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A young man masturbates and contemplates the summer ahead.

Everyone that knew them knew they were perfectly matched. They had similar tastes and temperaments; they even looked compatible. Marco was average height but muscular and well-toned, with a dark tan and black wavy hair that reached his ears, dark chocolate brown eyes stared out intensely like they could see into your soul and he made love like a majestic stallion. Tia, on the other hand was small in height but lusciously curvy, honey-coloured skin and chestnut curly hair, sparkling green eyes that shone with life and love and she was passionate and feisty. They were just perfect for each other.

Tia smiled down and the lightly snoring Marco, moved over to the bed and kissed him on the lips gently. His lips felt warm and soft to the touch and she savoured every last moment of the closeness before moving away. It was barely dawn and she was already dressed. It was time to go. She couldn't tell Marco where or even that she was going but she had to. He was better off not knowing. She walked into the living room and dug around the kitchen drawer to find the letter; the letter that called her to the Palace. Not that she was going to that either; she knew places where she could slip away unnoticed. She was going to run and keep running until everything was far behind her.

Tears slipped down her cheeks as she left the apartment and started to run. The realisation of leaving Marco forever had hit her when she shut the door, it broke her heart but she kept on running. She slid down alleys and side streets looking for opening and escapes. It had been done before; she knew it, if only she could find the place. Suddenly, she felt something move behind her, heard footsteps closing in on her. Tia panicked, she found the nearest staircase and dived into it, pressed herself against the shadowy wall and tried to silence her breathing.

"No point hiding here," came a woman's voice from the darkness, "follow me."

A face appeared before Tia out of the shadows, ghostly pale skin, flowing golden hair, full red lips and glittering purple eyes. Tia gasped as the woman's face got so close that she could feel her warm breath on her face; so close that the strangely purple eyes seemed to fill all her vision. The dazzled her completely as the woman took her hand and started leading her up the staircase without moving eye contact. Tia hardly noticed how many floors they had gone up, what door they went through or how long it took them; hardly noticed as she was led through any luxuriously decorated apartment and sat down on a small couch. The woman's gaze had never once left hers and her eyes just seemed to swirl before Tia.

"Good, now you just relax," Said the strange woman, stroking Tia's cheek lightly. Tia suddenly did feel relaxed as the woman's seductive voice bled through the fog her eyes created. It was like the eyes themselves has said it.

"Think of nothing but this moment, clear your mind and relax," the woman continued, playing with Tia's hair and tickling her ears and neck with her fingertips. Tia sighed as she felt all the tension just drift from her. A dreamy smile spread over her face and she stared in the eyes and listened to the voice.

"You feel so relaxed, so happy here with me," cooed the woman.

"So happy..." sighed Tia dreamily. She did feel happy, like she'd never been so happy before now. The stranger's fingers started to stray further down Tia's body, tickling the soft skin of her breasts as they moved aside her clothes.

"I'm making you feel aroused," the woman purred into Tia's ear, pressing her body against Tia's and nibbling on her earlobe.

"Yes..." Tia moaned as tingling pleasure trickled through her. The fingers that played and teased her body were now rubbing her exposed nipples, making Tia shudder.

"You desire me."

"Yes!" groaned Tia as one hand strayed further down her body, tugging teasingly on the short pubic hairs there.

"You want to submit to my will," she purred alluringly to Tia, slowly rubbing Tia's moistening lips.


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