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A short story.

Over the next few weeks Adam and I continued our routine of running into each other at the mailbox or over our backyard fence, casually chatting. I discovered that he was recently separated from his wife and had no kids. I couldn't imagine why any woman would want to leave a man like Adam, but I didn't ask for details. I just reveled in the brief moments we spent talking and learning about each other. I also found myself doing everything in my backyard, from painting my nails to doing my homework, I spent every minute I could lounging on the yard chairs out back, wondering (and hoping) that Adam might be watching from his window.

About two months later, I found myself home alone one late afternoon just as the sun was beginning to set. I was in my usual spot out back, flipping through one of Jamie's sports car magazines absent mindedly when I heard Adam's back door open and close. I immediately leapt up and skipped over to the fence that separated us, standing on the tips of my toes as I rested my elbows on the top of the fence.

"Hey Adam," I said cheerfully as he walked over to the fence smiling.

"Hello Katie, what are you up to tonight?"

"Not a lot...my mom and brother are out so I'm just hanging out here by myself..," I trailed off, feeling the heat beginning to rise in my body. I hadn't meant for it to sound like an invite, but my attraction to him was completely evident, and subconsciously I knew I had said it in a suggestive way.

Adam looked at me for a minute, his eyes scanning mine before he spoke again, "Well I was just about to fix myself some dinner...and you're welcome to join me if you haven't eaten yet..,"

Something in his voice made me shiver with delight. I nodded, "Okay..," I murmured.

He slowly grinned, "Met you at my front door then?"

I smiled back and headed for his house before either of us could say anything else.

Adam heated up a frozen pizza that we ate while sitting on his couch, talking casually as I glanced around his living room and kitchen, making note of the staircase that lead to the room where I knew his bedroom must be...the same room that had the window with red curtains. After we had finished, I noticed Adam chuckling a little and I blinked in confusion.

"What? What's so funny?" I asked, puzzled.

"You just have some pizza sauce right there..," He grinned, mirroring me by brushing his finger over his own lip.

I could feel myself blushing again as I always did with him, and raised my hand to wipe away the sauce. "Here..?" I asked touching my mouth.

Suddenly, Adam leaned forward, literally inches away from my face and brushed his thumb slowly over my cheek and bottom lip. The light touch of his semi-rough finger against my mouth turned me on more than anything else I could have imagined. I could hear my own heart beating in my ears as I surprised myself by suddenly lunging forward and filling the space between us, pressing my mouth to his.

He pulled back instantly and the dream-like quality of the moment faded fast. He starred at me, looking stunned as I retreated back to my side of the couch, letting out a soft gasp and covering my face with my hands. I didn't even know what had come over me; I had never been so forward with anyone before.

"Katie..I," He began but stopped to let out a long sigh. I shook my head and dropped my gaze to my knees.

"I-I don't know what I was doing, I'm sorry," I stammered, trying to apologize but the words came out sounding all wrong.

"No...I'm just..surprised..," He said softly, "But I liked it."

I looked up confused, "Wha-," I began to ask but was stopped by contact of Adam's mouth with my own. I gasped, surprised. Adam was kissing me!

I let my eyes flutter close and my mouth part as his lips molded to mine and his tongue entered, pressing against my own. As fast as it began, it ended as he pulled away slightly. I opened my eyes again, scanning his as he starred at me hard.

"Katie you're so young.

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