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A new character in the story - Read AFTER Chapter 8


"I'm just, I'm just a little shy when it comes to girls."

"I understand."

I brought my hand to his face and slowly turned it back towards me.

"I will do nothing that you feel uncomfortable with Timothy."

"That's just it. I want you to do everything to me, and maybe that's wrong because I just met you. And maybe it's wrong too because I don't really know how to start."

I said nothing to him, but brought my lips to his, kissing him softly. This time I brought my tongue out and licked his lower lip slowly, and he moaned. I felt his hands go up into my hair, and he brought my head closer, making the kiss more passionate. Both of our tongues now dancing with one another.

One of his hands left my head and traveled slowly to my breasts. He massaged it delicately, letting his fingers linger on my nipple that had already started to become hard. He pressed his thumb against it, causing me to sigh deeply. He moved his hand and laid it flat on my chest, pressing against it, laying me back. I made the decent slowly not wanting to give up the contact with his lips.

Once I was laid down he moved to lie on top of me. I felt his hardened cock pressed against me. I wiggled just a little, letting my skirt move up to my hips, exposing my bare pussy, so that I could feel his cock press against it. I moaned louder, moving my hips, as he pressed his down.

The scene was perfect, the dark colors of the sky, and the last rays of the sun bouncing off the water. The smell of the wild flowers, the feel of the warm breeze, made this moment dizzying on top of highly erotic. I had to restrain myself from turning him over, discarding his clothes, and fucking him hard. I wanted badly to feel his cock in me at this very moment, but I held back, letting him move in his slow but arousing pace.

His hand left my breasts and moved down, I sighed deeply as I felt his fingers lightly play on my inner thigh. They moved up until he found my most private of places. I heard his moan again as he realized that there were no panties clinging to me. He ran his fingers up, reaching my clit causing my body to jolt as he flicked this sensitive place. His breathing was getting quicker, as was mine.

He moved his fingers back down and placed two inside my opening. My hips moved in time with his fingers, a slow in and out motion that was causing my fluids to flow from me and soak the blanket below. I felt myself begin to orgasm but held back not wanting to cum too soon.

I started breathing deeper, concentrating on that instead of the pleasure my body was going through but he stopped altogether. He pulled away from me, and I sat up quickly, a questioning but annoyed look on my face.

"I'm sorry. I don't want to do this here. Could we leave and maybe go to your house or something?"

I nodded slowly. I really didn't want to leave, but I could sense his growing nervousness in being caught outdoors.

While driving to my house both of our desires grew. His hand rested lightly on my inner thigh, his fingers massaged my skin. I felt my body becoming hotter by the second, and I drove as quickly as I could to get home. I placed one hand on his leg, moving it up slowly as I drove, finding his hardened cock. I stroked it through his pants, and took delight in the sounds of his moans.

By the time we got to the front door of my house we were both revved up and ready to go. I took him straight back to my bedroom. He sat on the bed, waiting for me to come to him. I came closer putting my hand flat on his chest, and pushed him back. I started at his feet taking off his shoes and socks. Then coming up slowly I unbuttoned his pants and discarded them freeing his cock. I smiled as I looked upon it, standing fully erect in that proud fashion. I ran my fingers across his cock and my smiled broadened as I saw it jump. I looked up at him, he stared down at me in an anxious but very eager way.

Keeping my eyes on him, I lowered my head, pushed my tongue between my lips, and licked the tip of his cock.

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