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18 year-old virgins share the ancient woodland sunset.

He makes me feel kind of guilty or prudish, so I give in and let him do what he wants. It doesn't hurt anybody to do so, and I fear sometimes that if I don't give in, Bill may try to fill his needs elsewhere.

So I think you pretty much get the picture. I still consider myself somewhat prudish, but I am a good wife to my husband, Bill. I am by no means a beauty, but I am fit for 45 years old, and my largish breasts are still firm and shapely. Bill has all kinds of wild desires that I try my best to fill, and we have had a happy marriage for 26 years.

About two years ago, Bill started wanting me to do more and more unpleasant things. It seemed like he was trying to take our sex life, which I considered sacred, outside our home. For instance, he started talking about me being on a bus and "flashing" other men. At first I just listened, because I didn't think he could be remotely serious about what he was saying. But he kept on and on about it until I asked him if he was really serious. He told me he was absolutely serious, that it would be a huge turn-on for him for other men to see my vagina!!! I told him I could never do anything like that, but he started in on me.

Day after day, he would tell me his "plan". He would get on a public bus one stop ahead of me. When I got on, I was to act like I didn't know him, then sit across from at least one man, more if possible. As the bus progressed, I was to let my short skirt ride up my thighs and slowly spread my legs until the man, or men, sitting across from me could look right up my dress and see my freshly shaved pubic area, as I wouldn't be wearing any underwear.

At first, I told Bill that there was no way I could ever do that. I would be mortified! But after weeks of hearing his plan, and listening to him complain that I was a prude, I finally gave in. I told him I would try it.

So one Saturday morning, we got up and I took a long hot bath and shaved the sides of my vagina completely clear of pubic hair. Bill often insisted that I do this, so I had quite a bit of experience in making it look nice and pink and fresh, with just a small patch of hair at the top. I got dressed in a very short skirt with thigh-high stockings, and I did put on panties. I thought perhaps it would be the same for Bill if I was wearing panties and that's what they saw, so long as he didn't think I was wearing them.

We got in the car and drove into town and Bill dropped me at the pre-arranged bus stop. Before I got out of the car, he said, "Let me have them."

"Have what?" I asked.

"The panties you're wearing. I know you put some on."

I flushed completely red. I just couldn't bring myself to take off my panties wearing such a short skirt.

"Look, you said you'd do this," Bill told me. "Now's not the time to chicken out. I'll be right there in case anything happens."

So I slipped my panties off over my stockings and high heels and handed them to Bill. He put them in his jacket pocket, then reached over and ran his fingers up my vagina. "Already wet," he said. I blushed crimson red at the embarrassment of Bill knowing this was actually turning me on.

I got out of the car, horrified that the wind might blow my skirt up or that I might see someone I knew. I sat on the bus bench with my knees clamped together, holding my skirt down. A man walked up behind me and stood there, waiting for the same bus. I almost jumped when I realized he was there. Finally the bus pulled up, and I got on, putting the money Bill had given me in the fare box. I walked right past Bill without even meeting his eye to the back of the bus, where the seats face each other. I sat down across from two men, one who was in his early 30's, the other about our age.

Before the bus pulled away, Bill got up from his seat, walked right in front of me, and plopped down on the seat at the very back. He had a clear view of me and of both men.

I sat with my knees clenched together, almost in a panic.

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