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Allison wet Asha's hair and worked some soap into the choppy stubble left by the scissors. She had never used a straight razor before, so she chose a simple bic to complete Asha's transformation. When at last the job was done, the bath looked a frightful mess, so Allison set about cleaning up the long strands of black hair that covered the floor. To her amazement, Asha bent to help her. "Mistress, you don't have..."

"Not Mistress, Allison. Sister." Allison nodded, understanding that the illusion must be complete. "Now, for the hardest part." Asha pulled on her hijab, releasing the ties and allowing the garment to fall to the floor. She wore nothing beneath. At the sight of Asha's body, Allison couldn't help but kneel before her and pull herself into Asha's perfectly shaved sex. "We should both be naked, I think."

Asha began to undress Allison, pulling away the livery that she had been wearing, until they both stood facing each other, hairless and naked.

"Oh, how charming." Of course, Marga chose that moment to enter once again. "You'll make for a very convincing slave, cousin." Marga kidded, running a hand over Asha's satin smooth scalp.

"Only in jest, Marga. For we both know that I am not a slave." Asha bit, causing Marga to step back.

"I think it best that you spend the night in Allison's room. If they do come looking for you, I have a plan that will secure the illusion." Marga disappeared, obviously disappointed that Asha had so definitively asserted her position.

"I'm sorry the room is so small, sister, but I am fortunate." Allison stroked Asha's breast with her fingers as they lay together on the small bed.

"It is a nice room, Edim... I mean Allison." Asha cupped Allison's hand beneath her breast, enjoying the caress. "I have missed you, terribly."

"And I you, Asha. I dreamt of you always." Allison dropped her head into Asha's shoulder. "But in my dreams, you were always my Mistress, never my equal."

"This will pass, my love, and you will find that we can move towards a new understanding between us. I say my love, because I have come to the realization that I do indeed love you, Allison." Asha lifted Allison's face to her own, and kissed her passionately, their tongues weaving around the others wetly. Allison couldn't help but allow her hands to wander over Asha's freshly shorn head, eliciting a moan from her. "As much as I miss my hair, this sensation is not unpleasant." Asha chuckled under her breath.

"It has been so long since I have known anything else, that I have perhaps forgotten how it feels when it is new." Allison admitted.

Asha ran her hand over Allison's scalp, noticing the redness. "Why are you so sore?"

"Marga has decided I should be permanently bald." Allison frowned.

"That was not a decision for her to make, but it does not displease me."

Allison slid down Asha's slender form until her mouth was poised above her center, the scent of her so vivid a reminder, that she felt herself grow wet with anticipation. Without permission, Allison allowed her tongue to slide over Asha's sensitive folds, ending at her clitoris, which was hard and nearly vibrating. As Allison continued her ministrations, Asha spoke through her arousal. "He would have taken this from me, my love." Allison didn't stop but instead intensified her attentions until Asha thrust her hips upwards in a long overdue orgasm. "I am so lucky to have you."

Then, much to Allison's surprise, Asha switched her position and began to pleasure Allison. This was something Asha had never done, but she did it so well that Allison wondered if there had ever been a time. "Asha, Oh, my love."

Suddenly, there was a swift rapping on the door.

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