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Village men play with a wet college girl in crowded bus.

I lick my way down to your neck, stopping here and there to give you little love bites.

My tongue moves across to your shoulder, and the tip slides down your collarbone to the top swell of your right breast. I feel your hands move into my hair, and looking up, see your eyes as you watch me. Your lips are parted, and your breathing is beginning to quicken. I trace my tongue down your breast, grazing the nipple as I go past. It travels all the way down to the underside before moving back up to take the nipple into my mouth. You gasp as you feel the heat of my mouth envelop you. I can feel the hardness of your nipple, how it bucks under my teeth and tongue. As I listen to your moans, I begin to grow. The blood rushes between my legs, causing me to stiffen and pulse with contained lust.

I groan, my cock swelling, feeling the heat, feeling the passion seize my body. My hands roam up and down your back, going from your shoulders to your ass. I bring them around to your front, letting them feel your breasts, letting my fingers play delicately with your sensitive nipples. I lick your left nipple and then blow across it. It stiffens even further, and causes you to cry out. Your hands grip my hair, and you begin to push me downward, where you really want my tongue to be. I let your hands guide me, and trace my tongue down across your belly, pausing to dip into your navel. Continuing down, the tip plays through your pubic hair, pressing here and there, never pausing too long.

I stop at this point, on my knees in front of you. I look up at you and see a gorgeous sight: the heat and moisture in the air has caused you to sweat, and the little rivulets chart their own courses across your skin. Your breasts shine in the candlelight, the nipples hard and tight. Your eyes gaze at me lustfully, letting me know without a word what you want. What you need. We share a knowing smile, and I begin again.

From my knees I guide you over to the sink, a place you can lean on without fear of falling. You comply, letting the cool surface of the counter touch your ass. I use my hands to spread your legs, opening you to me. My fingers trace up your legs from your ankles, over your knees, across your thighs, to your hips. They linger there on your lower belly, waiting. They slide down to your sex, touching and probing. You're hot and wet against my fingers. Your scent wafts up to my nose, adding to my excitement. I part your lips with my thumbs, exposing your clit to the air. I move my face between your legs and blow across you. You moan loudly as you feel my breath. My tongue tastes you then, and you cry out, your fingers locking in my hair. I play with you, taking first your clit and then your lips between mine, licking and probing everywhere. You feel my fingers playing with you, and then feel one enter you slowly. I pump it in and out as I lick you, and your hips begin to pump against my face. You scream that you're going to cum, and I increase my pace. My finger moves faster, and my lips trap your clit. You feel a vibration from my lips that sends you over the edge. Your legs lock as the orgasm washes over you. You push yourself against me, grinding into my face. You scream in pleasure as your hips buck. I continue to hold you in my mouth and hum quickly, alternating the vibrations you feel. Your knees buckle as the orgasm subsides, and I hold you once again.

"We're not done yet," I whisper to you.

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