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In our role-play I enjoy my son's young girlfriend.

His cock twitched as the young girl suckled on the rosy nipple and he heard Jill's moan of pleasure.

"Master Adam... thank you," she whispered. He smiled over to Jill and brought his other hand up to cup her neck. He closed the distance between them and kissed her while keeping Katie pressed into his first pet's tit. Their tongues toyed and danced, but eventually parted. He released Katie and told her to finish her job on her knees.

Katie glared at the wet nipple she was leaving behind and felt anger at having been forced to suck on the other woman. She slid to the floor and released the button and zipper of the skirt. Her nostrils filled with the scent of another woman's pussy and she wanted to baulk at doing anything to the other "pet," but she knew she would. Jail was not an option for Katie as she thought of tasting the panty free cunt that was glistening with dew.

Jill studied the young woman on her knees and ran her fingers through the girl's hair. "Clean it, slut," she ordered. Her hand pressed into Katie's skull and she groaned when the tip of the thief's tongue darted out and timidly touched her cunt. "Harder," Jill hissed.

With lust-filled eyes Adam watched. His hand moved over the soft curves of Jill's bosom, his fingers tweaked the rosy nipples and he waited for Katie to become more vigorous. When she didn't, he saw frustration growing in Jill's face and he stepped back to see how she would teach the girl to do as she was told.

Jill's fingers tangled in Katie's locks and she pushed the woman's face into her cunt juice. She ground her hips against her and smothered her in nectar and flesh. When she felt Katie's hands come up and grip her hips she knew the girl was once more struggling for air.

"You'll learn, whore," she said. Jill held the young face tighter against her and rode her hard, rubbing and fucking the soft nose and hot mouth. Eventually, Katie released Jill's hips and Jill took it as a sign of the woman's acceptance and eased up on the pressure of her hand.

Katie took a deep breath and began to wash away the sticky fluids of what she suspected was not only the woman's arousal, but left over seeds of come that Adam had spilled in her earlier in the day. As she licked she kept her eyes closed until the sting of something being laid across her back, brought a cry from her lips and her eyes flew open wide. She looked up and saw Adam behind her, a flogger rested in his hand and she knew he'd struck her with it. "Watch your Mistress's face so you will know what she likes and doesn't," he demanded.

Katie swallowed the words she wanted to toss out and turned back to look up at the smirk on Jill's face. Katie's eyes showed disdain, but her mouth showed willingness as it opened and her tongue began to once more work the folds of the other woman's cunt. She moved the hard muscle up and down the puffy lips and then over the hardened clit. She thought of how she liked her pussy being eaten and she kept her eyes on Jill's face, noting where her Mistress liked to be licked the most, compared to other places on her body.

As Katie swirled her tongue around, Adam dropped to his knees and began to explore the round ass that was in front of him. He kneaded the muscles of Katie's firm cheeks and then ran his finger down the crack, pressing gently against the puckered entrance. She pushed back to him and whimpered. He looked up her spine and pushed her head deeper into the juice-filled recesses of Jill's cunt and held her there, while he positioned his cock to the entrance of her pussy.

Jill moaned in pleasure as she watched the shoplifter fuck her cunt with her tongue and teeth. "Yes," she growled out when Adam pushed the young girl's face in further. Her eyes were ablaze with fire and passion as she rocked her hips forward. When she saw Adam drop to his knees she whimpered, knowing his cock was going to be sliding into his new pet's cunt and not hers.

"Fuckin' whore," she hissed and grabbed Katie's mouth from her sex.

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