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I have one of my dreams.


"He's never cheated on me." Genie defended herself weakly as Sophia's hands moved to Genies pants.

"No, but you like to watch him thinking about it. You like to tease his cock while he watches someone else." No one had ever guessed at it before and suddenly it seemed dirty to Genie. She just shook her head as she felt the button on her jeans come free.

"You like it, " Sophia continued as Genies pants pooled around her knees, "when he sticks his cock deep in your pussy and thinks about fucking someone else. Why?" Her finger slid under the thin waistband of Genies panties."

"It's like watching him fuck." Genie answered. "I want to just watch him fuck."

"Passive voyeurism." Sophia smirked. "He doesn't actually cheat, but you can distance yourself if he's thinking of someone else's pussy while he's shoving his thick, stiff prick in you." She was right. Genie had never really thought about it like that before. Sophia pulled Genies panties down and started to stroke her clit with one hand as she reached down into her patch and started to work her own.

"Pretty puss." She said as she pulled her finger out of her skirt and put it in Genies mouth. She'd never tasted another woman and the smell alone almost made her cum. Without thinking of the consequences she started to suck on her finger as if it was a cock in her mouth and waited for her to push the other one further into her pussy. Sophia laughed, "I'll give him a good show for you, baby." And started backing away.

"You're done?" Genie gasped. She wanted to beg her not to stop but didn't know what to say. She shouldn't have been doing this in the first place. Jim was no doubt wondering where she'd gone for so long. Or at the very least, wondering where Sophia had walked off to.

"Why so sad, sweetie?" Sophia asked her. "Did you want me to lick that hot little clit of yours?" Genie stood there, her pussy juices started to drip down her thighs. "If I'm going to be your man's whacking material for the night, shouldn't I get something too?"

"I guess so, I'm just confused. I never, "she didn't know hot to finish her thought.

"Never ate pussy." Sophia said knowingly and Genie nodded. "I'll show you how it's done, baby, and then we'll decide what to do. Genie watched her in the mirror across the bathroom as Sophia slowly went to her knees.

She let out a moan as the girl started to lick her clit. She practically tickled it with just tip of her tongue darting on and off the spot that made Genies knees want to buckle. Slowly her strokes got slower and longer as Genie spread her legs as far as she could while still confined in her jeans. Sophia was making a soft little purring sound as she lapped at Genies cunt like a kitten. Her tongue going lower and lower until she reached the source of all the wetness. "Oh baby," she said, "You're so wet. You poor little thing." She said as she pushed her tongue as far up Genies pussy as she could. Right before Genie reached her orgasm Sophia pulled her head back.

"Get on your knees." She told her as she pulled Genie's jeans down to her ankles.

"Right here?" Genie asked gasped. She was willing to do whatever she was told though, she was so close to cuming in this girls mouth.

"Right here. I need to get at the cunt with more than my tongue. You need cock bad."

"But," Genie started to argue.

"Just do it." Sophie told her, and she did.

She got on the cold tile with her round ass arched in the air, waiting for Sophia's tongue or finger. She needed to be filled. She need to get fucked and she knew it. How had this happened? She asked herself, to horny to care about the answer. When she heard the door unlock, she panicked.

"Don't move.

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