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Husband convinces naive wife to expose herself to strangers.

Jenny rubbed Suzy's tits and exclaimed "I love to see an ass get fucked." Then she turned those almond shaped eye to Chris. Suzy cried, "Me too!" and both girls started laughing.

Chris nearly came in his pants at the thought of fucking these two beauties in the ass. "Let's go!" he slurred. The girls each took and arm and led him out of the club. A limo stood at the curb waiting for them. In his lust and drunkenness Chris didn't bother to wonder how the car came to be there. He simply pawed at the long nippled tits of the Korean girls while attempting to get more attention for his throbbing hard on.

They arrived at a large 3 story "office" complex. It was on the outskirts of the town near the interstate but far enough away that is couldn't be seen. Chris had been to the "Rub and Tug" there many a time and was wondering how he was going to fuck them there.

The girls pulled him from the limo into the building. "We have a big massagy room there. We can all get comfortable and take our time." Jenny said to Chris as they walked down the corridor.

Big Shirley and I watched from the far end of the room in the shadows as the girls led him to a large cozy room with two massage tables. They helped him get undressed as he pawed at their tits and asses. He was rock hard when they laid him down on the massage table. Suzy stood next to him rubbing her tits on his face while Jenny rubbed his shoulders.

"We take our time now. You get massagy. You'll love our massagy. Then time to fuck ass!" Jenny said.

"To hell with the "massagy". Let me fuck your ass now!" said Chris trying to rise.

Suzy pushed him back on the table. "We have all night. You get massagy!" she said.

Chris stopped struggling and lay back down. Suzy rubbed warm oil onto his back and Jenny rubbed some onto his ass. Both girls worked on Chris until he began to relax. Jenny worked her way down his legs to stand at the end of the table. She uncloaked the latch separating Chris's legs.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Chris mumbled feeling his legs swing apart. Jenny's oil coated hands massaged Chris's balls and he relaxed again. "I like that!" he said as Jenny coated his asshole with oil. She deftly put a ring around his cock and slid it to the very base. "Now you dick stay hard all night." The added another one tightly around his balls. "No you don't cum till we ready". His dick throbbed pointing right down at the floor. His balls looked like a lopsided balloon.

"You gonna really like this. Hold on tight. I don't want to fall off, "she said shucking her clothes as she climbed on top of him. Her firm muscular ass straddled his back for a second then she fell to the left.

"You move too much. Hold on I strap you down!" she said. Before Chris could protest Jenny and Suzy strapped a wide leather belt across the small of his back pinning him to the table. Suzy stood next to Chris's face fingering her pussy and feeding him her fingers while Jenny strapped his legs then his arms down too. Jenny came round to his other side and pulled his face into her ass cheeks.

"You suck my ass good before the fucking OK?!" Chris blubbered and feasted on the wrinkled brown asshole. He slobbered and moaned into her asshole with complete abandon.

I looked up at the camera that covered my part of the room and nodded. It was time.

As I approached the supine man Big Shirley came behind him taking Jenny's place and rubbed his asshole with more oil. She wormed a finger into him making him squirm. Big Shirley may have loved women but she did like the occasional dick or asshole. She slowly finger fucked his ass while stroking oil all over my half hard cock. She smiling and winked at me while I enjoyed seeing her tits sway with her efforts.

Jenny moved away from Chris when a light illuminated the petit blond form of his wife. Startled but still dunk enough to not realize the full gravity of his predicament Chris mumbled, "Hey what are you doing here?"

"I heard there was going to be some ass fucking going on.

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