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Phenomenon or phantasm?

I sat at my desk and put my headphones on. I sipped my bottle of soda and laid my head down into my crossed arms for a few minutes. Then I suddenly got that feeling like I wasn't alone.
I sat up and turned around to see my sister-in-law in her normal attire; a tank top and short shorts. She looked different somehow though. The contours of her breasts could easily tell me that she didn't have a bra on. Her long legs were unbelievable. They were bronze pieces of art. She playfully put her hands over her ears and with a goofy face, signaled me to take my headphones off. When I did she started to walk closer to me, smiling.

"Steven, I realize now that the teasing that I have been giving you might have taken a little more of a toll than I thought. I really am sorry for all of that torture. I can imagine you are pretty frustrated from time to time when I do these things to you."

She inched closer.

"No shit!" I sarcastically replied.

"Hehe, well bro, I want to do something to make you feel better," she said walking closer to me, now about 6 inches away from me.

She looked down and smiled at me as she cupped my face with her warm open palm. Her eyes were very sincere. She just looked down at me for the longest time. I finally broke the silence.

"What is it Holly?" I said in a quiet and smooth tone.

No sooner than I said that, she let go of my face and turned around. She put both of her hands on my knees and bent over giving me the most provocative view of her ass ever. My cock instantly stood straight up in my shorts.

She said, "I know you like my ass bro. You stare at it all the time." I was frozen in my seat and my jaw almost dropped at the sight.

"What? You don't think I can notice?" she continued.

My heart was in my throat. I was on the verge of going insane. It toke everything in me to not grab her ass and just fondle and play with it. I somehow controlled myself.

In a hoarse voice, I replied, "I'm so sorry sis. I didn't think that you knew."

"That's what I thought perv-boy," she replied. She turned back around and gave me a sexy smile. "Now it's time for you punishment." She gave me a view of her top teeth as she grinded them against her lower lip.

"Please Holly, I'm begging you, not again!" I said.

"Not that kind of punishment silly, a different type."

Then she pulled something out of the side of her waistband. It was a long red piece of silk.

"Now put your hands behind your back," she instructed.

I paused for a moment. I looked up at her to see if she was serious. She ran the material through her fingers, like she was waiting forever for me. Against my better judgment, I complied.

She tied my hands behind my back tightly. Her massive breasts brushed my chest as she snuggly tied me up. I could smell her intoxicating aroma.

"Now sit there and don't move, like a good boy," she said as she patted me on the head like a dog and turned back around.

"You are so naughty for looking at my ass Steven. Is there any reason you like staring at it?"

She bent back down and cupped her ass checks with her hands and moved even closer to my face. I couldn't be more than two inches from her sexy butt. My cock was rock hard at this point.

"Look at you bro, your cock is so stiff from just looking at me. I bet you want to stick your cock in my ass, huh? You want to have anal sex with your own STEP-SISTER?! You dirty bastard!"

She bent her head down and smiled at me between her legs and wiggled her ass back and forth. I could smell her sex as she waved her ass back and forth, teasing me without reserve. Her filthy and sexy talk just fed my ears like candy. If my dick was any harder, it would break through my clothes and try to drill into my teasing sibling at any cost.

"Well mom and dad won't be home for hours. Just what am I gonna do with you until then?" she asked.

I thought of all the times where I just wanted to grab her sweet ass and fuck her like a sex-crazed Neanderthal.

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