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An angry man looks for peace and a new life after prison.

"You are going to make a copy of my cock?" Jussi asked stunned.

"Not just a copy, a chocolate copy, one that you can eat later." Ville smiled.

"What??? I ain't eating my own cock! Can't you make a copy of yours?"

"Now where would be the fun in that." Ville smiled with an evil glint in his eyes, he opened the package and started working.

Jussi tried to get away from Ville's hands, but a hard slap on his ass made him stay still.

"If you really didn't want this my little vampire, you wouldn't still be rock hard."

Jussi blushed, his boyfriend knew him too well at times, and this was one of them, he loved it when Ville got dominant on him, pushing his buttons, turning him on more than he ever thought possible.

"Now be sure to not cream this mold my vampire, it would ruin it all! And that would make me very very mad."

"Is that a promise or a treat?" Jussi smirked, his eyes twinkling with naughtiness.

"Watch that mouth of yours, before i gag you up."

Ville got the mold of Jussi and cleaned him up, it had to set for a bit so Ville was all free to have some fun with his little drummer.

"We have some time to kill now, the mold has to set first, before i can pour the chocolate in."

"mmmm and you didn't pick up anything else at Kari's?" Jussi asked with hope in his voice.

"Aww do you want to play a bit more?"

"Well we have been busy lately."

"True, with you touring and me writing, we didn't take a lot of time for eachother." Ville pondered.

"Ville please stop teasing." Jussi begged.

Ville smiled and started kissing his lover, first soft kisses on his lips, working his way down to his neck, to his chest, when he got to his lovers nipples he couldn't let the opportunity pass and teased them longer than he planned, making Jussi gasp for air.

"Untie me please?" Jussi begged.

"I'm quite liking you helpless and to my mercy."

"Let me make you feel as good as you are making me feel?"

"Sweet but no, this holiday is all about you my love." Ville smiled, love radiating of him.

Ville continued adoring Jussi's body, when he got to his weeping cock, he couldn't help himself but swallow it whole.

"Ville please..." Jussi kept begging.

But Ville didn't give in, instead he started humming around Jussi, and Jussi couldn't take it anymore, his senses were blown and soon he shot his load down Ville's throat, who swallowed it all down and cleaned his lover all up.

"Mmm this tastes so much better than chocolate." Ville smiled lazily.

"But i wanted to feel you inside me!" Jussi gasped, catching his breath after his orgasm.

"It really never is enough for you is it?" Ville pretended to be mad, turning his back to him.

"Babe I didn't mean it like that, I loved your blowjob, always do! It's just that you didn't get to cum."

"But I did enjoy making you cum, and I will enjoy fucking you now, when your senses are already over the edge."

"You are just evil!!"

"If I were evil, I wouldn't prep you first, I would just slam my hard cock into your tight ass, making you feel me for days on end." Ville smiled at the effect his words had on his lover.

"Mmm please do." Jussi was practically drooling.

"Babe you know I don't wanna hurt you for real." Ville said concerned but tempted.

"And you know if you use lube I can handle it." Jussi begged.

Ville tossed Jussi over with ease, running his hands over the tanned skin, towards the desired tight ass.

Ville couldn't just fuck his lover, knowing it would hurt like hell, so he let his tongue slip between his lovers ass cheeks, intruding his velvet heat with his wet tongue, giving his lover a quick preparation before lubing himself up.

"Fuck babe, you are so hot!" Jussi moaned as he felt what Ville was doing, and looking forward to feeling his lovers hard cock deep inside of him.

Jussi didn't get a warning, he yelped as Ville slid his lubed up cock into his velvet heat, not giving him any chance to adapt.

"Ow don't be a baby now, you wanted this.

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