looked horrified. The pain she went through struck him deep inside like a dagger ripping through his heart. "My God, Marty... the hell you must have gone through..." he spoke. "I should have been there..."

"You were in prison, remember?" Marty reminded as she drew in a ragged breath. At that moment when she had gone into premature labor, she had never felt so alone. Her parents were dead, her aunt was in Ireland, and the man she had loved during the time of the baby's conception was now in prison for having raped her.

"I had Megan there... and Larry didn't leave my side. It all happened so fast. All I can remember is blinding pain... and fear. I didn't think I'd survive something so entirely awful, but I did. I survived but our baby didn't..."

"I barely made it to the hospital and right when I got there, the baby was born. I begged Larry to let me see her... to let me hold her. I knew she wasn't going to make it, and I wanted to tell her good bye. I held her in my arms. She was so tiny and beautiful. I cuddled her and told her I loved her, and then a few moments later, she took her last labored breaths. Sh-she died," Marty said as hot tears stung at her eyes. "I guess after that, I sort of lost it. I just remember sobbing and screaming and begging Larry to do something, anything to make my little girl better... but he couldn't..."

"They practically had to pry her from my arms. I didn't want to let her go," Marty said in a soft little whimper. "Megan held me and we both cried. I cried until there were no tears left. And in that moment of clarity, I became frozen. I encased my heart in the thickest ice, because it was the only way I could stop the horrendous agony. My baby, our little girl was gone..."

"And I didn't want to think of it. I absolutely refused to discuss it, because I thought that was how I could protect myself. If I could pretend or convince myself it never happened, I could sheild myself of my own sorrow. Now I realize I was wrong. It wasn't until the loss of my baby with John that those memories I had kept frozen for so long came rushing back..."

For a moment Todd was speechless, not knowing what to say. His eyes stung with unshed tears, yet he had no clue what he could possibly say or do to comfort Marty. "I'm so sorry, Marty. So sorry," he heard himself speak, thinking those words sounded meaningless and lame. How could an apology now possibly give her any type of solace after the unbelievable suffering she had gone through?

Marty brushed away her stinging tears, looking at Todd. She too was at a loss for words. A thousand disjointed memories of that long-ago tragedy assaulted her as she struggled to take control of her raw emotions. "It's okay now..." she finally spoke. "It was a long time ago... and I made it through it, I survived. And today, we have other worries, don't we, Todd?"

Todd realized Marty was closing the door on that subject, at least for now. He let out a long, heavy sigh. "That's right we do..." he responded. "Just one more question. What was her name? What name did you give to our little girl?"

"Her name was Megan. She's buried beside Larry and Meredith's baby daughter," replied Marty. "Please, Todd. I can't talk about this right now. It's just too painful. And I've held it all inside for so long. Can't we talk about something... anything but this?"

"Alright, let's talk about what are plans are for today then," spoke Todd as they pulled up at a hardware store within a small town near Llanview. "We'll go in and get everything we need to bug the phone in my office. Then I suggest we get something decent to eat. We'll have lunch, then head back to Llanview. I want to see my kids, make sure everyone is okay. And I'd like to see Hope as well..."

"Todd, we have to be careful. If he catches us... well, if he does, I don't think it's gonna be good," Marty said nervously as they got ready to exit the car.

"HE better stay out of my way," Todd said with gritted teeth.

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