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A singer and her gift of hope.

Amber means I am reaching my limit and red is stop. I must not be permanently marked.

He knelt at the bed and kissed her softly and stroked her hair. Then he stood and dangled his cock in front of her face. She licked him. Her neck aching under the restraints. She took in his balls and sucked and then he slapped her face with his cock. Back and to. Ye-jin thinking to herself that Ellie will struggle with Mr Lee if this is all she's used to. She tongued him and licked at him and then he pushed himself into her mouth. He found she took it all without trouble and he immediately started to fuck her face hard. He knew he wouldn't last long. He had been too worked up. He held her head and hammered at her throat and spewed his wad into her. Ramming hard and selfishly until his last drop was gone. He withdrew and she swallowed.

His cock went limp

He guessed he could be hard again quite soon.

Tom stroked Ye-jins arse and up and down her legs. He touched her pussy through the silk of her panties and rubbed a little. He pulled the ties undone and her panties just slipped away from her arse. He now licked up and down the backs of her legs and then inside the thighs. Licking a finger he touched her gently and found her moist. He bent now and sticking out his tongue he lapped at her honey pot. She gasped a little and mmmd and aaahd. Then she felt one finger enter back and forth. Then two and then three. Now he finger fucked harder while his thumb pressed against her arse. He spit a glob onto the brown star and his thumb played with her until he made a shallow entry up to the first digit.

Tom could just feel the first interest start to appear in his cock. He continued a while finger fucking her with his thumb inside her arse and then stopped.

Getting off the bed he reached for the cane. Ye-jin tried to prepare mentally for the first blow.

Tom rubbed the cane all over her arse and tapped gently three of four times before taking it up and away and landing a stinging thwack along a centre line. Ye-jin yelped. His next blow was just above the first and a little harder. Ye jin shouted louder. The third below centre was harder still and brought a scream from Ye-jin. She moaned she was in pain and it was too much. The fourth landed on the top of her thighs and Tom heard her scream again. As she asked him for no more he felt the power he had over her. He knew her safe word and she hadn't even gone amber yet. The fifth landed high on her arse. The sixth just below the one on her thighs. He wasn't rushing. He was enjoying watching her squirm and tremble. He remembered how Elli's arse had trembled and shook at her paddling. He walked around to her mouth. She licked at him glad of the respite from the pain. Her arse was burning. She struggled not to shout amber. She licked and lapped at him and he became semi-erect. He ran the cane through the gap in her arse cheeks and then tapped a little. Then tapped some more. He increased both speed and pressure and watched her arse struggle to cope. He pulled out of her mouth walked around the bed and brought a swift and vicious swipe down on her. Ye-jin screamed. She pleaded with him to stop. Ten seconds later he landed the eight. Seven seconds later he interrupted her pleading with ninth. She was now in great pain and reaching her limit. Another seven seconds and another heavy blow for the tenth. She screamed and begged. No more please no more. Amber she shouted Amber.

Tom's cock was now fully erect and he felt full of power.

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