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A brief love.

"Wow!" she said, looking me up and down. "You look seriously hot."

I watched as Olive gleefully dressed herself in the matching outfit. I wondered how, at every step, she seemed so sure and easy while I, beside her, was stiff with insecurity and fear. She saw me looking in her direction in the mirror and glanced down at the shorts she'd just put on.

"What, do I have something on me? Is there a tag sticking out or something?"

"No no, you look great. I was just..."

Olive looked at me, waiting for me to finish my thought.

"You make it look so easy," I fumbled, blushing under the soft mirror lights. "I guess I-I feel like I'm jumping off a cliff every moment I've been here and you-you don't seem phased by any of this. I envy you."

Olive set down the lipstick she'd been applying and rubbed her lips together thoughtfully. She turned to regard me.

"Do you want to be here, Perdita?"

"Yes. I really do. I just-"

"Then get over it. Right? Stop focusing on being afraid and just fucking enjoy."

I laughed nervously, and Olive pulled me in for a hug. "Hey, c'mere. I'm your friend here, ok? If you want to talk-about anything-I'll listen. We're in this together."

I was grateful for the gesture of friendship, and as we finished getting ready I reflected on the jealousy I'd felt the night before, and resolved to see Olive as a friend from now on rather than a rival.

The breakfast room was bright with morning sunlight and the clatter of the cutlery and dishes being stacked by a large buffet table at one end of the room. The crowd of diners was small and for the most part well-dressed, and even the servers were more conservatively attired than I'd seen elsewhere in Eros House. I felt naked in my scant attire, but no one shrieked or pointed and I repeated Olive's advice to myself. Just fucking enjoy.

Olive touched my elbow.

"There," she said, and I looked to see Master Aries seated alone at one of the white wrought-iron bistro tables. His long frame was leonine, relaxed, as he read the morning news and sipped coffee from a china cup. Birdsong wafted in the open patio doors as we walked over to him.

"Ah, there you are," Aries said, brushing pastry crumbs from his fingers and setting down his paper. His eyes were warm as he greeted us.

"My lovely morning roses. I hope you slept well?"

"Yes Sir," we answered, coming to stand in front of his table.

"Clasp your hands behind you, not in front, Perdita," said Aries mildly, and I did as I was told. I felt the warm breeze from outside against the skin of my stomach.

"So," said Aries. "This morning I will have you begin your first training exercise: it will be good for your muscle development as well as for the headspace I'd like you to cultivate. There-" he pointed at the buffet, "is a little cushion for each of you by the buffet. You will be on your knees. Your job, before you take your breakfast, will be to provide oral sex to any of my guests who would like to get their dicks sucked with their morning coffee."

He spoke this last part drily, just a trace of a smile on his lips as he smoothed his napkin on the table before him.

"Once you have pleasured five customers to completion, you are finished and may eat anything you like, either here or taken back to your room if you wish for privacy.

"Everyone here is a guest of mine; they know the rules and are bound by the house safe words. Otherwise, you need not speak unless you're asked a question, in which case I expect you to be polite in answering."

My shock must have shown on my face.

"Yes, Perdita?" said Aries. "Would you like to ask me something?"

"I... what if..." I faltered, unable to think of a suitable question to explain my surprise. "What if we get thirsty-Sir?"

"Just so. I'll have my staff provide you with water. Is there anything else?"

I shook my head. A giddy feeling rose in my stomach, and I chose to ride the excitement of it.


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