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An open door lets a couple watch their friends fuck.

My husband made up an excuse to walk past them, and I saw him linger slightly to enjoy the view. Clearly, I thought he would appreciate the woman, but what did he make of the man's display? All I can say is that night in our hotel room, Carl made love to me like a mad man. He was clearly inspired.

That was that. Our vacation ended, and we came home to our routines. But I couldn't get what I saw out of my mind.

I have three girlfriends, all of us married, who get together for coffee and talk. After the vacation, they were eager to hear about the trip. I told them about the sights and food and beauty of the islands and about how we got lost a few times and had trouble with the language and with money exchange rates. But I was hesitant to say anything about what I saw on that beach.

Angela asked, "So, how were those beaches?" Angela, Lois and Dawn are my friends.

I replied, "Some of the islands don't have good beaches and are too rocky, but we did find a few very nice ones."

"Did you try out a new bathing suit?" asked Dawn. "Did Carl wear a thong?" Lois added as we all laughed.

Like almost all men in their 50s, Carl would not look good in a thong! He's not fat, but he does carry more weight than he should.

"Yes, I brought a new suit, and I did wear it, but I wouldn't dare let Carl near a thong." After the laughter quieted, I was wondering if I should say more. Before I could decide, Lois blurted out, "I hear that there are nude beaches there. Did you go to any?"

I took a deep breath and told them all about it. Just in the retelling, I felt a tingle of sexuality as I thought about that man's size. I leaned over the table and whispered, "This man was no ordinary specimen, if you know what I mean." I'm sure I was blushing.

Angela took out a sheet of paper and drew a human shape then handed me the pencil and told me, "OK, show us what it looked like." Still blushing, I tried to fill in the proper image of that man's enormous appendages. Of course, my friends erupted in laughter. "Dang," said Dawn, "I'm taking my next vacation over there."

Little did I know that this would only be the beginning of more daring possibilities. Over the next week, I heard from all three of my friends, one by one, with more response to my vacation story.

First, Lois called. "You got some time to visit later today?"

"Sure," I replied.

"Good, I'll be over in a bit."

She arrived at my home and told me this, "I'm not sure I should say anything to you, but when you told us about that guy at the beach, I felt like you were interested in something more in your life. Now, I hope this won't shock you, but I just thought it might help you if you knew that I've had an affair. Through a friend of a friend, I heard about a young man who had what you described - a big dick - and had an affair with this friend's friend."

I must have looked surprised. Lois said, "Oh, is it OK if I tell you this?"

"I guess so," I replied.

She went on, "It took me a long time to build up the courage. But after years and years with my husband, who is as kind as Carl but who just doesn't light me up any more, I dearly wanted to try something new. So I let this guy have my email address. Before I knew it, he and I met for coffee, talked a while, and yada yada yada, I am one satisfied girl."

"And you're telling me this because?" I asked.

"Because I think you'd like to have an affair, and I think it would do you good. My boy toy moved away, but a woman with your looks and body should have no problem finding someone."

Next, Angela called me. She wanted to confess that she and her husband have gone to a few swinging parties to experiment. She said that the parties are a bit strange and can be uncomfortable, but it is a rare opportunity to shop around in a safe space. They'd only gone to parties out of town so that they wouldn't run into people they know.

"Maybe you and Carl should try it," said Angela.

"Oh boy, that's way beyond anything I'd ever think of doing," I replied. "Aren't there lots of creepy people at those things?"

"No, not at all," An

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