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Front desk attendant starts trouble with a late night patron.

About the time I finished the coffee, she moaned again. It was a long, low sound, soft yet distinct, a sound accompanied by the first significant movements of her body: her back arching as much as the straps would allow, her legs flexing noticeably and her arms pulling uselessly against her secure bonds. She was trapped, physically bonded with the table and carnally bonded with the vibrators.

Every thirty seconds, more lubricant was added. Every three minutes, the power to each vibrator was slowly increased. The buzzing sound of the small vibrator was particularly endearing, while the thick vibrator's sound crescendoed and decrescendoed as the extended arm pistoned the fake phallus into and almost completely out of her sweat-coated body.

To his credit, Lieutenant Hawker stepped out of the view of the monitor, returning with a pitcher of water which he slowly poured over the captive's face. Greedily, she ingested as much water as she could, the first sign that this most unusual tactic was indeed affecting her solid will. Officer Francesca also stepped out of the monitor's view, returning with another pitcher of water and a sizeable towel to clean away the significant amount of sweat and help to cool her overheated flesh.

It certainly could not be said that I did not care for the health or the safety of my captives. Personally, I would have waited a bit longer before giving her water or cleaning and cooling her, but I definitely could not fault the two officers for taking such actions at that point in the process.

Over the next thirty minutes or so, the bound woman's reactions increased. As the power to the vibrators increased, so did the strength of her futile struggles. Her breathing became more labored. The sounds escaping her throat became louder, longer, and lustier.

"So she's a carnal creature after all," Officer Francesca commented.

"Indeed," I acknowledged aloud to myself.

Watching and listening to the captive's reactions had aroused me. I noticed that Lieutenant Hawker was also aroused, a prominent bulge at the front of his slacks, but his professionalism was as solid as the thick hull. Officer Francesca also seemed aroused, her face and neck bearing a slight blush, but if her nipples were indeed erect, I had to give great credit to her choice of bra.

I wondered what Samantha thought, since she was only listening to the audio feed from Chamber Six.

Absently, I stroked myself through my uniform, feeling a seepage of lust emerging from my bulbous tip. I wished I could participate in Special Order Sierra Epsilon Nine personally. Actually, I could, but to do so at this early time might be counterproductive.

As much as the bondage would allow, she was writhing on the table. The carnal pleasure was too much for her will to keep her still and passive. I felt the intensity of the spotlight was a bit much for her, but I had faith in the two officers overseeing the immediate situation.

Slowly, I stood and began to undress. The usually-cool temperature in my quarters felt nice on my freshly-exposed skin, reminding me of my home world in the brief summer. The heat of my erection was almost surprising to me, but its throbbing was definitely expected.

Sitting again and leaning back with my legs spread, I stroked myself slowly, using my natural lubricant to assist the motions of my hand. I was amazed at how quiet the blonde captive was despite the amount of stimulation being focused between her legs. But that could not last much longer.

Two more squirts of lubricant, and the power to each vibrator increased yet again. She was mostly breathing hard, any true vocalizations becoming rather scant in number and in duration. Officer Francesca cleaned the captive's face again and poured a little more water into the open mouth, then stepped back and ordered the intensity of the spotlight to be reduced to only sixty percent.

There was a visible expression of relief on the blonde's face, and although her eyes opened, she clearly cou

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