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An account of sex with my brother.

"Let's thank our benefactor." Lissica stumbled to her feet, and they both stepped out into the alley, Tinberly's hand still gripping the amulet through the fabric of her clothes, just in case it changed its mind.

The woman standing before them as they emerged was, Tinberly supposed, relatively young, although certainly a good few years older than herself. Maybe thirty or so, which was old, but not old old. So far as she could tell in the moonlight, she was tanned, with jet black hair and dark eyes, and she wore some kind of white dress beneath a hooded blue cloak. Tinberly had never seen her before, and judging from her expression, neither had Lissica.

"You saw us?"

"Only when the lightning bolt went off."

She looked down at the blackened husk lying in the street, then turned away with disgust. "Is he...?" she asked, already knowing the answer.


"And the woman?"

"Gone. Which is just as well, since I won't be able to cast anything like that again for a while. I think she wanted to go, and, well, I see no reason not to let her. I don't want a fight that I don't need. It sounded like she wanted to leave the city and not come back, anyway."

Tinberly nodded, mutely. The woman had sounded dangerous, but what this other stranger said made sense, under the circumstances.

"What are you doing here, anyway?" asked the woman, "I don't recognise you from around here."

"We were running. I think we got lost."

"Yes, there is something bad in the city tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if that witch who just fled had something to do with it," she smiled suddenly, "I'm Shamira, by the way. I'm a magician, as you might have guessed."

They both introduced themselves, feeling more secure already. The amulet had not warmed up again, and nothing seemed to be coming their way. Not even guardsmen alerted by the sudden flash of lightning, or nosy neighbours. Perhaps the former were busy and the latter were hiding. It was what she had been doing, after all. Or trying to, at least.

"I think it may be dangerous trying to cross town tonight," said Shamira, once they had told her what part of the city they lived in. Then she sighed, "but I can't just leave you out here, either. Come inside, and we'll sort something out in the morning. Maybe we can see what has actually happened by then."


Shamira had done something with the body. Tinberly wasn't entirely sure what, but she had gone outside, and when she came back she told the girls that it was gone. Tinberly didn't want to ask how, although, either way, she was glad that it wasn't there any more...she really didn't want to think about a corpse of some dead ruffian lying out in the street, quite apart from what the law might have to say about the matter.

They had been offered the spare bedroom. There was only the one, and while one of them could have taken one of the couches in the living room, neither girl wanted to be alone tonight.

"You take the bed," said Lissica, "I can take the couch here. She certainly seems to have a lot of them!"

"No, you take it; I don't mind the couch. Really."

"You;ve earned it, after what you did for us, Whatever was out there... it frightened me, and without you and your magic amulet, we could both be... ugh... I don't want to think about it!"

"That was just good luck. It wasn't really anything I did, You should be thanking my mother, if anyone. She bought it."

"Still, I..." Lissica suddenly shivered, holding her arms around herself, "actually, why don't we both take the bed? It's big enough."

"Only just," Tinberly pointed out. For a reason she couldn't quite explain, she felt uncomfortable at the suggestion. The girls were standing there arguing in their shifts, and seeing Lissica's bare and slender legs was giving her flashbacks to the night her mother had acquired the amulet, thoughts that didn't really seem relevant now, but were nonetheless... rather less unpleasant than she felt they should have been.

"That's all right, I don't snore."

"How wo

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