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Jeremy manipulates Suze into a three-way.

ing to go to college?"

"They WANT to go to college, Jake," Lydia answered, "but they're worried that they'll just find more o' the same. Holly and Beth're of the same mind as their brothers. They avoid the jocks like the plague and geeks were fashionable thirty years ago, but still rather stupid on the whole. The girls're surrounded by ruddy boys when what they want is a man... like their brothers."

Suddenly the warning bells started ringing in my head. "Uh-oh," I muttered. On the bright side, at least my daughters weren't eyeing the Migonians.

"Precisely," Lydia said conspiratorially, sounding almost glad to know that I was now on the same page as her and my sisters.

I waved my hands in the air. "No. No way. Once in one generation is enough," I said. "You CAN'T be suggesting what I THINK you're about to suggest!"

Lydia took another deep breath. "Honey, there comes a time in a parent's life where they have to realize the kind of effect they've had on their children. The kids know about us, about you and your sisters. In a way, we've all but TOLD them that incest is okay."

"For US, but not for-"

"Them?" Lydia finished. "You'll find our children a very unsympathetic audience, I think, Jake. They haven't come right out and said it yet, but I think they're all independently thinking the same thing. And it's not like it's against the law anymore."

"Sex with each other?" I squeaked. Two boys and two girls. Do the math, dummy, my mind shouted.

Dani and Sam then came into the living room. Dani casually turned off the stereobox and Sammie took a seat on my open side, opposite of Lydia, on the sofa. "We heard the last bit," she said. "We were just as astounded as you when we first realized it, bro, but it kinda makes sense."

Dani turned around and sat on my lap, completing the set and effectively trapping me where I was, surrounded by three beautiful women I loved very much. "So the question we REALLY have to ask is this: should we stop them or should we help them?"

"An' this is also where we can solve your own worries, Jake," Lydia put in.

I turned to her questioningly. "I don't get it," I said flatly.

"When the kids finally learn to accept themselves and their desires, they'll learn that it's okay to have OTHER desires. They'll learn that it's okay to follow through with those desires," Dani said as she kissed my cheek. "Whether they talk about it or not, I KNOW those kids want to go to college. They LIKE learning things and expanding their knowledge, especially now that NASA's taking on younger astronauts. We did, after all, teach them to love using their minds."

I blinked and tried for the life of me to figure it out. "So... you're saying that if we let the kids fuck themselves silly, they'll get inspired to go to college and date other people? Maybe see the stars?" I tried my best not to sound incredulous.

The women all three looked at themselves silently. "In a manner o'speaking," Lydia said, "yeah."

Jake The Cynic couldn't keep quiet for long, however. "That's absurd," I retorted.

Lydia sat back a bit and looked at me carefully. "If you've got any other ideas, we're all listening."

That shut me up pretty quick. Jake The Cynic doesn't stand a chance against these ladies. Never did. But that didn't mean I wasn't still a little bit skeptical.

"What makes you think they haven't already moved in that direction anyway?" Dani prodded.

That shook me pretty hard. I snapped my head around to look at her, to see if she was just joking. She looked dead serious. "They wouldn't," I said weakly. "Not without consulting us first. That's a big step."

"And NASA's a big company," Dani rejoined. My dead-pan look must have been priceless, as I was not amused. She held her hands up apologetically. "Just kidding."

Sammie snuggled in to me, comfortingly. "Don't worry, we don't think they have done it yet, but it's smart to consider that they MIGHT if we don't do something soon."

"Like how soon?" I asked.

Lydia looked at her watch. "They'll be home in less than an hour, I should think," she said casually.

"What?" I sa

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