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Should the firm take on a new client with 'family' issues?

"Might be," Kierra had shot back. She rolled her eyes. "But I'm the cutest one they've got."

Lance nodded in agreement with Kierra's statement. He smiled coyly, as he took in Kierra's body.

Kierra had selected the red devil costume, because she thought that she looked sexy in it. Not to mention she wanted to get Lance's attention. The costume accentuated the healthy curves that Kierra possessed. The costume consisted of a tight, red dress, that bared her thighs and exposed nearly all of her breasts. A small, red, pleather "tail" extended from the rear of dress, barely touched the ground. A pair of plastic horns adorned Kierra's head. To complete the outfit, Kierra also wore a pair of red pumps and garters. She had received many compliments from her co-workers.

Lance was noticeably absent. Kierra hadn't seen him since she came on shift. Kierra knew he was supposed to working tonight, because she had checked the schedule herself. She was disappointed.

As Kierra made her way through the house, a fleeting shadow appeared in the corner of her eye. She turned toward the movement, but saw nothing. Kierra dismissed it as the lights in the building playing tricks on her eyes.

Kierra finally made her way to the first floor panel box. Standing on her tip-toes, she popped open the box, and peered inside. To her dismay, the control for the mummy was not in this box. Kierra silently cursed to herself. She knew she would have to head upstairs to the other box.

Another movement caused Kierra to spin around. She scanned the room. Kierra knew she wasn't crazy, something definitely moved in the room.

"Ya'll need to stop playing," Kierra said aloud nervously. She figured one of the others was playing games- trying to scare her. Kierra stood still for a moment listening for any extra sound, outside of the music and the fleeting voices of visitors in other parts of the haunted house. Her coworkers had scared her twice before. Kierra didn't find it funny then and she sure as hell was finding it funny now.

While Kierra wasn't ordinarily scared of the haunted house, somehow being out here in it, alone was unnerving. I feel like one of those dumb, white bitches from the Friday the 13th movies, Kierra thought to herself. Again she looked around.

"Waiting for Jason to get me with his machete," Kierra joked to herself. "I just won't fall when I run."

The music that resonated throughout the house, just added the overall spookiness of the house. Every sound and movement seemed to be amplified. Shadows seemed to loom larger. The slightest movement of any of the animated monsters caused Kierra to jump.

She quickly climbed the stairwell, trying to avoid the trip beams that would trigger the various monsters that would pop out of the wall along, the stairwell. Kierra didn't want any of the monsters to be active.

Kierra picked up her pace, she wanted to be out of the house and quickly. Finally she reached the control room. Looking around, Kierra spotted the control panel for the "outside monsters." Kierra flicked on one set of lights in the room, hoping to drive away many of the shadows. She looked for something to stand on in order to operate it better.

Suddenly the lights in the small room went off, plunging the room into darkness. Kierra screamed.

"Fuck you guys," Kierra shouted. She spun around in the darkness. "Cut the lights on!"

An arm slithered around her waist and another across her breasts.

"Sshhh," came a voice in her ear. Her earlobe was drawn into a warm, wet mouth.

Kierra squealed and shifted. She pushed herself and her attacker back into the wall. They both hit the wall hard, but the arms held firm.

"Let me go!"

"Nope," came the smooth voice. "I've waited a long time to get you all alone, by myself."

There was something about her attacker's voice, that was familiar.

Kierra's attacker drew her earlobe into his mouth again, caressing it with his tongue. Then his lips gently kissed their way down her neck. His hand slipped inside her costume and began massaging her breasts.

Whoever he was Kierra thought he know

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