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Special Op's with a twist.

My hands reach down to my rock-hard cock and I begin to jerk off. I know it won't be long, as the combination of DOug's cock in my mouth while they make out will surely be too much.

Doug responds to her kisses, kissing her back and letting his hands roam free over her body. His thrusts pick up the pace and his balls slap my chin with more and more force with each piston-like thrust of his hips. She leans forward, embracing him and pressing her very ample breasts against his bare chest. Her pussy pushes up against the back of my head, keeping it in position to accept every thrust of Doug's cock.

"Hey, don't cum in his mouth just yet" Alison whispers in Doug's ear as she changes her mind. "I want you to fuck me first" and she comes around the chair, pulling Doug off the chair and out of my mouth. They stand in front of me, kissing, with Doug's hands exploring her body, paying particular attention to her massive tits. He slides in behind her, cupping her breasts, or at least as much of them as he can, in his hands while kissing her neck and shoulders.

Alison moans and writhes under his touch, pushing her ass into his crotch. She pulls me off the chair and pushes me to my knees in front of her and commands me to get her pussy wet for Doug's big cock.

I obey and begin to kiss and lick her quickly moistening pussy; she doesn't really need my help, as Doug's hands and cock rubbing against her ass is exciting her. As I lick her labia, she wriggles a little and next thing I know, Doug's big black cock pokes out from between her legs and into my mouth. He thrusts it in and out of my mouth, making sure to drag it across her now-soaked pussy.

After less than a minute, Alison begs for Doug to fuck her, gasping out "fuck me Doug. I want that cock in my pussy, now. Fuck me in front of Bill, show him a real fucking."

With that, on the next forward thrust of Doug's cock, I push the head of his big pole up into Alison's pussy. Even without Alison bending over, it's more than long enough to enter her and it slides right in easily. Alison gasps and bends over just enough to let Doug begin slamming his black manhood in and out of dripping pussy. She meets every pump of Doug's with her own push onto his cock and I can tell she's enjoying it and wants more. Her enormous tits hang and sway with every thrust and I kneel beneath her, enjoying her intense pleasure.

"Oh. My. God." Alison screams. "It's so fucking big. It feels so good Doug! Don't stop! Keep pounding me with that cock!" she moans. Doug grabs her shoulders and pumps his big snake in and out of her pussy even more feverishly at that, his balls slapping her ass with each thrust. Without missing a beat, he reaches around and grabs a handful of each tit and pulls her back as far as he can onto his throbbing cock. They continue this for what seemed like a couple of minutes while I sat there and watched, rubbing my own cock through my shorts.

Alison starts gasping, letting out little moans with each thrust of Doug's cock into her body. I know she will soon be coming and see her face starting to turn red with pleasure. "Oh God!" she yells out, shuddering at the first wave of her orgasm. Doug doesn't let up. In fact, it makes him fuck her even harder, as she tries to let up a little. All that Alison can manage to get out of her mouth are numerous whimpers, moans, gasps, and the ever-increasing "Oh God, Oh God!"

Doug keeps pounding that black anaconda in and out of her pussy, making her wriggle and scream. "How you like that big cock baby? That tight pussy of yours feels sooooo fine. Bet your husband's cock can't make you cum like this black cock can, can it?"

"Oh God, no!" Alison manages to answer. "Yours is a real cock...don't stop Doug. Keep fucking me with that monster of yours" she says as she shudders from another orgasm. "I love your cock. I want to feel it cum inside me" she cries out as she tries to thrust back towards his cock.

Doug begins toying with her, waiting for her to beg for him to continue fucking he

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