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An umlikely fantasy comes true.


He quickly pulled her jeans down and off taking her panties with them. He quickly pulled her up to sitting and unhooked her bra and stripped it off her. Pausing for one minute to record her image in his brain, he lay down and pressed his length against her, reveling in the sensation of her skin against his.

Angela lay passive beneath his hands, accepting each touch and kiss, arching and moaning as the feelings took control of her mind. He sucked her nipple into his mouth, the electric sensation scorched through her making her loins ache and throb. She arched her back lifting her breast to him, pressing against his mouth. He stroked her loins, parting her lips with his finger tips, touching her amazingly gently. She cried out at the sudden increase in sensation, her hips surging up to meet his hand. Nothing had felt as sweet and strong as his hand on her sex. She was slippery wet, and he slid two fingers into her curling them up rubbing against her inner most walls, his thumb massaging her clitoris. Another more desperate cry tore from her throat. "Oh god, Oh god, Devin." Her hips began to pump in the primitive mating rhythm that called to him to mount her.

He slid between her legs and she spread her legs and presented her sex to him begging to be filled. "Ask for it." His voice dark and demanding.

"Oh god, Please put it in me."

"Ask me to fuck you. Say it. Say 'Fuck me'."

"God damn it, Devin. Fuck me. Please fuck me." Her voice desperate and pleading. He placed the head of his cock against her and slowly began to press into her. A deep groan of fulfillment shook her. She tipped her hips to meet him and surged toward him begging, demanding more. Her hands no longer passive she grasped at his hips pulling him deeper. Her knees lifting and spreading to open herself totally to his plunge into her depths.

Pulling her hands away from his hips he meshed her fingers with his and pinned them to the bed above her head. Laying still between her legs he savored the heat and grip of her wet cunt. He began to kiss her deep and hard. She tried to say something but he stifled her words with his mouth, her moans becoming desperate and panicked. He began to withdraw and thrust in the same rhythm as her hips rocked and surged. Deep moans began to well up from her throat, her hands clenching his in a frenzied grip. Her eyes closed, all her attention turned inward, trying to understand and survive this storm of feelings cascading over her.

Devin continued to stroke into her, watching her, some part of his mind detached and gaging her response, increasing the speed and strength of his thrusts as her cries and movements became more urgent.

Suddenly she froze, her eyes opening wide in shocked surprise as the cresting wave of her orgasm lifted her. She arched and screamed as she peaked and wave after wave of ecstasy crashed over her, tossing her like a a leaf in the wind. As she convulsed beneath him, Devin softened his pace, still thrusting but slowing rather than speeding up until she was limp and unresponsive beneath him.
"Angela, sweet wake up for me." Her eyes blinked and looked up at him soft and groggy from her climax. "We aren't done yet, I want you to turn over." Withdrawing he urged her up onto her knees and pressed her face down to the bed. Placing his hand on the small of her back he pressed down forcing her to arch and present her ass to him. She was like putty in his hands. He thrust into her hard, gripping her hips. She grunted with the force of his plunges.

"Say it again. Say it. Say 'Fuck Me'." His voice a hoarse growl.

Her voice lurched and shook with the violence of his thrusts. "Fuck me." Her hands were gripping the sheets desperately to try to keep from being driven up the bed by his hard plunges.

"Move up, brace yourself against the head board." He followed her as she scooted ramming her as she moved. "Keep saying it, Fuck, scream it."

Her voice rose louder, calling, begging him with each thrust.

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