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The Kingdom of God.

Her wet shirt clung to her breast and the nipples shown through. His cock hardened as she lifted the wet shirt and tried to ring some of the water out. He gently knocked on the window and she was startled but opened the door a bit. I couldn't get the car started he told her but I could help you get to the next place so someone could come back and get your car. Smiling she agreed and he went to her car ,grabbed the key and locked it.

He then returned to his SUV and got into the driver seat. He offered her some towels from the glove box and she took them gratefully. As she wiped down the rain off her breast and chest he tried not to watch. He quickly looked away when she caught him staring at her. It is quite wet out she told him I tried everything under the hood but my car just wouldn't start it's the craziest thing. I wouldn't worry about it he told her I'm sure the mechanic in the next town will be able to get you going on your way again. She smiled and looked out the window a bit as they drove. He kept sideways glancing at her as they drove and his cock so hard from seeing the shirt clung to her wet and soaking breasts. Would you like to stop and get something to eat and warm up he offered. I'm OK she said I wouldn't mind some warm and dry clothes but I had left home in such a hurry that I didn't grab anything extra. I could offer you my jacket it wouldn't be much but at least you would be dry. That's OK she said I'm just glad someone came along to give me a ride.

She smiled and looked out the window some more. He felt his pants tighten as she adjusted her wet shirt against her. She smiled when she caught him looking at her and reached out and touched his hand. I may have been stuck there for a really long time and glad you were in the right place at the right time. Oh it's nothing he said I'm glad I can help. Is it OK if I can get a little more comfortable the wet clothes are kind of rubbing my skin raw. He smiled and stumbled on his words of course you can. She unbuttoned her shirt and revealed her chest her wet bra was clung to her and nipples, he could see their outline. His cock hard and throbbing inside his pants as he tried not to look at her. She leaned back revealing more of her self to him her skirt wet clung to her legs and he could see the outline of her panties. I really wish I could get out of these wet things. I don't really have anything for you to get into told her that not to be weird or anything I don't mind you not wearing them. He shook his head mad at himself for saying it and she let out a little giggle. He glanced at her and started to tell her that not what he meant to say.

She cut him off and smiled touching his hand. She unbuttoned the rest of her shirt and slid it off her shoulders and then reach back and unclasped her bra and let it slide off of her. He thought about stopping but they kept driving as she wiggled out of her skirt revealing dark red panties that were red and clung to her. Her red stockings came up to her thighs held by clasps that kept them in place to her panties. Her breast still glistened a bit from the rain as the nipples hard from the cold. He glanced looks at her as she moved about her seat. She smiled when she caught him looking at her and she reached forward and brushed his chest with her hand. She followed down his stomach towards his crotch. His cock hard she reached down and pressed against his pants. She smiled and leaned forward and Undid his belt and then his button And he could hear the zipper as she pulled it down and reaching her fingers inside his pants she lifted his cock out. He felt her fingers caress and slide across his now hard member. You don't have to do that he moaned I don't want you to think...She cut him off with a finger to his mouth and then she kissed the tip of his glans with her lips.

She then licked and played with the tip with her tongue warm and wet.

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