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"Oh... unnhhhh...pleassee" moaned James, trying to keep his balance leaning over the couch, worried about how loud his uncontrollable moaning was getting.

His own cock was harder than it had ever been and he could feel the precum leaking all over his head. He was unable to stroke himself and bring some much-needed relief, however, as he needed both his hands to brace himself against the power of Daniel's thrusts. Even with both his hands braced, James still gradually found himself bending further and further over the sofa as Daniel, whose toned six-foot frame was far more powerful than James's, fucked him.

As James's moans increased in volume and Daniel's pace slowed to more deliberate, deep strokes, a bolt of shock shot through James as he heard the outer door to the apartment open and shut. James panicked as he heard soft footsteps approach the second door, but Daniel was pinning him to the sofa, increasing the pace of his thrusts into James's tight ass once more.

James tried to get up, bracing his hands against the sofa cushions once more, thinking how embarrassed he'd be if anyone was to see him like this. However, his sex-scrambled brain failed to process that the more he pushed up, the further Daniel's cock sank between his cheeks.

The effect of this was to leave James delirious with pleasure, literally shuddering with delight as the regular slapping sounds of Daniel's balls and thighs against his buttocks got louder, mingling with his own guttural moans of pleasure as the door opened to reveal Rebecca stood in the doorway, her face registering no sign of shock at the graphic sight that met her eyes. She was stunning, wearing a short skirt that revealed her long, toned legs to mid-thigh, with white thigh-high stockings that came to an inch below the hem of her skirt.

A simple white blouse, a couple of buttons open to reveal a little of her white bra and perfect breasts, completed the ensemble, contrasting with her darker hair and eyes. The eyes that were locked with James's as the friction of his cock against the sofa, caused by Daniel's relentless pounding of his tight little ass, finally caused him to tip over the edge.

Moaning loudly, not controlling the words spilling from his lips, he came explosively, almost blacking out from the pleasure as thick ropes of cum burst from his cock head, over and over, as he couldn't tear his eyes away from Rebecca, whose eyes finally left his to watch his cock spurt the biggest load of cum she had ever seen on to the sofa cushions, all the while Daniel's cock still fucking him relentlessly.

An adorable smile trembled across Ry's face as she watched the completely naked form of James shuddering with the power of his climax, finally collapsing down to slump in his own cum as Daniel pulled out of his ass and stroked his own rock hard cock, grunting as he began to cum himself, painting James's round, white ass cheeks with a heavy load of hot cum as James shuddered with pleasure, smiling shyly up at Ry as the realisation of what she had seen caused him to blush for what felt like the 500th time this hour.


Rebecca was giggling to herself as she opened the outer door to Daniel's apartment, her pussy already getting wet as she wondered what would meet her eyes. 'I bet he's sucked Daniel's cock already' she thought to herself, remembering the hours of skype conversation with James about cock-sucking that had always ended with James's cries of pleasure filling her earphones as she told him how a guy would cum in his throat or on his face or ass.

Even though she knew James was a fair bit easier to seduce than she had let Daniel know, she wasn't quite prepared for the intensity of the moans that met her ears as she entered the apartment: 'Unnh, unnnnnnh, ohhh god, yessss.

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