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Two friends meet again and things get sexual.

'Good move, Mikey. Comfortable, not scary. But now you have to get under the bra somehow. Most bras fasten in back. So move your hand around onto my back. Uh-huh, like that. Now just feel my back a little, run your hand up and down. Caress is the word, I think. You're not giving me a massage you're trying to tell me you like the feel of my skin."

I do that. She feels great. I kiss her again as I caress her back. "Oh, yeah Mikey, like that. Now, feel the back of my bra strap, find the hooks. You've got to do this one handed if possible. You want to pull the hooks out of their holders or eyes." I try. "No, don't break them, just slide them out. Yeah, you did it." I'm now running my hand up and down on her bare back. I kiss her again. She takes my arm and pulls on it a little and I realize she's trying to get me to move it around to her front and onto her breast again. So I do that, onto her stomach and then up some, sliding under the loose bra and holding her bare breast."

"Mikey you're a natural. Now move your hand a little and find my nipple. Yeah, Rub it between your fingers. Yeah. Pull on it a little. Oh my, Mikey. I think that's the end of the lesson. I may have taught you too much because you're turning me on and you're my brother. In fact, I need to go to my room and use some of my toys." She pulls away from me and stands up and leaves. I watch her go, realizing that's she really is a gorgeous, sexy girl.

In the movie the next night, Karen and I are kissing right off the bat. It takes me half the movie or more to get the nerve to try what Sue had suggested to me but it works. Karen doesn't have on a T-shirt, I have to unbutton it a little but the result is the same. It takes me even longer to get her bra unfastened but she leans forward a little to give me room and I do it. In a little while, I'm holding her bare breast, playing with her nipple. She uses her one hand to grab my cock. I have on underwear and pants so she's feeling it outside all that material but she's grabbing and moving her hand and figuring out what I've got there. I'm hard as a rock. She's not nearly as gentle as I've been.

"Michael," she says. "Kiss my breast, suck it." I pull my hand out for a moment and unfasten two more buttons and then get my hand back on her breast and lean down to get my face to it. I kiss it like she asked. I get my tongue out and lick around on it, getting my tongue to her nipple. Then I get my lips onto her nipple and suck like she asked. She's moaning and working her hand on my cock like mad. I think she's going to make me cum. Then she leans her head against my shoulder. She's almost biting my shoulder and I can hear her making a noise but muffling herself into my shoulder. Her whole body sort of jerks and jumps, her hips are jumping and she grabs my cock really hard and just holds it. Then she falls back almost like she's fainting or something. I move my head back and look at her. She's smiling.

We kiss again and the movie is over. She buttons her blouse and we get up and leave. I can tell, her bra is still unfastened and she doesn't seem to care. She says, "I don't really want any coffee or anything, why don't we just get in your car and spend some time."

It ends up that I suck on her breast and then the other one and we kiss a lot and she feels my cock through my pants and moans a lot. Then she does like she did before and stiffens and then faints sort of and says she needs to go home. At her front door we kiss and she tells me that next week her parents are going away and I should come over and we can just stay at her house instead of going to a movie.

The next day and Sunday both Sue and I work at our part time jobs and don't see each other except as we eat or pass on our way in or out. Monday evening, she's on the couch watching TV, another dumb show of some sort. I come in and say, "Sue, I have another problem."

"Oh, Karen?" she asks and I nod yes. "How did it go last time?"

"Very good.

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