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Son discovers mom is in porn.

I asked Sidney to make sure the boys stayed out of trouble and that I would be home in a few hours.

He drove us down to a local pub, and we sat at a table on the side of the place. I had a few more drinks than I should have, but I should still have known better. Jim asked me to dance, so we danced a little to the jukebox along with some other couples. During a slow song he moved in pretty close and wrapped his arms around my waist.

I should have stopped him, but it felt so good and warm. His contact was making me wet, and for some reason, I wanted him so badly. We finished the dance and went back to the table to get our things. I thought he was going to take me home, but he drove us out to an empty city park, and parked the car in a corner.

He turned to me and put one hand behind my head, running his fingers through my long hair. His other hand was rubbing my thigh and moved his face towards mine. My brain was screaming for me to stop this and open the door to run away, but I did nothing.

When his lips reached mine I closed my eyes and kissed him back. Between the buzz and the electricity of his lips, I was getting very hot. His hand moved up from my thigh to unbutton my jeans, and then onto his own to unsnap and unzip his pants. Before I knew what was going on, I had my jeans off, and was sitting in his lap with his cock buried in my pussy.

Matt was larger than his friend, but what Jim lacked in size he was trying to make up for with his tongue on my nipples. He had my shirt pulled up and his hands on my hips lifting me up and down on him. I would be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying it, but we were just fucking, not making love.

I bounced on him harder and harder until he grabbed my hips hard and slammed me down on his cock, spewing his cum deep into my pussy. I felt it all, and then he was panting while holding my hips. I still hadn't cum, and now he lifted me up and I slid over to the passenger seat.

Realization of what had happened set in, and I knew immediately that I had just made the worst mistake of my life. I got my clothes back to somewhat normal and meekly asked him to take me home. When he parked in front of my house, I asked him to not come back, ever. He looked hurt, but said he would try.

As I walked towards my front door, a sense of dread like no other filled my soul. How could I face my kids, let alone my husband when he woke up after what I had just done? I decided I was going to be the best mother I could, and just live with the shame of this night somehow. I would have to keep this horrible secret until my last breath.
I was tired. When I got inside the kids noticed it right away.

"You look tired mom, party a little too much?" asked my daughter.

"Yeah honey, I had a few too many drinks, but thankfully Jim was driving so I was safe. I think I am going to clean up and go to bed. Thanks for watching over your brothers," I told her. I felt like shit lying to her, but there was no way I could face the truth.

After showering, I went to bed and got up the next morning. I did my best to get through the day at work, and have dinner ready by the time the kids got home from practice or their friends' houses. We were eating dinner when the phone rang.

"Hello, this is Jennifer."

"Mrs. Jordan, this is Dr. Stephens, and your husband, is awake."

I dropped the phone and slid against the wall crying. The question is, were they tears of joy for his recovery, or fear and sadness about my horrible mistake?


Matt's side of things...

I was awake, but still very tired. The doctor said they had contacted my family, and they were on their way now. I still had no idea what happened to me, other than what I had been told, something about a car accident? I would have to ask Jennifer when she got here.

The door opened and my kids came running in, my wife right behind them. They all hugged me on the bed almost to the point I couldn't breathe.

"Easy guys, your dad is ok, but not if you keep hugging me li

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