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Father and daughter seduce each other at party.

Oh, and get this. She has to wear a blindfold so when I come in she is not sure whether it is me, a bellboy or room service."

Dan froze. Did he say a blindfold, he asked? He debated the issue with himself. She wouldn't be able to see him. He could fuck her and she would never know. But could he do that? Why couldn't he? He needed a hot cunt and she was obviously a whore, even if she was his daughter. He had to admit, the thought of using her was making his cock harden. Dan ordered Roger and himself one more beer and chugged it down. Roger looked at his watch one final time. "It's 6:00. She is to be ready by now. You ready to go?"

Taking a deep breath, Dan stood up. "Let's do it," he said.

Roger led him to the elevator and up to the room. "Her name is Chrissy, but I don't really call her that much, if you know what I mean," he told Dan.

Dan hadn't heard anyone call her Chrissy since she was little. She was quite adamant about being called Christine now, especially for professional purposes. What a bad, bad girl his daughter is, he surmised.

Chrissy had wedged something in the door to prevent it from locking as per Roger's instructions. It was apparent to Dan that they always got the same room and had used this manoeuvre many times before.

"Hey slut, you're Master is here," Roger said to greet her. Dan followed him into the room to see Chrissy kneeling on the floor exactly as he was told she would be. He stopped and stared. What a perfect ass and pussy!

Roger knelt in front of her and confirmed Chrissy's blindfold was properly secured. After whipping his cock out, he grabbed the back of her head and pulled it up by her hair. "Suck my cock, whore," he demanded of her.

Dan watched in awe as his girl opened her mouth and took the other man's cock. She looked so cum hungry the way she was inhaling the entire shaft. Dan couldn't help but to smile.

Roger pulled his cock from the girl's mouth. "I have brought someone else to use you, cunt. You'll do that for me, won't you?" he asked her.

"Yes, Daddy. I'll do whatever you want," she answered so sweetly.

Daddy?? Dan's heart stopped. Did she know he was here?

"That's my good little girl," Roger said as he shoved his cock back into her throat. He looked up, noticing the questioning look on Dan's face. "Don't worry, she's not my real daughter. The slut just has a Father/daughter fantasy and I don't mind helping her play it out," he explained.

Dan's mind was reeling. His daughter had fantasized about him? The mere notion had his cock growing in his pants. Or was it watching his little girl suck cock? It was hard to tell. One thing he knew for sure was that he was going to fuck this whore like she wanted it.

Roger continued assaulting Chrissy's mouth with his short fat cock, watching as his new friend began removing his clothes. He so enjoyed seeing his fucktoy banged by a stranger. Only a true slut would allow herself to be passed around like this. Roger had been fucking Chrissy for over a year now and never once had she denied him anything.

"Get up and lay on the bed, slut." Roger was very stern when talking to her, and Chrissy quickly jumped up and complied. This caused Dan to shake his head. Anyone ordering his daughter to do anything in "real life" would quickly be told to fuck off.

Roger continued, "On your back, cunt. I want your head hanging over the edge so I can fuck that throat." Again, Chrissy adjusted her positioning to meet the requirements.

"Yes, Daddy. Is this alright?" she asked.

Without thinking, Dan answered her. "Yes, honey. Perfect". He froze. Shit! Would she know it was him now? Apparently not, as she simply smiled and waited. Thank goodness for his sore throat.

Roger nudged her lips with his cock, and the obedient woman quickly opened and let it in her mouth. There was no more holding back for Dan. Crawling in the bed in between her legs, Dan ran his hand over her freshly shaven pussy.

"Slap it," Roger told him. "She's a naughty girl and needs to be punished."

The most evil of grins crossed Dan's lips.

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