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Phone call leads to masturbation.

Yasmine was standing there looking a bit uncertain, but also quite stunning. I grinned when I noted that she had gone for a similar outfit, with a half top and tight shorts, and with her lush breasts there was absolutely no doubt that she wasn't wearing a bra, and I felt the heat start to rise even more.

I asked her in and led the way into the lounge and offered her a cool drink, which she accepted. She didn't take a seat, she sort of moved around the room glancing at one thing and then another, clearly very nervous. "Has Daniel gone to his meeting?" she asked

"Yeah, he left about half six" I replied

"Oh, when will he be back?" she asked

I grinned, handing her the cool drink, "Not until very late" I said.

She took a sip then placed it on the table and moved around again, "You said it was special for me to come tonight" she said, not looking directly at me, "Why is that?"

This was the moment I had been dreading, and I felt the flush start in my toes and run all the way to the top of my head, but I took a deep breath and went for broke, "Because of Friday" I said a little hoarsely, "Because of the way I felt when I saw you naked, because of the way I felt when I touched you and when you touched me, and because of the way I felt when we were making love together. I needed to know if it was real or if it was only a part of the threesome activities of the night, a kind of bi-product if you like"

There was a heavy silence, and I kept my head lowered, looking at the floor, then I worked up the courage to look up and found Yasmine staring at me, her face almost bright red. Then her tongue came out and brushed across her lips and she said "And what have you decided?"

I gulped, "I'm sorry, I can't help it, from the moment you walked in the door I've wanted you, wanted to kiss you, wanted to touch you, wanted everything!"

There was just a momentary silence, then a broad grin came over her face and she let out a huge sigh, "Oh, thank God, I thought it was only me" she exclaimed.

And then she was in my arms and our lips were glued together and our tongues were doing a magic dance, and our hands were everywhere.

I still have no idea how we got from the kiss to being completely naked on the lounge room floor, but moments later, that's where we were, and I was feasting my eyes once again on Yasmine's lush tits with their rock hard nipples, her beautiful hairy pussy and her tight sexy ass. Then I was feasting my hands on them, and then I was feasting my lips and my tongue on them, and she was doing the same to me, and it was absolutely fantastic.

Then came the glorious moment when we found ourselves in the 69 position and my face mashed into her dripping wet pussy and her face mashed into mine. And we licked and lapped and sucked like there was no tomorrow, lifting each other to heights of arousal and pleasure that defied description. Mmmmm I absolutely loved taking her clit in my mouth and sucking hard, and feeling her body jump and jerk, and loved it when she did the same to me. God she seemed to know exactly where to put her tongue to give me the greatest pleasure, and at one point even slid down and was flicking her tongue against my puckered asshole, Wow, that sent me into a mind boggling orgasm!

I lost count after a while of how many times I exploded in orgasm or of how many she did, our tongues and lips and fingers seemed capable of keeping us in a permanent state of high octane pleasure, and I knew for sure now that I loved having sex with Yasmine, having sex with another woman, and when we finally took a break and got round to consuming the drinks that had once been ice cool, she told me that she felt exactly the same way. Then she grinned, "But of course, I'd still like a big hard cock every now and again! or maybe a bit more often than that!" she said, and we both collapsed laughing.

We were still laughing and embracing each other's naked bodies when we heard the loud gasp, and our heads jerked up, to find daddy standing there, a slightly shocked expressio

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