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A fun Easter morning.


As they embraced ardently, Peter stared into her eyes gratefully accepting her body's message.

Taking his face between her hands, she pulled him even closer to her. Their lips met once more, brushing softly against each other. Then her hands went behind his head and pulled him into a more intense kiss. Her mouth opened and her tongue parted his lips.

Unaccustomed to a Jennifer who was so demanding in her passion, Peter was unsure what to do with his hands. Smiling, he lost his insecurity and wrapped one arm around her back, stroking her gently as he put the other hand on her thigh to pull her hard against him. He pressed his body into her, wanting to feel her soft breasts against his chest.

"Oh my God!" murmured Jennifer as she explored Peter's mouth with her tongue. She began caressing his neck, then down his shoulder and upper arm with her soft fingers.

Responding to the pressure of his hard arousal against her body, Jennifer wanted Peter as never before and she couldn't get enough of him. Slowly, she shifted her hand to Peter's, removing it from her thigh. Gently, she lifted it up to her breasts, pressing that hand hard against her.

She pulled out of the kiss and closed her eyes, savoring the moment. She noticed that her fast breathing had turned to panting as she arched her back and thrust her breast again into Peter's palm.

His hand just curved to hold that one breast gently.

Tenderly he whispered, "The other one is getting jealous," as he moved to clasp the other breast. He made no effort to tweak her rock hard nipples, being content to just hold them and worship the feel of her softness - even through her blouse.

Completely relaxed, Jennifer felt her leg and hands drop away as she offered her whole body for further exploration.

Peter moved closer. He began to kiss her again, slowly and delicately, their lips together, slightly parted.

As they kissed, more slowly than before, Jennifer felt the warmth between her legs beginning to build until she felt as though she were on fire. She felt her toes curling slightly as if they were somehow involved. Her knees seemed to weaken a little as her relaxed legs fell wide apart and he held her body more tightly.

Their passion grew even more fervent and their feelings intensified.

Jennifer began to lose her inhibitions.

The background sounds of the magpies and crows disappeared and she could only hear his breath and the soft moans escaping from their ensnared mouths. All too soon, the light in the clearing dimmed and she could only see his eyes, sometimes closed, sometimes captured by her, as they became part of the kiss as well.

Jennifer became one with him and her body melted into his. She began to feel her body blossoming as even more of her honeyed essence flowed freely. She felt herself growing first warm and then wet between her legs and she could feel him move on top of her, his hardness pressing against her stomach. Rejoicing at the feeling, she demanded more.

As he kissed her throat, his lips followed the pathway where his fingers quietly undid the buttons on her blouse. Slowly he slid down her body until his head was on her breasts. Once there, he slid her blouse off her shoulders to reveal the lacy bra holding her succulent sweetness. Moving his lips to first one breast then the other, he worshipped her softness as he kissed the skin that lay open to him. Sucking her nipples into his mouth through her bra, Peter rejoiced in the knowledge that he was making her essence flow even more readily.

Jennifer's eyes flicked open and she stared at him as he moved to kneel at her feet. His hands began a painstakingly upwards climb from her ankles, savoring each inch of her satin-smooth legs until he flicked her skirt above her waist. She knew the time had come and she was ready for him. She was ready to complete the act of love with the man who had become her life's commitment.

"Oh God, ooooh!" The involuntary sounds broke from her without restraint, even as she stopped thinking, giving h

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