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A little public viewing.

"I'm surprised she is okay with this, let alone encouraging it!"

"Actually they both love doing this." They all turned around, a bit puzzled as to how she knew this. She was clearly the oldest one. "Yeah I've known Mr.Hall for twelve years and I'm really close to his family. Oh, I'm Janet by the way." She was White, but pretty well tanned. At about five foot eight, she was also the tallest of the group. "I'm 26 and I have done about fifteen of these parties since I met Mr. Hall. Well, at the time his name to me was just Max. He was a senior in high school when I was a freshman. We got really close and he actually took my virginity after a few years. Sorry to interrupt though, what is your name?"

The Asian girl looked up. "Me? Oh, I'm Maddie. I'm nineteen. I babysat for Mr. Hall once and he asked if I wanted to make more money. I'm in college right now so I'm kind of desperate. But honestly I haven't had sex in months and I'm really excited. I love giving head and it's been way too long. " All the girls laughed in response. "How about you?" asked Maddie, turning her attention to the petite redheaded girl.

"Oh. Hi, I'm Alice. I just turned eighteen last week. Mr. Hall is my dad's friend and on my birthday he asked me if I wanted to make extra money. I'm actually in a class with you, Marie. We have English together, remember?"

"Oh right! I knew you looked familiar! Well, this is a little awkward right?"

"Oh, no no no it's fine! We are just trying to get paid right?"

"Yeah, of course! Anyway, I'm Marie, I'm eighteen, and Mr. Hall caught me fucking guys for money during homecoming so he asked if I wanted to do this."

Finally the time came and guys started filing into the room. Janet, being the pro, immediately stood up and began mingling and flirting with the guys. The rest of the girls looked at each other and followed her lead. Within a minute, Janet and Maddie had already left the room with separate guys. Sadie had been talking to someone when he handed her a twenty and she immediately got down on her knees and began to blow him in the middle of the living room. Not all the guys were trying to have sex yet. Some were just hanging out, but they didn't seem to mind watching Sadie give head.

Marie flagged approached one of the best dressed men in the room (assuming he would have more money.) "Hey sweetie" she said, running her hand down his chest, "What are you waiting around for?"

"Just taking it easy. No need to rush."

"Oh come on, don't you wanna be the first one to fuck my pussy tonight?"

"Well when you put it it that way..."

Two minutes later, Marie found herself by a thirty five year old man. He unbuttoned her shirt and sucked on her nipples for a while before plunging his cock in her pussy. Marie twirled her own white hair and pressed his fingers between her tight lips. She moaned and squealed as his thick cock parted her tight pussy until he finally came inside her. Her slid her $150, realizing that noticing his Rollex was the best thing she could have done.

Marie went back out into the living room where Maddie was taking it from behind while sucking off someone else. "Marie?" She turned around and noticed her old math teacher.

"Oh, hi Mr. Sterling! I never would have expected to find you here."

"Same goes for you! You look fantastic."

"Ooo, thank you. Maybe take me for a spin?"

"You tell me? How does a blowjob sound for your old teacher?"

"It would be my pleasure." She said, batting her eyes.

She sucked him off for about eight minutes before he came in her mouth and she swallowed his whole load. She wiped her chin and stood up. "Thanks sweetie." He mumbled quickly before handing her a $10 and walking off.

"What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?" She whispered to herself and rolled her eyes. She made her way over to Alice, who was sitting by herself at the bar. "Heyyy Al, Getting a lot of business?"

"Umm, not really. Just one guy paid me $15 for a handjob."

"Really? Well at least you didn't get pa

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