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Boyfriend comes on over strong.

I could feel precome ooze out, despite his will to fight the relentless rubbing of my thumb on the head, and my fingers wrapping around the shaft of his length. Using my free hand, I turned the vibrating clamps up one more notch and he cried out weakly.

"Please...momma...stop-stop doing this..." He was trying so hard not to displease me by releasing himself without my permission. He moaned as I bit down on his neck hard, leaving a deep purple mark. My busy hand slowly went down to massage his balls. He was doing well at resisting my touch that I was about to tell him to cum, about to tell him to let go all over my hand.

However, before I pull my mouth away from his neck to say the word...he came. Just like that, he came. It act of cruel irony. His mouth opened to release a loud scream of defeat as he lost the objective and ejaculated into the panties and on to my hand.

I could feel the thick hot liquid drop on to my hand and soaked up by the think silky fabric. I was stunned. He was so close to getting my permission and yet he was so far gone he let go of himself.

I looked up at him, hurt, disappointment, and anger all shown in my eyes. He knew he was a bad boy, how he moved his head away from me in shame, how he was murmuring, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please forgive me" all over and over again.

It made me that moment; I HATED this feeble excuse for a man. Even though I made him that way.

I moved away from him, making sure not to touch him after I wiped the cum from my hand to his face. He tried to lick it off my hand but I would not let him, I made sure to hold his head back as I wiped it off. Just glaring at him silently, I could tell he was wondering where I was, looking back and forth.

"Momma? ...Momma...please...don 't-don't hurt me..."

I slapped him; I slapped him so hard my hand hurt. I was still silent and the only sound in the room was the impact of my hand to his face. After the slap however, I slowly stroked his face, tenderly massaging the bruise that was forming. He began to sob silently and for a moment, I wanted to forgive him, to let him go and stop the session before I go too far.

Yet, that moment left too quickly for me to consider it.

As he turned to kiss the palm of my hand, I pulled it back, causing him to kiss air and to whimper softly. Slowly, I began to pull off his filthy, cum-ridden panties, only ordering him to lift up his legs and ass so I can do so properly. He seemed unsure, confused as to why I did so. I kissed him, using my tongue to open his mouth, and he moaned as he felt the large muscle claim every crevice. I slowly pulled away, his mouth still open.

That is, until I shoved those silky panties into his mouth so he can test his mess and disappointment. Usually it would be my juices that soaked the undergarment, but I would not even give him that privilege of tasting me.

His cry was muffled and he was gagging on the panties and his mess, but I covered his mouth with one hand while searching for a restraint with the other. Finding duct tape in a drawer, I quickly tore some off and placed it over his mouth, trapping the underwear in his mouth and making an effective, distasteful gag. He kept shouting, his rants muffled but annoying now. Grabbing him hard by the hair and slamming his head against the wall one more time, I hissed with toxic in his ear, "You are a little bitch you know that! You cum, your dick, your soul is MINE! You are never, NEVER going to forget the insolence you have shown today you fucking little PIG!" I tore off his blindfold, glaring into his eyes...that were wide with horror.

But I didn't care. This time I was gone too far over the edge and I knew he could see it, he could see me falling into the abyss of the game.

It was not a game anymore, not at all.

And that fact petrified him.

It was as if someone else took over my body. Not the animal I described before, no something darker, more evil. Like a demon.

I did not know what had

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