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Hillary faces second challenge - another stranger to please.

Suddenly it stopped near a doorway where a faint glow emanated from the room within. As if in a trance Guy stepped into the room. In the room slept at least a hundred knights in full armour, some were lying on the floor, others were propped up against the walls of the large, damp room, but that was not what held Guy captivated. In the middle of the room, in a glass casket, lay the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. Whilst the sensible voice in his head was still screaming at him that this was all a mirage, the red blooded male in him knew on some deep instinct that this was no trick, this woman would be his if he had to fight single handedly against all the knights in the room to get her.

On top of the casket lay a sword and a horn. The figure turned to Guy and told him that he could only release the Lady from her endless sleep by making the right choice - the horn or the sword? Guy stealthily crept over the sleeping warriors to the beauty, his hand went to reach for the horn, but stopped. He had to make the right choice, the blade would surely frighten the maiden but it would make much less noise and he could use it to defend himself and his lady. He slowly picked up the sword, and lifted the lid off the casket. His breath caught in his throat, every muscle in his tall well built body held in tight ready to attack any who might try to stop him from taking her from this place. The water dripping from his dark hair fell onto the girls bodice. Guy took a moment to look upon her beauty more closely. She had chestnut brown hair that flowed down her back to her waist, breasts that heaved with every intake of breath and strained against the green and gold bodice, and full rose pink lips. He shook himself from his reverie to concentrate on the task in hand. Holding the blade towards the lady's throat he pressed the cold steel gently being careful not to break the pure white skin, he bent towards her ear and whispered softly "Awaken." With a great intake of breath she opened her lovely eyes and stared straight up at him almost into his very soul. She opened her mouth wide as if she made to scream, making Guy clamp his hand across her mouth. He quickly looked around the room making sure nobody was awake; he looked to the doorway and saw that the ghostly figure had gone. Guy turned to her,

"I swear on my knightly honour Iwon't hurt you, but I beg you don't speak don't move, don't even breathe too loudly until we are well away from here."

He warned when it seemed the maiden had recovered enough from the shock of having a sword to her throat. Quickly he scooped her up into his strong muscular arms, she was looking up at him, but he noticed her eyes held a dazed expression, as if she had been drugged. Stepping over the snoring knights he crept out of the room and up the spiraling staircases, still expecting the figure to reveal itself at any moment and for him to realise that he didn't hold this beautiful warm, very much alive girl in his arms and it was just sorcery.

Suddenly he saw the entrance leading out to the gatehouse. He raced out into the still pouring rain praying that he would find his horse waiting for him. Soaked to the skin his linen shirt and doublet clinging to his body he found his horse cowering away from the ruin. He hoisted himself and his lady up onto the saddle. She seemed to have fallen back into unconsciousness but a quick check told him that she was still breathing. He needed to get as far away as possible from the castle. He spurred his horse into a gallop and made for the nearest inn. It would be too dangerous to try and make it to his own keep tonight.

He came across the Craster Inn after a short ride. He strode into the small wooden building after sheltering his horse under one of the small shacks outside the inn and feeding him some oats from his saddlebag, the sleeping girl still huddled in the folds of his cloak.

"And what I can be doing for thee young sir. 'Tis a wild night to be out riding, especially with a lady!"

Said the knarled looking but frie

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