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The fun and games continue back at the hotel.

I heard his shout: "Suck it you horny bitch!" Abby shook her head again and was rewarded with another head- thump on the floor. After her third refusal Chris slapped her face hard, "You'll suck it you dirty cunt or I'll smack you around all day!"

Realising that she was in a losing situation, Abby opened her mouth and allowed Chris to shove his prick in. The excitement of knocking his sister around had made the boy massively hard and he rammed his full length down her throat and fucked her mercilessly. Fortunately for her, he didn't last much longer than he had the first time. With a howl that was more anger than pleasure, Chris pulled his cock from his sister's tortured throat and jerked himself off as his cum spurted from him, spraying his sticky jism all over face and into her hair. Sitting on her chest, he milked every last drop out of his balls, making sure that her face got the lot. Then he got to his feet and walked out of the room without looking back, leaving her lying there.

Abby didn't move for more than five minutes. She just lay there with her eyes closed, ignoring the slimy goo on her face. Then, to my surprise, I saw her slide her hands across her breasts and down over her belly to the top of her shorts. She undid the buttons and slid them down her thighs, then kicked them off. Her pale blue panties were tiny, only just covering her pubic triangle. And the narrow strip of material covering her pussy lips was dark with juices from her previous masturbating and Chris's finger fucking her. With both hands she stroked her belly and the insides of her thighs and rubbed her pussy mound. Then, with one swift movement, Abby stripped her panties off and threw them into a far corner of the room.

Abby continued to stroke her belly and thighs, trailing her fingertips over them sensuously, as if she was pretending a lover was touching her. I found that I was stroking my still rampant cock in much the same way as I lay on my roof, wishing that they were my fingers caressing her soft, young-girl's flesh. And when she spread her legs wide to dip her fingers into her juicy slit, I shot my wad in explosive streams across the tiles. It was the same colour and almost the same consistency as the silicone gel I had been using.

I continued to watch Abby fuck herself with her fingers while I enjoyed the warm aftermath of my ejaculation. She slowly built herself up to a peak. Then, spreading the dark red, blood suffused outer lips of her pussy with the fingers of one hand, she found her clit with the sex-juice slimy fingers of the other and started to rub it at a phenomenal speed. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I never would have believed that a hand and an abdomen could move that quickly! Then Abby lifted her pelvis right off the floor until only her shoulders and feet were supporting her. Rubbing her clit all the while she held that position for about thirty seconds, then snapped into a violently writhing orgasm that lasted for a good three minutes.

Abby rested for a while then, still naked from the waist down, gathered up her discarded clothing and left the room to clean herself up before her mother got home with the shopping. I was so hyped up that I couldn't continue searching for cracked tiles. So I got down from the roof and went to my bedroom, where I jerked myself off to a second massive cum, mentally revisiting all I had just seen and fantasising about sticking my hot cock deep into Abby's tight juicy snatch.

The next day I just had to get back up on the roof to finish the repairing the tiles. I saw Chris go off on his mountain bike. Shortly afterwards Arlene went out in the car. There was no sign of Abby. Good, she must have gone out before I got up here, I thought. At least I'll have no distractions today.

An hour and a half later I was at the far end of the roof with the job almost finished when a flash of movement next door attracted my attention.

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