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Unconditional love changes to unconditional sex.

I'm not a stalker or a weirdo, folks. All I did was tell this sister that she was pretty. What was my crime? I don't know. I finished my meal and left the mall before this crazy Black witch could get me in trouble. I'm in Canada to make some money and get my degree. I don't need to have my life and my future jeopardized by some crazy Black witch. Life is too short for that.

So for a while, I decided to fish in different waters. This nerdy-looking Asian chick named Andrea Lee approached me while I was visiting a buddy of mine at Algonquin College. I thought she was okay. Standing five-foot-six, lean, with short black hair, light bronze skin and dark brown eyes. Andrea Lee was visiting Ottawa from the City of Vancouver. And she seemed fascinated by me. After my experience with the psycho Black chick inside the mall, I wasn't eager to chase Black women. Not if they were ready to tear me apart for saying hello. I decided to give this Asian chick a try. And you know what? I didn't regret it. Andrea was good company, smart and good in bed. We had some passionate weekends together until she went back to Vancouver. No regrets on either side. We were just a pair of University students having fun.

After Andrea Lee's departure, I continued to chase the ladies. I hooked up with this White chick named Sinead. She was Irish, I think. Tall and red-haired, with green eyes and a curvy figure. A big round butt too. White chicks in Canada actually have nice asses. Who knew? I had some fun with Sinead. She hailed from the City of Galway, somewhere in Ireland. She was studying at the University of Ottawa for a year before returning to the emerald isle, as she calls her homeland. Like so many White women from deep inside Europe, she couldn't wait to hop into bed with a Black man. We did our thing and had our fun. Then she went back to dating White guys and I went back to my Black women. It was simple sexual experimentation, that's all. Sinead wanted to know if Black men were all that. And I guess I was looking for some pussy and since Black women weren't willing to help a brother out, I hooked up with this White broad. We both moved on with our lives.

Now, I'm not foolish enough to think that women of other races come to Black men for anything other than the thrill of novelty or raw sexuality. I know they hold this basically fetishist view of us Black men. I'm looking for a Black woman who actually wants to be with a brother. Shortly after Sinead and I had a parting of ways, I actually met a worthwhile Black woman. The lovely Mona, from the African nation of Djibouti. How about that? This thirty-something sexy Black lady caught my eye while I was walking around Saint Laurent Mall near downtown Ottawa. Five-foot-eleven, with medium brown skin, long Black hair and almond-shaped light brown eyes. The face of Alicia Keys. The body of Ashanti. And the booty of Serena Williams. Now that's how I spell Black woman. Mona absolutely thrilled me, folks. This lovely sister had a Master's degree in business from the University of Montreal in the Province of Quebec. She was actually the Branch Manager of one of the local Royal Banks of Canada.

Mona was fun, and she was interesting. I learned a lot from that lady. Mona is a well-traveled and well-read sister. She has been to Jamaica, South Africa, Britain, Ghana, Brazil, Ireland, Colombia, Cuba, Australia, the United States of America, the People's Republic of China, and also my native Republic of Haiti. She's published a non-fiction memoir about her travels and it's a national best-seller in Canada. I was amazed by this sister. Mona told me that she dated men of all races but her preference was for Black men. Well, I could sort of relate to that. I've dated women of all races but my preference is for Black women. Lord knows I longed and prayed for a Black woman who actually wants to be with a decent Black man.

Mona was simply amazing, folks.

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