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Matt and Dan face off for the first time.

"Psst!" And gave Tanya a beckoning head nod. Tanya followed Cheryl behind the closed door.

In my room, I reluctantly removed my cute red wig and placed it on the stand. Again reluctantly, I went to my bathroom to remove my make-up. I stripped off my clothes. It was then I realized I had no night wear. I opened some of the other drawers and found some bras, panties and other women's attire. Hanging in the armoire was a beautiful pink peignoir. My fingers ran over the soft silk and delicate lace material. Pinned to it was an envelope addressed to "Andi". Anxiously I opened it and read the note inside.

"Dear Andi;

I am so happy you agreed to help me here at Doll Manor. I hope you will be as happy as I am. It is good to have family here.

I bought this nightie for you and hope you like it. Enjoy.

Good night.


P.S.: Again, Alishia will help you out for a little while, but you must learn your responsibilities quickly. See you in the morning."

I pulled the lingerie out from the wardrobe: still on its hanger I swung around letting it float through the air like I've seen other girls do in the movies. I laid it on the bed and carefully removed the hanger. I put on the silky, boy short panties first. It felt wonderfully sexy against my skin as I felt the excitement rush through my body and yet my penis remained more than semi-flaccid. The top was a little stretchy so I could pull it over my head and down my torso. The bodice was silk with spaghetti straps. Lacy material covered my belly and lower back. There was also a cape but not to sleep in. I put it on anyways.

I quietly pranced around my room for quite a while until I fell onto my bed exhausted. It was probably one of the most comfortable beds I have ever felt. It was like a warm hug. I fell asleep.

Next morning, I found myself still a top the bed dressed in my pretty pink outfit from the night before. There was a lump that had formed inside my panties. I reached inside my soft boy shorts and started to stroke myself. It didn't occur to me at the time but while I was rock hard, I didn't seem as big as I usually was.

I guess I was more horny than normal and came quickly; messing the inside my panties. A big mess.

"Ahem!" A voice came from the door way jolting me aback. It was Alishia. "Now that you are finished playing, you need to get ready. Did you shower yet?"

"I... Er... B..." I tried to stammer out an explanation of why I was caught jerking off.

"Never mind. Did you have your shower yet?" Alishia repeated. "It's five thirty. You need to get ready and help me. Now take off your nightie and get going."

I pulled off my lingerie and soaked with cum panties before I dashed off to the shower. Again, I used the Doll House products to cleanse myself especially since there wasn't anything else: shampoo/conditioner, face wash, body wash.

As I dried my hair, I found it felt even thicker than even yesterday. "At this rate, I'll need a haircut sooner than normal."

I patted my body with the big fluffy towel. Since almost all of it was gone yesterday, I wasn't surprised to see my hairless, smooth-skin body. But as the towel passed over my chest, my nipples tingled and sent a jolt to my groin.

I looked at them. Not only did the nipple part look more protruded, the surrounding brown areole area looked more swollen and puffed. As excited as I was becoming, my penis remained completely soft. The uncut foreskin was tight and shrivelled and made me look even smaller. I was normally about three inches when soft. Clear pre-cum leaked from the small opening.

Confused, I exited the bathroom. I looked to Alishia was there waiting for me. I wasn't even embarrassed to be naked in front of her anymore. I was a bit disappointed to see that Alishia was holding up a plain looking dark coloured dress which I assumed I was to wear. Disappointment quickly dissipated when her head motioned towards the underclothing she had laid out for me to put on first.

I picked up the panties first.

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