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Two playmates of the year, one bed.

At first, her eyes had appraised him as a creature somewhat lower than a rabid rat on the Great Chain of Being.

However, his landlady's eyes soon brightened, and a lascivious look came over her as she further contemplated the nature of the equipment they were assembling. She "accidentally" let her silk robe fall open to reveal her ample tits, grown to the magnificence attained only by mature women. Empty Boy had trembled at the thought of chaining her to the torture bed and possessing her exquisite body completely.

Eloa detected the growing excitement in Empty Boy's eyes, which she knew stemmed from his fear of loss of control and abandonment, which flickered just underneath his mask of control.

"Someone has chained you to such a bed and tortured you. She raped you here the first time, didn't she, Empty Boy? Most of this equipment is hers, isn't it?" Empty Boy nodded silently, too shamed to speak his memories of the dark priestess's torture and twisted games.

"This time you will be the one in power," Eloa whispered. She let Pin Cushion Girl, whose human body Eloa rode, come forth. Pin Cushion Girl's supplicating eyes pleaded with Empty Boy both for mercy and for the torture she knew she must endure before her salvation and final transformation.

Pin Cushion Girl smiled as she lay face down on the bed and spread her arms and legs before Empty Boy. To her delight, Empty Boy slapped the leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles roughly. He turned a wheel on the wall and the restraints on Pin Cushion Girl's arms and legs tightened, threatening to rip her limbs from her sockets.

Empty Boy felt Belial, the demon that rode him, rise as he lay down upon the angel's naked back. Empty Boy / Belial sheathed their shared throbbing scepter in Pin Cushion Girl's welcoming crack. He reached beneath her to grab her breasts, already swollen to nurture him through this ride. He felt the angel's hot milk as it spilled through his fingers onto the satin sheets below.

He somehow sensed the fleeting phantom feathers of her wings against his hard chest, as he reached out with his right arm and pinned her neck down into the pillow with a half nelson. He could feel the soft fluttering of her butterfly heart beneath him, whether in fear or sexual excitement, he could not say.

He began to lick his way up and down her spine, tasting the faint down of her exposed and vulnerable swan's neck. Using his right arm, he pushed her head more tightly against the mattress and began swirling his tongue around her ear as he arched back and fiercely rammed his shaft into the divine hidden softness of her selflessly offered cunt. The demon who rode him wanted to break her upon this bed, but knew that she offered untold pleasures to come. He must restrain himself in order to extract every last drop of her divine being.

The demon stepped over her right leg and his balls slid up and down the pure white skin of her thigh with each of his thrusts into the inner sanctuary of her cunt. He took her earlobe between his teeth, as his battering ram grew to demonic proportions. Pin Cushion Girl's screams were soon replaced by grunts with each of Empty Boy's brutal thrusts into her helplessly stretched body.

He sought her mouth, and she turned her head to the side to grant Belial's elongated and raspy forked tongue complete access to her oral cavity. He increased the pressure of the half nelson on her neck as he tasted her tongue with his. Then he released her neck, and his hands sought out her bound wrists. He intertwined his fingers with hers and squeezed her hands as he rammed into her with a final brutal thrust and poured the acid heat of his demon's jism deeply inside her womb.

Eloa screamed in ecstasy, as Empty Boy collapsed onto the bed of her soft white and seemingly feathered back. They lay together for a while, listening to the sounds of the sea.

Eloa again floated above the river of Time.

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