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Sharleen's sexual training session.

Eden's pussy was already aching with want, she wondered if her kinky Mom felt the same? She ran her hands over her mother's lingerie-clad body, down to her panties and slid her hands inside, feeling the hot, damp cunt. Soaked. Her mother was soaked.

"You're wet, you horny lezzie slut!"

"You make me that way, you sexy little fuckbitch. Fingerfuck me baby! Play with Mommy's pussy!"

"Get those panties off first, you slut!" Eden growled, looking intently into Patrice's grey eyes, which looked back with equal intensity.

Patrice leaned in again and licked her daughter's ear, whispering loudly enough for Blaine to hear "Why don't you take them off FOR me, naughty girl?"

Eden smiled and kissed her mother again. She moved herself around on the bed and positioned herself between her mom's now-spread legs. Deciding to tease a bit, she kissed up her mother's long legs, caressing the silky legs, playing with her mom, teasing deliberately, slowly as she moved towards the panty-clad pussy. The aroma of aroused cunt wafted to nostrils, as she expected, her mother's scent was wonderful, arousing. She could see the slight sheen of sweat on Patrice's body, her eyes were closed, teeth clenched, Eden was getting her mother very, very horny.

As she was about to tug at the French-cut panties with her hands, Eden got an inspiration. She moved closer and kissed the panty-clad pussy, then began to tug at the gently with her teeth, using an occasional finger to move them slowly downward, knowing she was likely driving Patrice crazy. She looked out of the corner of her eye to see her father watching, nearly motionless, like he was in a daze.

"You know, you're driving me fucking crazy, don't you?" Patrice hissed.

"Are you complaining?" Eden asked, planting a gentle kiss on her mother's inner thigh.

"What am I, fucking crazy? God, no!" Eden resumed planting kisses on Patrice's body, watching her mother close her eyes and ball up her hands into tiny fists. She was getting to her.

Blaine was dumbstruck, watching his sexy young daughter make lewd lesbian love to his equally-stunning wife. He'd seen Patrice make love to many beautiful women before, but he didn't think he'd ever seen anything as hot as what was taking place in the hotel room.

Eden moved her face close to her mother's sopping-wet pussy, then turned, looking at her father, and licked her lips. Swiftly, she buried her face in her mother's heated cunt, determined to give Patrice the most intense pleasures she'd ever known. Her mother's taste was unique, like the woman herself, tangy, succulent, sweet. Eden slithered her tongue up and down her mother's cunt-lips, then flattened it, laving the tasty treat while her mother groaned in response.

"Dear God, you little bitch, you're fucking amazing!" Patrice hissed in pleasure, as wave upon wave of bliss washed over her body. Eden's skilled hands were running up and down her stocking-clad legs while her adept tongue continued lunging in and out of Patrice's wet puss. She hunched herself upwards for more of her daughter's lezzie-licks and was not disappointed. Inwardly, Patrice wondered who Eden's instructor had been, because her daughter was certainly a good student!

Blaine watched the incestuous play continuing before him, it was taking all of his self-control not to play with his cock. He knew full well if he did, he'd cum in seconds, watching this illicit tryst. He ached to fuck them both, to screw his hot little vixen of a daughter while his wife watched, but he knew patience would be a virtue this time.

Instinctively, Patrice knew it was time and began to shift herself around on the bed.

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