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Marlene's exciting and risque night out with her best friend.

And I know the perfect place to show my gratitude. It's private, it's quiet and it's out in the open...but it might be a little bit...well, kinky." Then, as she made her voice thick with lust, she whispered, "Are you willing to try something a little different?"

"I'm almost afraid to ask," he said. This woman had certainly come a long way since he first saw her despondent face on the road several miles back. "What did you have in mind?"

"Well," she cooed, one hand reaching between his legs again, "I've always wanted to have sex in a graveyard in the middle of the night...and, as luck would have it, there just happens to be one coming up shortly on the right. What do you say...are ya game...lover?" Derrick was unsure whether or not he should laugh. He simply sat there, staring at Claryssa with the dumbfounded beginnings of a laugh plastered on his face, the suspended outburst waiting for its cue. It never came. Claryssa was stone-faced... dead serious.

"'re kidding, right? I mean, a graveyard? I've done some kinky stuff in my time, but...a cemetery? Weeds and dirt and, well, dead people? Don't you find it just a tad disrespectful to - y'know, do it - where people are trying to get their eternal rest? I mean, you are kidding, right?"

Claryssa's succulent mouth once again transformed...from smiling to softly pouting. That change caused Derrick to feel that he'd somehow hurt her, and he rebuked him- self for it. She obviously had enough sadness in her life. But as he watched her lips shift from smile to frown, his gonads sent a testosterone rush to his brain and he found himself wishing she were doing other things with those pouting lips. But still... a graveyard?

"I disagree with you completely," those lips revealed. "I think a cemetery is a perfect place to make love. Think about it. All those poor people are dead. I think that having sex near them like that would be a welcome change for them. If you were dead, wouldn't you relish two lovers rolling around on your grave, giving each other pleasure? What could be more life-affirming than having sex? Don't you think that after years - even decades - of boring sleep in a moldy box that the dead would wel- come two lovers exploring each other's heated bodies directly overhead? Don't you think the dead would be thrilled to experience the desires and passions of life once more...even if only for a few fleeting hours?"

Derrick was numb. He had no idea Claryssa would feel so passionate about it. He certainly couldn't find fault with her logic. In fact, when Claryssa leaned in again to nibble his ear and massage his crotch, her logic sounded damn good! His mind was trying to come up with all sorts of negatives to a tryst in a graveyard, but Claryssa's hand was squeezing testosterone out of his loins and his circulatory system took care of the rest, spreading the hormone directly to the reasoning centers of his brain, subsequently shutting them down. Yes, sex in a graveyard was looking like a perfectly sensible thing to do! And after the car tried twice to go off the road, once on each shoulder, Derrick decided that cemetery sex would probably be the only thing that could keep him alive tonight.

"Well", Derrick sighed the words as Claryssa licked his neck, "you make a valid point, lovely lady. Who am I to fly in the face of such logic?" And as Claryssa's hand slowly lowered the zipper of his jeans and then entered the opening caused by that lowering, Derrick gasped, "Well! If the dead want to see some action tonight, I'd feel terrible if we just drove on by and denied them that! What kind of people would we be to cheat them out of a chance like this? I say let's find that cemetery and make some dead folks very 'bout you, Claryssa?"

Claryssa's only reply was, "Just in time, Romeo...Eternal Rest Cemetery is just around this bend up ahead...on the right. Slow down or you'll miss it." To which Derrick answered..."Honey, there's no way in hell I'm gonna miss that turn."

Even so, he almost did miss it.

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