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Questioning looks from the two couples Jay and Kate didn't know led to Sean's telling them of the beach meeting. As he summed up for them all, "She seemed pretty comfortable with it there."

"More than some," Kate said, meaning Sean without saying how he kept his pants on.

Sean got the hint and persisted, "So, who's willing to play?"

Kate and Amy could see that Beth would go along with Sean, and that the other two girls would give in to their boyfriends. "You want to stay?" Amy asked Kate.

"Maybe to beat the pants off him," Kate answered. "If we play right, we won't wind up the ones stripped, so I'm game if you are."

"You know me and Vick, always ready to be naked in front of others, but I agree that this time we'll play to strip someone else instead." Looking up at the others, Amy told them, "Kate and I are in, so Jay and Vick are too."

One detail Kate left unspoken was that her family had a dart board in their basement too. Over the years, she had gotten pretty good at it. Not that she had ever played strip darts with Jay, but the game was the same whether played for points or clothes.

One of the other girlfriends asked, "How do we play? I mean, how do we win or lose?"

Sean explained, "We should go by point totals, so lowest score results in losing one article of clothing."

The one girlfriend, clearly uncertain about having been talked into this game, wanted more clarification. "But how would someone lose, like lose the whole game?"

"When someone's naked," Sean replied.

Amy spoke up, saying, "I think we should play beyond one player naked. If we're really being daring here, why not play until everyone has lost all their clothes?" Jay and Kate, of course, recognized how Amy could escalate any adventure.

Sean objected, "In that way, no one would win."

Amy shot back, "Why does someone have to win? Why not play to have fun? My way, everyone wins and gets to enjoy the same fun."

"And the same embarrassment," the one girlfriend added.

"That too," Amy agreed, "but that's not much to pay for all the fun. Didn't you agree to play because you wanted to see some guys naked?"

She shyly nodded her head, and then had another question. "Okay, but what if I'm no good at darts? I've never played, so I could wind up being the first one to lose everything."

Vick had an idea and said, "Maybe we should play as couples. That should give everyone at least one more person to count on for points."

His suggestion seemed to help. The one girlfriend shrugged, "Well, even if my guy can't run up that many points, at least I won't be alone in taking something off."

With the rules settled, the play began. Sean offered the set of three darts to Kate, and she hit the board with all three, a feat that surprised Sean a bit. Jay did the same, and they had a decent score. No big triple points, but a decent score. Vick and Amy followed, and although one of Amy's throws missed the board, they too had points that didn't mean certain loss.

When one of the couples they didn't know took the next turn, Kate saw a typical mistake immediately. She knew that some inexperienced players tried to steer their darts too carefully and therefore didn't throw hard enough. Everyone could see the bad result in darts that bounced off the board, four out of the six throws between the two.

Such a dismal score should have given the next couple some confidence, but the girl, the one with the nervous questions before, did the same thing. In fact, all three of her tosses bounced off and fell on the floor. Under pressure, her boyfriend over-corrected and threw too hard. His darts stuck, but two of them stuck in the wall next to the board. Sean and Beth hardy had to try to beat that score, and Beth's throws were only for practice because Sean's put them above the unfortunate pair.

One more question then arose. "We get to decide which one of us takes something off?" The girlfriend was hoping she wasn't the one to start undressing because of her scoring zero.

Sean said, "I think if we play as teams, we should pay as teams

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