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An insatiable wife makes the best of cancelled flight.

"It's been five years, Tannon. You couldn't have missed me that much."

His faced hardened. "I was forbidden from trying to contact you until it was time."

"And I take it the time has come?"

"Maybe I broke the rules."

At that I laughed. "I knew you for two days, Tannon. You've been a company man for hundreds of years. I'm good but not that good. Anyways, intimacy was initiated on your part, remember? It helped but wasn't the deal clincher." That came out a lot bitchy-er than I had meant for it to.

Sadness flashed through his eyes making me sorry that I had said it. It was true that the sex, though terrific, had put Tannon in my corner; it was whatever the Powers That Be saw in me that had kept me from passing over. I wanted to chase the look in his eyes away and I did it the only way I knew how, I kissed him.

It was a mire brushing of lips but the sigh I earned made me glad I did it. I added, "Maybe I missed you a little."

He moved his body more solidly into mine, clearly invading my personal space. I put a bite to my next words, "Not that much, I didn't"

He backed up, his shoulders slumping in disappointment. "Fine, I'm evidently getting no play time"

I just shook my head.

"Straight to business then, but first lets be a little more comfortable, shall we?" A long black leather couch materialized beside us. Tannon flopped down on one end waiting for me to join him.

I stayed standing. "Give me back enough control to at least change what I'm wearing."

"I think you look ravishing," his heated eyes leering at my flimsy attire.


He gave a small growl of discontent but played the gentleman. My body was suddenly wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt. I let the fact that he hadn't included undergarments go. Hey, at least I wasn't naked.

"Thank you," I said sitting on the other end from him.

His face shifted reflecting a serious scowl. "We're calling in our debt."

"I figured as much."

"Something has occurred that threw Them for a loop."

"Nothing is always black and white, Tannon, little things can throw off what will be."

He gave a look that clearly said they all knew that. "This, however, can be used to our advantage; a chance to put you in a position that will help keep the balance. I can't give you all the details, not yet."

"Why not? Details are always good."

"The Fates want you to have free choice when the time comes; to see how you'll decide. I can tell you; though the ball is in motion the outcome isn't set."

I sat staring at him. "Tannon, your giving me a headache. Quit pussy-footing around and just tell me."

"I can't, I'm sorry."

"That makes no fucking sense. Why would They send you to me if you can't tell me shit?" I was shouting at him, my voice being absorbed by the darkness so that it sounded like it stopped dead. Then it hit me, "They didn't send you, did They? You really did break the rules, just enough to give me a heads up."

"I'll be your liaison because we have history but our first meeting won't happen until They feel you have enough information."

I rubbed my hands over my face, confusion and irritation mingling in my mind. "When's all this suppose to start?" I asked.

A phone rang, the shrillness slicing through my body. It pulled me towards the surface, the darkness being broken by tiny beams of light. Dimly I heard Tannon's reply. "It already has."

I hit full reality with a jerk, my body coming off the bed. I felt disoriented; my bedroom was dark shadows, contorted light. I was already reaching for the phone when it rang again. "What?" I demanded. The red digital numbers on the clock told me it was a few minutes after four in the morning, never a good time to receive a call.

"Sasha?" The confused voice belonged to my little brother, Tyler.

"Yeah Ty, it's me. What's wrong?" My stomach was in a tight knot, the reminisce of the "dream" still clinging to my brain. I silently prayed to any deity that was listening: Not Tyler, please not Tyler.

"Um, I know your busy but is there anyway you could come for a, visit?"

He sounded nervous and un

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