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Coed seeks help from hunky professor.

Vance had watched the erotic scene of the two pretty young men fucking and he had shed his clothes as well. Vance decided to continue with Jeremy's orientation.

"Jeremy, would you like to fuck Randy now?" Vance asked.

Jeremy's cock was fully erect again and he was extremely turned on. Jeremy nodded excitedly and Vance directed Randy to get on all fours. Vance handed Jeremy some lubricant and told him to grease up his cock. Jeremy's cock hardened as he approached Randy. He knelt behind Randy and began to caress Randy's beautiful ass. Jeremy put an ample amount of lubricant in his hands and rubbed it all around Randy's bung hole. Then under Vance's instructions, Jeremy inserted first one finger then two fingers preparing Randy's ass to be fucked. Jeremy sawed his fingers in and out of Randy's anus and Jeremy was turned on by the thought of burying his cock in Randy's shapely ass. Jeremy moved closer to Randy and lined up the head of his cock with Randy's anal opening. Jeremy eased his big dick into Randy's ass.

Randy cautioned Jeremy, "Not too deep at first, then deeper."

Jeremy did as Vance told him and spat on his hand and rubbed saliva all over his cock which made it very slick. Jeremy's cock head cleared the sphincter and he fed it to Randy a little at a time. Randy's ass chute was warm and tight as Jeremy went deeper and deeper into him. Soon he was all the way in Randy's ass and he started a slow fucking motion. Jeremy continued to pump Randy's ass with deep, long, deliberate thrusts. Jeremy caressed Randy's smooth round ass as he fucked it. Jeremy was in seventh heaven as he fucked the nurse and he was enamored with Randy's curvy bottom.

Randy asked Jeremy to fuck him harder and quicker. So Jeremy picked up the pace and he pounded Randy's ass faster and faster. Jeremy's balls started bouncing off of Randy's balls and Randy moaned with each thrust of Jeremy's cock. Jeremy could feel his climax building and he knew that any moment he would shoot his seed into Randy's ass. Jeremy tried to make it last as long as possible but once Randy contracted his anal muscles Jeremy lost it.
Jeremy fired a barrage of cum in Randy's ass filling it to overflowing. Jeremy couldn't remember when he came so much a third time. As Jeremy continued to fuck, his cum backed up in Randy's rectum and oozed out flowing over Randy's balls. Randy used his talented anal muscles to milk Jeremy's cock and drain it dry. Randy's milking action weakened Jeremy and sent tingles through his body. Jeremy pulled out of Randy and wiped his still hard cock on Randy's buttocks.

"God it feels as if a fire hose was turned on in my ass," gasped Randy.

Vance smiled at the two of them as he stroked his erect cock. "Jeremy it is now time for you to suck a cock. Randy will teach you how to suck mine," Vance told them.

Vance sat on the chair and stretched his legs out as Jeremy and Randy got on either side of him. Randy took Vance's erect cock in his mouth and bobbed up and down a few times before passing it to Jeremy. Under Randy's coaching Jeremy began to suck the doctor's cock. Then Randy took Vance's cock back from Jeremy and Randy proceeded to lick up and down the shaft and stick his tongue into the slit of Vance's cock. Randy then had Jeremy do the same thing. Jeremy did as he was told and he soon got into the spirit of sucking Vance's cock. Randy and Jeremy kept passing Vance's cock back and forth with Jeremy duplicating everything that Randy did. Vance announced that he was about to cum and Randy took the first shot in his mouth. Then Randy passed the cock to Jeremy who received his taste of cum as Vance fired several rounds into Jeremy's mouth. Jeremy's reflex was to swallow the semen as it filled his mouth and then Randy came to Jeremy's rescue. Randy took Vance's cock back and let Vance finish cumming as Randy sucked him dry.

"Wow that was a great. Jeremy you have a natural talent," Vance sighed.

Randy and Jeremy were both erect again and Vance noticed their condition.

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