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Will she give in if he plays her right?

You put your feet flat on the bed, knees falling apart, exposing yourself to both of us as his tongue grazes your outer lips. You gasp again and I hear him moan at your taste, knowing how fabulous that silky cream feels on the tip of my own tongue. My jealousy leaves room for a slight feeling of, surprisingly, relief at seeing he is skilled and he proves himself again by parting your lips with sure, confident strokes of his tongue. He understands you are a delicacy, to be savored and enjoyed and he licks you with something close to reverence.

When he finds your clit your eyes open wide and you moan louder, pushing your hips up to meet his mouth. Your hands go to his hair and your tits, still cupped in black lace, bulge between your arms as he sucks you while slipping a long finger between your lips. I can hear the slick sound of him entering you and my eyes are locked upon your face, which has become a mask of pleasure. Your shyness slipping away, replaced by want, you push up into him while pushing down on the back of his head. Your body begins to tremble with pleasure as you give yourself over to the sensation of his tongue bathing your clit as he fingers you, adding a second now. He turns his hand slowly, corckscrewing his fingers into you deeper, the pads of his fingertips caressing your inner walls as his tongue works your clit unrelentingly. You are close already, I notice with some surprise, and more shocking to me, satisfaction. I watch, my body trembling, as you begin to quake.

"Don't stop," you whisper to him breathlessly and he moans in reply. Mouth open, tongue lashing, he brings you to the brink and then, with one deft thrust of his fingers, spills you over the edge in a cascading torrent of moans and thrashes.

He kisses you softly, leaving his fingers inside you, slowly moving back and forth, as you come down. The door has been opened and he slide up your body, unsure for a moment until you reach for his lips with your own, hungrily tasting yourself on his tongue as he lays beside you. He slips his finger from your sopping wet pussy and you grab his thick wrist, making sure he is looking at you as you lick your juices from his fingers with an eager tongue. He moans at the sight of it, of the suggestion of it, and he reaches behind you. You sit up, flicking the clasp of your bra with your fingers and tossing it aside, your full, gorgeous tits swaying freely as he captures one nipple in his mouth and sucks it greedily.

You allow him a moment to feast on the fullness of your tits before pushing him over onto his back, kissing him hard and running your hands over his firm body. I watch you as you move onto knees and elbows, your luscious curves on full display as you kiss down his chest, teasing his nipples with a playful tongue, lingering for a moment before kissing down the center of his body. You tease along the waist of his pants until his pushes his hips up to you, and as you slowly undo his belt you ask, your voice husky and deep, if he wants something. He groans in reply, a groan that fades into a chuckle as you take his zipper between your teeth and drag it open.

With a giggle you hook your fingers into the waist of his pants and draw them down, along with his dark colored briefs. He's kicked off his shoes and you pull his sock and the rest of his clothing free, leaning forward and running your hands up his thighs as his cock slaps heavily against his flat stomach. I hear you moan with anticipation as you let your hair fall over him, the silky chestnut wave enticing another long, deep moan from his chest and lifting up slightly you appraise him.

He is at least my size, thick and ramrod straight, the circumcised head swollen and blushed deep crimson.

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