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Violet finds something different back home, but loves it.

..before!" Tina could barely get the words out between her rage and her desperately growing arousal.

"Oh c'mon, Tina, you know you'd love to have a big set of knockers like the other girls," Eric derided his sensitive wife. "Accepting your size is just a defense mechanism because the only way to change it was getting stuffed...and we both know you wouldn't do that. So, I'll do it for you, and the best part is, it's all natural."

"Eric...damn you!" Tina yelped, but she knew in her heart he was right.

"Now, this won't happen right away...let's just say I wouldn't buy any new bras anytime soon. I've timed the sequencing of the hormonal release so you'll grow about a cup size each week."

Tina was shocked, a warmth centered in her bosom at the first release of hormones already triggered, signaling the beginning of the growth cycle and confirming his story.

"Don't, Eric. Please!" Tina gasped out her plea between deep breaths of lust. "I don't be some...unh...big-titted freak!"

"Tina, would I do that to you?" Eric mocked his reassurance. "I don't like those giant silicon monsters either. No, I'll stop the process in a few weeks, say, once you can nicely fill a good, sturdy D-cup."

"Trust me, the day will come when you'll be happy you have them," Eric advised, giving a portent of her future.

"Oh, and I promise, your nipples won't lose any of their sensitivity. In fact, I'll stimulate the nerve growth to make sure they're extra sensitive," Eric offered with facetious magnanimity. "I know how much you like to have your nipples chewed on during sex."

Tina was beside herself. She was so horny. So frightened. So angry at her husband.

"Please, stop it, Eric...make it stop. Unhh...I'm so horny. You're gonna make me...mmm...make me cum if you don't stop," she begged for his help. Her pussy flowed effusively, with the reckless need to rub between her legs driving her hand into the sopping mess of her crotch.

"No, Tina, I won't stop it...and I won't let you cum. To the contrary, from now on you won't be able to cum on your own," Eric gleefully advised. "I've inserted a mental block into your mind. No matter how hard you try, you can't masturbate to orgasm."

"WHAT?! YOU CAN'T...UNNH...BE SERIOUS!!" Tina could no longer help herself, shamelessly running her fingers along her overheated gash over her panties, before slipping inside the waistband to try direct contact.

"Go ahead, rub away at your wet little snatch," he chuckled at her distress. "It won't do you any good."

"ERIC, PLEASE!!" Tina pleaded, while dropping to the back cushion, and spreading her legs further for better access.

Frantically, the beleaguered mid-30's academic slipped her slick fingers over her distended clit, then dug two fingers deep into her pussy, desperately trying to get off regardless of the presence of the husband whom she wanted to replace.

"You see, T," he said, using his own abbreviated name for his wife, "like any good slut, from now on you can only cum with the assistance of someone else. Man, or woman, makes no difference to me, although I will say, there are certain things that will guarantee an orgasm a woman can't provide."

"Why? Why are you doing this?" The sloshing sounds from Tina's flowing cunt filled the room as she finger-fucked herself mightily to no avail.

"I'm glad you asked, T, because that leads me to observation three -- a woman who's cheating on her husband shouldn't make it so obvious. I mean seriously, what married woman takes along her diaphragm when she knows she won't see her husband for two months?"

'OH GOD, NOOO!' Tina's brain screamed. 'HE DID KNOW.'

"Your indifference to me, and your total disregard for any affection were tell-tale signs when you came home that first weekend," Eric now extolled the whole horrible reality of her deceit. "That clued me in that something was going on, so I checked and your birth control was missing when you left. That pretty much clinched it."

"I didn't need to go to law school to figure out you must be fucking someone," he concluded succinctly.

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