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A married woman is seduced by a co-worker.

Gently, He turned her around and helped her to sit on the edge of the bed. Firmly, He moved her so that she was lying on her back. She offered no resistance . . . was, in fact, unable to . . . she was His and they both knew it. He raised her arms above her head and she felt the silk binds coil around her wrists and secure her firmly to the bed railing. His body shifted on the bed and silken snakes wrapped themselves around her ankles and pulled her legs gently apart. She was breathing in shallow gasps now as the binds and the darkness combined to pull her closer to that place that waited . . . that place she so longed for . . .

She felt Him leave the bed. She lay bound and helpless and still completely clothed. Her nipples were so hard that she was sure they would burst through the material completely on their own at any time. Her skirt had ridden up her thighs when she had laid down . . . she could feel the cool air slipping under the edge and sliding along the insides of her thighs . . . being drawn to the moist heat . . .

A rustle of clothing caught her attention. She strained to hear . . . to know what He was doing. Was it possible that she could hear Him unbuttoning His shirt? A part of her brain said no, but still she was convinced that she could. On the screen of the darkness she could see the material giving way as each button was undone . . . could see Him pulling it off over His shoulders . . . could see Him standing over her . . . could see the hair on His chest, dark, but with traces of gray . . .

The sound of Him undoing His pants invaded her senses next. She watched the scene in her mind as His fingers, strong and sure, undid the belt and snap. The sound of His zipper sliding down flashed into her body like a lightning strike that kissed the tips of her nipples and seared across her thighs . . . She gasped and strained against the binds . . . The heat between her legs grew even more intense as the lightning touched her there. Her panties were now soaked . . . She heard His pants drop to the floor. He was naked, she knew, naked and staring at her. She was clothed and bound. The thought of the contrast was unbelievably arousing for her because she knew that she was the vulnerable one . . . the one about to be taken . . . In a barely audible whisper, the word passed over her lips . . . "please . . . "

The answer came in the feel of cold steel at her throat. She tensed . . . barely breathing . . . Slowly, the cold point moved down her body. She heard the snip and felt the material of her blouse give way. With the scissors, He deliberately cut off each button and the silk parted as the petals of a flower open. The cool air rushed in across the hot surface of her skin . . . licking at her nipples . . . sending chills through her body. She struggled to remain still but could not control the tremble. His fingertips brushed the sides of her breasts as He opened her blouse to reveal them completely. A moan escaped her lips.

She flinched when she felt the scissors slide up along her legs. He caressed her with them . . . up and down her calves . . . moving higher each time . . . The steel was like ice against the heat of her skin. It tickled the insides of her thighs before taking the material of her skirt in its teeth. Slowly, they bit down and moved higher and the skirt, like the blouse, yielded and opened up. As it did so, it felt to her as if her legs parted even wider. They were shaking now, held down only by the binds at her ankles. She curled her toes and clinched her fists. He was moving so slowly that she wanted to scream, but she didn't. The screams, she knew, would come in time . . . when He was ready.

His hands pushed the remains of the skirt aside.

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