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A slave required punishment for months of offenses.

God, it feels so fucking good. Again, one finger slides inside me, then another, curling upwards, beckoning an orgasm from my G-spot as your tongue continues to torture my clit. Your eyes are somehow on my face, watching as I start to lose control. I bite my lip and concentrate, close down my senses, delay the pleasure.

You can tell I've pulled myself back from the edge and now you're pissed off with me. Roughly, you pull your fingers out of me then ram them back in hard. I smile slightly; I know what I've done. Pulling you back up to me, I kiss you deeply, enjoying the taste of my cunt on your lips and tongue.

Gathering my strength, I push you over onto your back and straddle you, holding your hands over your head, kissing me and moving my wet pussy over your straining cock. You struggle to release your hands, to be in control, but somehow I hold tight, biting at your neck and shoulders. I eventually relent, letting go of your hands and sitting up, stroking my fingers down your belly, over your hips, down your legs, inside your thighs behind me. I can see you pupils dilate as I cup your balls, gently, in my hand, slowly stroking between them and your arse. I shuffle myself down your body until I'm sitting on your legs and then I lower my head. I take the tip of your cock in my mouth, slowly licking with my tongue and then take you deeper, rubbing the end of your shaft along the roof of my mouth. You're lifting your hips slightly, wanting more but I pull away so just the tip is inside my mouth again. I flick at it with my tongue then I lick down the underside of you, softly suck your balls into me and gently circle your arse with my finger. You grunt and sit up, pulling my face back to yours and we kiss, hard, our teeth bump together. Your fingers twist in my hair and you pull my head back and bite my neck, it hurts, but it feels great.

You wriggle out from under me and push me down on my front, your fingers pushing again at my pussy. I'm squirming. You hold my lips apart and slowly push your hard cock inside me. God, every time you do that it feels better. One sweet, delicious, sensuous, erotic moment as our bodies join, your cock stretching me inside. I can't take this, I want to see your face, but your hand on the base of my back is pushing me hard into the bed. Strength floods through me and I manage to escape, rolling over and smiling at you. Another kiss, my eyes wide, like my legs, open for you. I get to feel it all over again as you enter me, slowly. I want you to fuck me, hard, fast, deep. I want you to come inside me, I want to come around you, now!

You're slow at first, teasing, but gradually increasing in speed. I can feel your pubic bone crush against mine, your balls slapping on me, harder, faster, deeper. The warmth starts again, between my legs, slowly rising up my belly into my breasts, my nipples ache with hardness, my neck and cheeks flush. You feel it too; I can see the sheen of sweat on your face. God, this is it, oh yes. You shiver slightly, head falling forwards, your body becoming rigid as you come. I can feel you pumping inside me, as my orgasm ripples through my body, the sensations are strongest in my cunt and I keep grinding my clit against you, trying to relax the tense muscles in my belly to make the delirium last as long as possible. Your face is so intense, you're still moving inside me and I'm squeezing around you. You start to come down, you smile and your eyelids close slightly. I gasp, take your face in my hands and kiss you. God, we're good at this aren't we?

After a while you slip out of me slowly, but stay on top of me, both of us still slightly winded.

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