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Prequel to Spring Chores and Kristi's Help.

Cynthia just watched. He opened the door and the sound of the wind and the ocean became louder. The cold did not bother him. Jack thought about living in an area where there was never quiet. And yet, he knew more about sound than most people. He was still amazed by it all. Cynthia got up and went to the door and stood by him. The cold felt good against her. The satin of her pajamas pushed against her skin and she could feel her nipples becoming hard. She saw her reflection in the door window and knew that Jack would also be able to see them. She didn't care, in fact, she wished he would look. Jack looked to his left. Cynthia's reflection was in the window, he noticed how free she looked and when he gazed at the mirrored image of her breasts saw what Cynthia had hope he would see. Jack thought to himself how large they were. He felt a rise in his pajamas, and didn't care now, if Cynthia knew. They stood there a few minutes more and Jack said, "I think I am going to turn in."

"Me too, she said. Shall we leave the door open?"

"Why not? If it gets too cold, I can close it. That's the way the sleep in Switzerland, freezing outside, open the windows and let the comforters keep you warm."

"I better use the bathroom first," Jack said as he walked away. Once in the bathroom he was glad to relieve himself of both the reason he came in there and the stiffness of his cock started to subside.

When he came back into the room, Cynthia was in the bed on the right and Jack crawled into the one on the left. The room was dark save the glow of the fireplace they had left burning. The room smelled fresh from the cold sea air the permeated their area.

They both were on their sides, looking at each other, as they lay there. They did not speak for a long time, just looked at one another. Finally Cynthia spoke, "Night, Jack."

"Good night, Cynthia. Thanks for coming with me." Jack's eyes closed.

Jack opened his eyes. The French door was shut. Jack did not remember doing it, so he thought Cynthia must have. He looked over at her bed. The covers were pulled back and she was not there. It was only then he heard the shower going. He looked at the clock on the table, it read six thirteen. It was still dark outside but Jack cold see daylight had just started. Lying in bed once his eyes opened was something he could not do. So he got up, made his bed, made Cynthia's and went to the window. The storm had subsided and it looked like it may be an acceptable Friday. He sat in the chair Cynthia had sat in last night, waiting for her to finish in the bathroom. Now he had to go to the toilet so he wished she would hurry up.

"Good morning. We're killing daylight!," she said with her best western accent.

"I'll hurry then. Far be it for me to not the day's work done because of my slothfulness."

"That's exactly what I was thinking."

Jack was ready in about twenty minutes. He looked at Cynthia and though how elegant she looked this Friday morning. She was wearing black trousers with a white blouse covered by a light green sweater. He could not help notice that her breasts were not flat against her chest as often they were. He felt stirrings.

With jackets they headed downstairs. A man was at the front desk, greeting them politely as they left the inn.

Jack opened the door of the Lexus and Cynthia got in. As they started to drive away Jack said, "Ok, boss, where are we going?"

"I thought you were in charge of this trip?"

"You sure pick and choose when you want to be in charge, young lady. Never fear, I have a plan."

"It better include breakfast."

"Whatever is going to keep your body looking the way it does," Jack blurted out. "I'm sorry, I just meant I really like the way you look, I mean; I think you are very attractive."

"Thank you, I guess."

"It was a compliment, I love your figure."

"Thank you then. Now feed me so I can keep it."

They pulled into a restaurant on highway 101 whose parking lot was full.

Cynthia looked at the sign, 'Pig and Pancake.' "Okay, come on, piggy, let's get to the trough."


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