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She submits without a word.

"Kind of?" said Jess, almost a bit too loud. "That thing looks like a baby's arm!"

Theresa blushed.

"And it's all mine," she said. "You wouldn't believe how good it feels to be filled with all of"

Jess groaned out of jealousy.

There was a few seconds of silence.

"So do I even have to ask?" asked Jess, running her hand through her blonde hair.

"Ask what?" replied Theresa.

"How big?" asked the friend.

Theresa smiled, and took a sip of her tea.

"We never have a ruler around," the brunette said, looking into Jess' beautiful green eyes. "I mean...I have thought of measuring it, out of curiosity, but you know..."

The two were again silent, and it was an awkward silence. It was as if they were each waiting for the other to make the inevitable statement.

Theresa couldn't wait any longer. She brought her head in closer to Jess', and whispered softly to her.

"Should we measure him when he comes out of the shower?" she asked her best friend.

Jess wanted to desperately, but the only thing holding her back was the fact that watching Theresa measure her boyfriend would be giving into the fact that Theresa had a bigger boyfriend than her. It was almost like Theresa would be showing off.

Jess always had the hotter guys before this. In middle school, in high school, in college. Jess and Theresa were both hot, but Jess was the more adventurous one, the girl that went for the hot guys. It was as if Theresa was getting her revenge, giving Jess her come-upance.

Oh, she hated to give in. But she did want to see that big penis again. And wanted to know just how big it was.

"Yeah," she replied after a few seconds of reflection. "Get him to whip that thing out and we'll measure it...together."


The question was posed to the gentleman.

"Seriously?" asked Mike when he came out of the shower.

"We were just curious," replied Theresa. "You do have a whopper down there. We just wanted to...take some measurements."

Mike was a bit embarrassed, but so turned on. Theresa was already reaching for his jeans, unfastening the black belt on them and getting ready to pull the pants down.

"No, wait, she'd only be disappointed," he said with a laugh. "I'm not...full right now."

Theresa looked over at Jess with a grin.

"Believe me, she's already been impressed with how much you have swinging down there," said the brunette.

Mike blushed a bit, and so did Jess. They didn't dare look at each other.

The pants came off, and so did his shirt. His upper body was impressive, but his lower body stole the stares.

"Sheeesh," said Jess, still finding it hard to believe how large Mike was.

"Ever seen a dick this big before?" asked Theresa, winking at Mike to acknowledge the fact she talked dirty for him.

"Only in pornos," said Jess. "I mean...I don't watch them but I - "

"Yeah, yeah," Mike interrupted. "We know, you've never watched them, just heard about them."

Jess covered her breasts to hide her erect nipples. Good thing she wore a baggy shirt on this day.

"I just...I always thought those big ones in the movies were fake, you know, like special effects or something," she said.

Theresa yanked on Mike's penis, causing it to hang even lower.

"This isn't fake, sister," she said. "This is a big old horse dick."

Mike couldn't believe her choice of words.

Jess had been holding a ruler in her hands the whole time, and now brought it over to Mike and Theresa just to stop from staring at the man's crotch.

Soon enough, however, she went right back to staring. She handed the measuring instrument to her friend.

But Theresa handed it back.

"Here, you do the honors," Theresa said. "You're the guest here."

Jess couldn't help but blush, and feel awkward. Measuring Mike's penis? A penis that belonged to her best friend's boyfriend?

"I don't know," she said, biting her lip. She was torn. She wanted to, but felt guilty. She did have a boyfriend of her own.

"Oh, come on," Theresa said. "Measure his dick. Stu won't ever find out."

Mike spread his legs further

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