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A man makes his wife his slave.

She carefully stayed bent all the way over as she stepped her sandals out of the suit as well. As she lifted out first one leg and then the other, we were all treated to the vision of her sweet little pussy.

When I saw all of my buddies staring at her super fine bubble butt and her little pussy poking out of her fine bare butt cheeks, I was the proudest man in the world.

THEN ...... she turned around and we all saw her totally nude facing us. In the high heeled sandals her legs looked so long and flexed up too.

She had her feet just far enough apart to create that little 'space' at the top of her thighs, perfectly showing off her beautiful shaved vulva to us all. And she even turned her toes in like I like. It looks sexy, but she thinks it's the 'dumb blonde ditzy look' as she calls it.

She stood looking up at the sun with her big sunglasses on and giving us a lot of time to see her naked.She even slowly turned all the way around letting each of us see all of her fine body.

We were all mesmerized by her beauty. There is nothing as beautiful in all the world as a naked woman. And even though I have seen her ten thousand times, I still get a thrill every time I see her like that. I was just as excited as my buddies who were seeing her for the first time.

Catherine says, "O.K. guys, I think the hardest part is going to be talking to people who are sitting on towels on the actual sand beach and not in the chairs. Do you mind sitting on the deck to pretend you're on the actual sand so I can practice on you?"

I knew what she was doing. She always says that all men will do anything a beautiful naked woman tells them to do. She was showing off to me that she could get these four grown men, all Marines no less, to leave their comfortable lawn chairs and sit on a hot deck just for her.

And .... Surprise!!!!! All of them were sitting on that hot deck within 10 seconds. I laughed.

Catherine announced, "I need to prove I can do this and walk right by men or even talk to them."

She began to walk right between all the guys. She'd stop and pretend to chit chat about the ocean or the sand or the sun. Her pussy was just about face height to these guys sitting on teh deck.

And for the lucky guys on the other side of her, her luscious round, firm, curvy bare bottom was right in their faces as they waited their turn to meet her fine pussy 'face-to-face'.

My good buddies were each getting a nice close up view of my wife's fine body and her sweet little pussy in particular. They could see every detail and was she ever teasing them too!

I have no doubt they could catch her lovely scent which is completely intoxicating, believe me! And oh did they love that!!! Then when she turned and talked to another guy, they'd get to see her bare bottom again.

She proceeded to walk all around the deck for about ten minutes. She punctuated her walk with occasionally bending over telling us she was pretending to be picking up sea shells.

Now ladies, in case there are any of you who don't already know this, seeing a woman walk naked amps up the turn on factor about 100 times from just seeing her stand naked.

You see, female bodies move in so many ways all at the same time. Boobs each move separately and in dififerent directions, their firm buns move all over, legs, arms tummy, you get the picture, and every movement is fascinating to true males.

All the men were quite obviously suffering from massive hard ons, as was I. Each guy had to make soom pretty obvious 'adjustments'. Catherine noticed that too and I could tell it flattered her.

Just when I thought she was done she said, "Will one of you nice boys get my chaise ready for me?" They nearly knocked each other over setting up a nice lounger for Catherine.

As she stood there waiting her slaves to bring her chair she absent-mindedly patted her butt cheeks and sent a ripple through the firm flesh. When see saw how that mexmerized them she laughed.

She inquired, "Boys is it really that exciting to just see me touch myself a little bit?"

"Oh yes maam!" was their reply

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