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The Richardson Twins' adjust to their parents' return.

When it finally opened, my senses were assaulted with the typical smells of a college age male who lived alone, the scent of a locker room with the careful undertone of dried cum. Not a bad smell really. I flung myself into the chair as he disappeared into his room. Flipping though the TV channels, I tried to work through what was happening, then he reappeared in nothing but a pair of athletic shorts. His bare chest was still gleaming with sweat.

He grabbed a 12 pack of beer from the fridge and tossed me one. Dropping into one of the other chairs, he propped his feet up. Looking at me, he smiled and said, "I hate those fuckin pants, they cut my nuts in half."

He laughed to himself as he reached between his legs to readjust himself. I chuckled as I turned back to the television. Watching the TV, I nursed the beer and slowly finished it. Setting it down I looked at Shane and realized that he has finished off half of the beers, and looked much more relaxed. I popped open my second beer and glanced over, only to have Shane meet my gaze and smile,

"So do you really want to fuck my ass?"

I choked and barely kept from spewing beer everywhere. "What? What'd you say?"

"You heard me. You wanna fuck my ass?" he slurred with a leer on his face.

Briefly I thought I shouldn't, he's my student, I'm 10 years older, then my cock started thinking for me and said 'Fuck him!'

"You want to get fucked Shane? You want a thick, hard cock up that tight college ass of yours?"

In answer, he moved to his knees with that round, nylon-covered ass stuck in the air. Laying his face against the padding on the back, he looked at me and smiled, wiggling his butt.

I thought, ok fucker but we're doing this my way since I'm sure this is a one time thing. I stood up and moved behind, grabbed his butt in both hands and squeezed hard.

"Ok Shane, but we're going to have some fun first."

"Whatever fucker, but I'm not doing any of that fag stuff," he said with a sneer.

I briefly wondered what he thought getting a cock up your ass was, but quickly refocused on the muscled butt being presented to me. Reaching up, I peeled down his shorts and as his ivory white ass came into view, I realized he had taken off his underwear too. As I pulled the shorts down as far as I could, I opened the globes of his ass and was inundated by the aroma of pure, hot man.

His pink, wrinkled eye flexed and puckered as I softly blew across it. This elicited a low moan from Shane as he opened his legs wider. I stared at the beautiful sight in front of me. The nicely haired crack of his ass, lightly forested with dark blond hair. Blowing across his pink pucker, I slip a finger in my mouth, coating it with my spit. Using the wet finger, I started slicking down the hair around his gateway. Rubbing and exploring each crevasse with my slick finger, I look to see what effect I'm having on my tight assed military boy. Then I leaned in, pushing his melon halves apart even further, and ran my tongue over his convulsing hole.

"Fuck, Oh holy fuck! What the hell are you doing"

I sat back on my heels and continued to rub my finger over his now twitching hole.

"You want me to stop?"

"Goddamn no, it's just. Oh fuck . . ."

As I resumed my work on his tight college boy hole, he degenerated to a series of moans and soft profanity. As his hole loosened, I slipped the end of my finger to the first knuckle, then bury it deep in his boy tunnel and started finger fucking him slowly.

"How about now Shane, was that what you wanted?" His head tossing and groans was all the response I got. Smiling, I dove back between his flexing cheeks and buried my face in his ass crack, licking, biting and tongue fucking his tight hole like a man starving for fresh college hole.

"holyfuckingmotherofgod?! Motherfucker! Goddamn!!"

His head went down, as more and loader moans rolled from his mouth.

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