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He heads home for the holidays.

I was never there before but I heard it was great and the food was to die for. We got to the door and the bouncer told James he would get us a nice table. He ordered a beer and I got a glass of wine. I drink beer but today I didn't feel like having any. The food smelled as good as it looked and it was so hard to choose. He said he always gets the steak and chicken combo with the veggies and baked potato. I saw they had a smaller portion of the same combo and I ordered that. The food was really good and the service was fast and right on the money. James told me that on Saturday nights they had a jazz musician playing and wanted to know if I would join him and I said I would.

After our dessert of coffee and chocolate cake, we left and I waited until we got into the parking lot and I thanked him so much for the dinner and told him he didn't have to do this and he said he wanted to because he wanted to show his thanks and appreciation. As we walked to his car, those two cheerleaders were walking in and saw us and again the black girl made some kind of comment that I didn't quite get but James did and he told her to mind her own business. I asked him what she said and he said she asked him when he open his eyes and see that I wasn't right for him. He told me that she is just jealous because she has been trying to get him to take her out since freshman year. He told me she is stuck up and has fucked every player on the team except for him and he has no desire to either. James decided to take us to the park and we walked around and talked and laughed and had a great time. It was close to 9:30 and I asked him if he wanted to any last minute studying before the test tomorrow and he said he would. He got all the questions but 2 and I was proud of him and he said he surprised himself. We ended about 11:00 and our class was 2:00 the next afternoon. I had no other class but that one that day and he offered to pick me up and take me to class. He had one at 11:00 for an hour and then he would be by and we would either go for a quick lunch for just do a quick review of the materials. I asked him if he wanted to come in and he said no because he wanted to get to bed but probably the next time. We kissed each other good night as he left. Wow did he have soft lips and he was a great kisser. I did nothing but think about him all night as I laid in bed. He was on my mind and I could do nothing but smile. My roommate got home about 12:30 and asked me about my day and I told her and she was very happy for me.

To my surprise, I got a call on my cell phone from James and he said he had a great time last night and was looking forward to seeing me and I said the same went for me. I went through my closet again to find something nice to wear. I found my navy slacks and my blue and white blouse that actually showed more skin than I normally do and I don't remember why I bought it but it really make me look sexy and my tits looked awesome. When he got to the door and I opened it, I could see his eyes pop out as he checked out my chest. He kissed me hello and told me that I looked very nice and we left right away for the test. We decided to have lunch or an early dinner after the test. I had band practice at 7 that night and he had a football meeting. We took the test and then James and I told the professor of our idea for the project and he was impressed. He told us it only had to be like four pages and covering a little bit of everything should be more than enough. We headed out for lunch and he told me that he thinks he did very well on the test and thanked me again and he kissed me even deeper than before. I was enjoying it and I slipped my tongue in his mouth as he seemed to enjoy it and did the same. Wow it was great. We drove to the little diner and he held my hand as he drove with the other.

We arrived at the diner to only find that same cheerleader there with a few other friends and they were talking loudly about getting laid and how they were scoring because they put out and just love

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