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Real estate agent gets a helping hand.


Sally said "Denver after I read all about your boss it get me to thinking about Mom and Dad. Maybe when I have a chance I'll look up and see if they have a record."

I said "Sally maybe you should let the dead stay dead."

She looked at me and nodded her head in agreement.

Over the next few days before our pending date with Wilda Sally seemed preoccupied. I had an idea what se was dong but did not ask her about it. I figured in time she would tell me what she was up to.

Sally came down stairs dressed to kill. The dress was low in front and back accenting her breasts and fine firm ass. I had to say who ever was banging my sister he was sure as hell getting my respect. I got a fucking hard-on.

We went by Wilda's home to pick her up and were invited in for a drink before dinner. Wilda was impressed with Sally and as they stood side by side I had to think Wilda could be Sally's mother or more like a Grandmother. Twins in every way. Beautiful, busty, great legs and a wide generous mouth that I would like to fuck. Either one would be fine with me.

Wilda was dressed in a skin tight black dress I was sure was made to fit her figure by a very skilled dress maker. The neck line was higher than Sally's but just as reveling and her slightly wider ass was there for me and the whole world to see. My cock got harder and this time I did not try to hide it. I was proud of my cock size and hardness and hopefully I would get a chance to show if to Wilda later this evening. I took a good look at her cherry red lips and thought of all the lucky men that had shot a load there. "Oh, God give me strength."

Our table was hear the wide open French door that looked out over the gardens. It was a splendid view as were the two ladies I had at my side.

The evening was warm but comfortable. Sally seemed to fit right in and shared in the conversation. When Wilda ask Sally if she had ever thought of getting into real estate I was surprised when she answer "Yes"

Sally went on to say that I was her inspiration and loved to listen to me talk about what I did and how much I enjoyed the business and the people I worked with.

I had to laugh at this as I thought Sally was laying the ground work for how much I liked Wilda regardless of our age difference. I thought this was a very skilled way of getting the conversation around to ... "to what?"

We ate and about dark a band took the stage and we three relaxed and had another round.

I asked Wilda to dance. I held her close and did not move much as I was purely interested in letting Wilda feel my hard-on rubbing her leg. I wanted her to know and feel how excited I was with her.

We floated near the windows and I took a moment to check on Sally. She was not at the table. I quickly spotted her on the dance floor with a tall guy holding her close. I looked hard at the man as he was nearly my age. I thought her interests would have run younger nearer her own age.

They seem to melt together and I got the feeling this was not the first time they had danced.

I said without thinking "Darling do you know the man Dally is dancing with?"

Wilda smiled and said "I believe that is Karen Cross's brother Kale I think his name is."

I was in negotiations with an island resort and Miss Karen Cross as she wanted to buy a home out of the country. I handle foreign sales for Wilda's company. Miss Karen Cross is my newest client. One with whom I felt a kind of special closeness with. Yes; I know I'm here this evening hoping to get my cock in my boss's pussy but the first time I saw Miss Cross we had an instant link. I had a lunch date with her early next week. "I wonder."

Wilda and I returned tot eh table before Sally and her dance partner.

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