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Sherri admires her sleeping friend.

"And it is slow and steady now, the peaks and valleys smoothing out into gentle, sinuous curves as you watch and relax further. The stylus is moving regularly now as your thoughts settle into a pattern, a pattern of watching and relaxing and focusing your attention on keeping the line even and steady. My words don't even make a bump in the ebb and flow of your thoughts anymore; your mind easily and effortlessly enfolds my voice into your mind and incorporates everything I say without thinking. It's so peaceful just to watch and let go.

"And as those curves become regular and even, tracing just like a sine wave as the stylus moves in time with each slow, steady breath, you find your own thoughts moving in that same even, relaxed rhythm. Your mind's eye follows the stylus, watching it trace a calm, soothing line that keeps flowing smoothly along the paper that rolls around and around and around. Those curves are nothing more than your awareness of the stylus itself now. You're watching the stylus, and the stylus shows you that you're watching the stylus. You're listening to my words, and the line shows you how easy it is to accept my words. You're relaxing, and the peaceful and steady scritch of pen on paper tells you exactly how to relax deeper.

"And the more you relax, the more those curves flatten out. The more you relax, the less you think. It's easier and easier as you think less and watch more, to watch more and think less. The line of ink on paper becomes more and more effortless to watch without being aware of watching, to watch without being aware of anything. My words and the slow, easy march of the pen on the paper has turned your thoughts from a chaotic quake to a gentle quiver, and you can feel how wonderfully relaxing that is. Just nod for me now, and feel how good it feels to act at my direction without stirring that line even a little bit.

"There you go. When you listen to my words and act at my direction, it feels so good. It doesn't mean you have to think at all. Your mind's eye can continue watching that smooth, steady, unbroken line, barely even the tiniest curve now as your thoughts flatten out into perfect and unbroken trance, and let me direct you and it's so nice. It's so wonderful. It's so perfect. You love to be blank and smooth just like the line, just like the expanse of paper rolling past and curling up into itself.

"And there's no need for anything to disturb that peace and relaxation, not really. You might feel warm and relaxed and happy, but those feelings aren't thoughts. They don't disturb the perfect mindlessness you feel as you stare at the unbroken, steady line tracing through the white blankness of your brain. You can feel very good, very relaxed, very happy to be very deeply controlled, and not think about it at all. You can just nod in agreement at my direction now. Nod for me. That's it. Good.

"And if all this begins to feel very sexual to you, if your body begins to feel the first stirrings of arousal, that's okay too. That doesn't disturb the blankness of trance at all. You can be so deep, so perfectly blank and mindless, and let your body feel what it wants to feel. You can let yourself enjoy that delicious, erotic sensation and stay perfectly blank for me, thinking less and feeling more, as I guide you deeper into the pleasure and tell you just how to take care of that growing heat between your legs.

"And it's so easy to do.

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