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At 6:55 we took our positions and stayed quiet, awaiting his arrival.

It felt like forever before we heard the key turn and open the door. I can only imagine that Bo's juices had to be flowing onto the ground at that point as I know my dick was a brick. We were both so filled with desire. We heard him come in and drop a few things somewhere. We could also hear the door shut and the bolt placed on the door. There was also some other rustling. I'm so glad that the blindfold was over my eyes as if it wasn't I'm sure I would have tried to sneak a peak.

We kept hearing him rustling around the place, but had no idea what was going on. We'd been instructed to stay there until told to move, no matter what, and we knew that the penalty for not listening would be bad. So we stood waiting, and waiting, and waiting -- for what felt like hours. Our desire was just building by the minute. Then we heard the chair at the table move and he must have sat down as it moved again. Then we heard him bite into the burger. He was definitely allowing the desire build in all of us.

For the longest time we waited and waited. If he was even as closely horny as we were I have no idea how he could have waited. But, I didn't have long to think about it as finally the chair moved again. Then, he must have gone up to Bo as I heard her slightly moan. I can only imagine that he was feeling her all over her body. Then I felt a light breeze and they must have walked away. I then heard him tell her to stand up on the table, as he must have helped my blindfolded wife get up on the table. He then instructed her to play with herself without allowing herself to cum. What a sight that must have been. My blindfolded wife Bo, playing with herself on top of a table while Mater watched, and I listened while standing blindfolded along the wall.

Then Master told her to lay on the table. He tells her that it's time for his dessert. From the noises he made, and the loud moaning coming from her he must be eating her out. The noises had precum dripping from my tip. I just wanted to explode. Yet, the only thing I'm getting right now is an earful of her moaning and a lot of slurping noises.

Then, all of a sudden I hear the chair move once again. Master must have wanted her too much. He had to have entered her as I heard her scream in lust. Then I heard the table scratching along the floor. This was killing me, maybe even more than watching it would have. He was pounding away at her, and she was moaning like crazy, and here I am against the wall leaking pre-cum while listening to the two of them go at it. Bo is on at least her 3rd or 4th orgasm of the night. Master lasted a lot longer than I ever would have as he was pounding in her forever (according to the screeching on the floor). Then her let out a huge grunt, and Bo did as well. He must have shot a huge load up her hole. The screeching continued, but not as urgently and was slowing down.

When they both finally clamed down he must have pulled out as I heard a light pop sound and her light gasp. Then I heard Master tell Bo to stay where she was, and then he walked over to me. He was caressing me all over my body, and I couldn't do anything but stand there. He felt the leakage from the end of my cock and got some on his fingers and then offered it to my hungry mouth. I quickly gobbled it up. Then he pushed my shoulders down and I knew that I was to kneel. That was when I felt his cock at my mouth. He tells me to clean him, which I gladly do. I can taste their juices all over his cock, the cock I'd been yearning to taste for months. It was beyond my wildest dreams to have his half hard cock in my mouth. I worked it for all I was worth trying to get it harder, knowing full well that he probably wouldn't recuperate that quickly.

While I was in full suck mode he finally stopped me and head me lick his balls.

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