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Jimmy gets a surprise visit from his mother and half sister.

The next time I awoke the situation was different. My friends, who appeared to have passed out, were naked, and tied over a large log. Randy and Paul were face down with their butts upward, while Janice was bent backward with her legs spread very wide. If that wasn't strange enough, Bushman and the old guys were also naked with yellow and red stripes painted down their arms and legs, and they all had hard-ons. It was like a strange Viagra rite as they danced around the fire waving their erect dicks in the air.

The two big guys, also naked, walked into my field of vision carrying buckets full of water they splashed on my friends returning them to consciousness. The spewed and sputtered, and when Janice realized her position it became very loud with her screams. Randy and Paul joined her until none of them could scream anymore. It was only then that Bushman approached; "The three of you are very fortunate. We have chosen you as the vehicles we will use to praise God. You will look back on this day with fond and pleasurable memories. As you can see there is nothing within in your power to change your fate. Relax; absorb the essences of our religious beings."

One by one my friends were raped again, and again, and then again. The only lubrication any of them had on their holes was blood that flowed from their first fuck. The very proper religious freaks plugged their chemically erected members into one hole then another. Janice had it the worse, because of the way she was tied the men had access to either of her holes, and they filled both of them repeatedly. Not only were the older guys involved, but the two big studs also participated. When I say big studs I am referring to their cocks. They each had to be at least a foot long, and as big around as my wrist. Each time one of them entered my friends there was renewed attempts at screaming, but all that emerged was a dull, raspy, croak.

How long this took I don't know. It seemed like hours, but it might have been only minutes. Janice, Paul, and Randy were fucked until they were limp rags, and I don't think any of them ever had one bit of pleasure from it. That's a shame; because of all the people I know at college they were the most likely to have willingly fucked with those men through the night. What makes it worse is I did experience pleasure. I couldn't help it. All the fucking made me hard and I beat off a few times. It's not like I was big enough or had enough courage to make them stop, or to even run away. Had they known I was there they would have stretched me across a log.

After several rounds of fucks, everyone was exhausted; everyone except Randy, Paul, and Janice. They were beyond exhaustion; they were dead. I guess they died from drugs or something. Let's face it, fucking, even as emotionally and physically traumatic as they experienced would not have kill them almost simultaneously.

"Are they done?" One of the old guys asked. Just to be sure he tested the pulse of each, and to make doubly sure he stuck a very large needle into each body several times. It seemed he received as much pleasure via the needle as he did from his puny prick; now that his erection had subsided he was the owner of a puny prick. "No pulse and no reaction to pain. They're dead."

The two big men untied the bodies, and did the most horrible thing I have ever seen. They used very sharp knives to dismember my friends, put the parts in large garbage bags, and then after thoroughly cleaning the area everyone departed.

I didn't know what to do.

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