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A strange present indeed.

From what I could tell I was back against the dining table, but facing it this time. I was pressed forward, arms stretched above my head. My assumptions correct again. The table it was, but the center leaf had been removed.

As I went forward, my tits fell into the recesses between the tabletop, left to just hang. However hanging free isn't what you wanted. You pushed the pieces of the table together trapping both tits between them. Since I still had the bell, I knew I could ring it if you had got too far out of control. When you had the table as tight as you wanted, you reached beneath to check how firm the tits were now. It was obvious you weren't satisfied as you pushed it a bit more together squeezing them more firmly and securely in place.

It was certain I'd be going nowhere soon, even if not tied down. You reached under the table again and pulled a nipple and rotated in your fingers; twisting it and pulling forth and I moaned a most painful groan to no avail. You seemed to milk the nipple in a tight rotating motion. This really hurt and I rang the bell.

"What's the matter, I thought you enjoyed nipple torture?" You tauntingly asked me.

Your footsteps whispered on the carpet as you walked to the other side of the table. You reached beneath it again and grasped nipple number two. Gently you tugged on it and lightly scratched the nipple tip with your calloused finger. Since I wasn't tied, only fastened between the table pieces I could freely wiggle my bottom to sensations that good caused a sweet stir. Softly you milked this nipple. Then you circled the areola with your fingers and again I squirmed in delight. You knew this was driving me into frenzy, quickly.

As I heard you walk away, I knew you were finally happy with the tit placement. First you secured my arms in place with the straps already in place from before. Then my backside was raised and I was forced to pull my knees up onto the table. What a sight this must have been. My tits were squashed and hanging securely below the table, and on my knees on top of it. I was definitely accessible once again.

You picked each knee up and placed each on a pillow giving me some relief. Then you fastened the spreader bar in place, having had to move the securing straps back to my ankles. The bar forced my legs apart further, but I was still wholly on the tabletop and pillows.

"Ah, my sweet, this looks incredibly inviting." Teasing me with your sexiest voice. I felt you pick up my head and face it in the other direction, placing the cum stained cheek to the tabletop.

"You know, you will never fully understand what it is you do to me." I heard you go on. "It's remarkable, I just can't give you enough pleasure and although I can get plenty of satisfaction, I still want more, even when the energy isn't there." You continued.

It hit me again, fresh hot jism right on my face and ear again... A chill ran across my back and I cringed at the feeling of yet another load landing where I wanted it least. Your groan was audible throughout the house.

I don't know how long you relaxed, leaving me strapped down. The position was definitely taxing on my knees. I moaned signaling you it was time for something to happen or let me up - not that I could do anything but moan.

At last I felt your presence at the end of the table. You were digging in something, a box, a container, something that I couldn't determine, but I was certain you were seeking a new "torture/pleasure" device.

It was easy to recognize the sharp needles of the "pinwheel" (wertenberg wheel), as they were moved up and down my backside and the inside of my thighs.

Inhaling sharply, I knew better than to wiggle around. As you worked closer and closer to my oozing pussy, I began to worry. Fortunately, the bell was still in my hand securely. As I felt it graze lightly over the first lip and then the second, I tensed and held my breath.

Your actions were deliberate and cautious as you increased the pressure.

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