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Sasha's world is about to be turned upside down.

Slowly she would pull her mouth back until his cock jumped out of her mouth, only to repeat the process again. She did it expertly. This made his pleasure increase until he was trembling, but it was not enough to make him cum. This method of oral pleasure was designed to let his load build. She did it perfectly as she had been trained.

Finally, he could stand no more and he moaned, "Now pet, make it CUM now!"

She pulled her mouth off and grabbed it with her hand and stroked the length of it up and down. His cock was so wet from her mouth that it glistened. She stroked him up and down, just tight enough and at just the right tempo. His hips started to buck and they both knew he was only seconds away.

"Please Master, CUM! I want to see you shoot it right in my face. Please master shoot it for me. I want it. I want to see it. PLEASE master; shoot your cum on my face. Please, please master shoot it!

Her words were all it took. He shot his cum right on her cheek like a firehose. It ran down her face on to her tits. Then he shot again. Then another: Spurt, spurt, and spurt his cock went. She was smiling as she took his load on her cheek and it ran down to her breasts. It was so hot! She squeezed that last of it out, with one long hard stoke from the base to the tip. One more drop came out and she looked up at the master, with his cum on her face, and licked it off. Then she took his whole length back into her mouth and gently sucked on it, until his erection was gone. Then she wiped her face with her hand and rubbed his cum into her nipples. She lifted her nipples to her mouth and licked the master's cum off. "Oh my God, master I love to watch you cum. I am so grateful for having you master. Thank you master."

"I love you pet," he said and then he fell down on the bed. He reached up and grabbed his pet and gently kissed her forehead. "Rest now pet." Then he laid back and held her to his chest. They fell asleep, intertwined in bliss. The Punishment Chapter 2 The forgiveness

As Vicki lay on the bed, on her belly, the master lay on his side next to her. He ran his fingers gently down her back. Down to the small of her back they traveled. When he got to her lovely butt, he gently rubbed each burning cheek with the palm of his hand. Bending over he gently kissed each cheek, while pushing the vibrator in another quarter inch. The pet's ass was so hot on his lips. Both cheeks were still very red and it was obvious by her trembling that it was very painful. With his lips still giving gentle kisses, he slid his hand off and put it on the bed, palm down between her legs. Without any ceremony he slowly, but decidedly pushed his thumb as far into her pussy as it would go and whispered, "Cum, pet."

She came, as soon as his thumb went in. Not an earth shaking one, but just a tremor. He was astonished to find her so wet and swollen. He felt her cum in the gentle contractions of her pussy muscles. "Oh god, thank you master," she moaned.

"You are very welcome, pet. What a little slut you are. Now relax, love, I'm going to take this vibe out of your ass," he said.

With his other hand, he grabbed the knob on the vibrator and slowly, but in one motion, pulled it out. "Now I will reward you for taking your punishment so well."

"Oh thank you master... I love you."

Master Scott began to move his thumb in and out of her pussy slowly. As he did this, he took his other hand and gently massaged her ass cheeks. Her ass was so hot and her pussy was so wet and she was cooing so softly, that the master's cock was throbbing and starting to leak pre-cum. But, he wanted to reward his loving pet before his need was taken care of.

In and out he worked his thumb into her from behind. She was moaning and he knew, soon she would cum again. Faster he worked his thumb. As he did, he licked and kissed her red flaming, aching ass. Then he simply said, "Cum."

Her pussy muscles began to contract again as she went into another orgasm.

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