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Becoming His

We would not find out for some time anyway, as it will be some months before I return to the capital, and none but the Emperor can over-ride my decision." He reached down to the table and took a sip of the wine, then placed the cup on the table. He sat up very straight and the timbre of his voice became very official and commanding as opposed to the low bass tones that she had previously heard from him.

"I hereby pronounce your sentence, and it shall be carried out. You are sentenced to five years in custody as an Imperial ward. That means you are to obey all commands from Imperial officers and the Royal family without recourse to normal law and tradition. Any disobedience will be punished harshly and immediately with corporal punishment as your Guardian shall see fit. The sentence includes ten strokes of the whip or cane every day of your wardship to pay for the theft of the Imperial seal. The punishment may be lessened or forgiven on a daily basis based on your obedience and conduct. If you flee, your life is forfeit."

Alasara shuddered, sobbing as Damian pronounced her punishment.

"Alasara." He once again tipped her head up so she looked him in the eye. "So you know. For the next several months, I am your Guardian, and probably will remain so for the duration of your sentence. That means several important things that you need to know. Can you calm yourself enough that you will understand and remember my words?"

She took several deep breaths and calmed herself to the best of her ability. Small shudders continued, but she braced herself as best she could. "Y-yes sir."

"If harm should come to me, you shall take yourself to the nearest lawman and pronounce yourself an Imperial ward, and let them know that your Guardian has come to harm. They will then conduct you to the Imperial Palace in the Capital and you will serve out the rest of your sentence in the Imperial Palace. Via magical means, your sentence will be transmitted to the Capital tonight. When I set my seal to the writ that documents your sentence, my seal will also record your sentence, and any sentence recorded on a Magister's seal will be carried out regardless of the status of the Magister that pronounced the sentence. Now, as strange as this may seem, you will be receiving many benefits from being under my not so tender care. You shall rarely if ever go to bed hungry. Clothes, probably better than you have had before will be provided for you. And specifically, as my ward, you will almost certainly see parts of the Empire that you would never have seen even if your parents had not perished."

As he finished speaking, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in."

The door swung open and the innkeeper's wife came into the room. She was a reasonably attractive woman, slightly plump, but well attired for a commoner. "M'Lord, this is the best I had at home that was of a size to fit her." The woman handed over a linen night dress. "It was one of my daughter's and she's no use for it now."

"Good enough for now Goodwoman. You have my thanks. Before you finish for the night, have another jug of the red brought up here. Oh, and you may hear some screaming and crying shortly. Please disregard it. This young lady has unfortunately for her, some stern discipline coming her way this evening." He took the shift from the woman and placed it on the bed.

"Yes M'lord. I'll bring the Red up myself. I'll be right back."

Alasara once again started quietly sobbing at Damian's blunt announcement to the innkeeper's wife. Damian poured the remainder of the red into the cup and handed it to Alasara. The cup was full to the brim.

"Drink it. Quickly."

Alasara took the cup from him, her shaking hands made her spill a small amount as she brought it to her mouth. She drank it quickly, downing the cup in a few seconds, and again she felt the warmth in her stomach.

"I will not lie to you Alasara.

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