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Lance and Gene enjoy the open sea together.

Pretend I'm a girl on your screen now, and we'll go from there."

As they sat among the pillows on her bed watching, she pulled a wooden chair to the center of the floor and sat on it. She arched her back sinuously, showing the curves of her body in the silk dress, and let her torso writhe, running her hands over her neck and collar and tits and down her belly to her thighs. She threw her head back to show the long line of her throat, then whipped it down again to gaze at them with hungry, slutty eyes. Her knees lifted and she set her high heels (she had changed shoes too) on the edge of the bed, one inside either of the boys' thighs. They stirred in nervous excitement. Her fingers pulled the hem of the dress up her own legs until they could see her red satin panties. She gently massaged her inner thighs with her fingers and sighed softly. She could tell that they were starting to stir and swell behind the flies of their pants.

Slowly, she reached down and took her panties in her fingers and twisted them. It pulled aside and she showed them the folds of her pussy flesh, a little swollen and glistening in the candle light. She felt her power over them and it turned her on. She licked her lips slowly, staring at them as one fingertip traced little circles around her clit, drawing it up to blossom, and smooth lines up and down the lips of her cunt.

"Has any girl shown you this before, Albert?" she asked in a low whisper.

"No," he answered shyly.

"Chris, has any girl shown you her dirty cunt before?"

"No," he said.

"I'm showing you mine. Do you like it?"


"Albert, do you like my slutty hole?"

"Oh god... yes!'

"Why aren't you boys stroking your cocks yet? Don't you like me?"

They froze, embarrassed at that. "Go on," she purred at them. "Show me your cocks. Show me how you stroke them when you look at porn on the internet."

There was a moment of silence, then immediately the two frat boys were tearing at their pants, opening belts and ripping flies down in haste. They pushed their pants and underwear down to their knees. Their cocks sprung out, erect and eager, as Albert and Chris fell back to sitting and obediently began to stroke.

Now Christi had once done a bit of research out of idle curiosity and discovered that someone actually had done a real study on penis size. It turned out there was a little truth to the stereotypes; white men averaged a six-inch long cock when erect, black men seven inches, and Asians only about five. So she had been curious, and a little worried, how Albert and Chris would stack up. As they pulled themselves to full length, she was pleased. Albert's shaft was rather short but he was surprisingly thick, more so than most. Chris' dick was not a monster but as big as most she had seen. She was relieved. She wouldn't have to fake anything, this would be nice.

Christi turned her attention to pleasuring herself, keeping her legs spread wide so that Albert and Chris could see every stroke. She licked her fingers and let her saliva drizzle freely over the tips, then rubbed them thoroughly into her rich snatch. Her cuntlips swelled up in response and oozed with slick fluid, her clit pulsed and glowed at her touch. She thought about pushing in and making herself squirt for the boys the way she had for Anders, but something held her back. She looked out at the two of them through heavy lidded eyes. They stared into her whorish slit with hungry eyes, their hands pumping up and down the shafts of their cocks. She stretched out a high-heeled foot toward Chris, brushing the spike heel against his hand. He lifted it away and she carefully nudged his long dick with her heel. One little kick and she could skewer him and he knew it. But she eased the smooth hard spike along the side of his shaft, and let the threat and the excitement thrill through him before turning to Albert and doing the same. They groaned almost in unison.

She still had her dress on, even her panties.

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