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Ben makes Judy the star attraction at boss's kinky party.

"Go ahead son, lay it on the table, let see what kind of monster you have there."

Robert looked kind of uncomfortable and tried to work his cock into something of an erection and tried to get it to stretch out on the table. It was a pretty pathetic sight.

"Son, let me show you something," And then Daddy did what I had only dreamed of, he unzipped his fly and reached his hands into his trousers. Slowly he began pulling out what I can only describe as what looked like the trunk of a baby elephant. I gasped even louder this time, and I think Dad noticed, because he looked up at the top of the stairs for a second.

"Son, I'm going to put my dick on the table, here next to yours, because I want you to see what a real man's cock looks like." I looked at Robert's face, and it was mixture of horror and fascination. Sure enough, Dad saddled right up beside him and laid his cock on the table. It was like comparing a Vienna sausage to a foot long bratwurst.

Robert stuttered, "Can I.. Can I touch it Mr. Davis?"

Daddy put the monster cock away and zipped up his pants. "No son, I believe it's stopped raining and it's time for you to go home. I don't want to ever see you and your little wiener around here again. You aren't good enough for my daughter."

And with that Robert slunk out of the house. I heard his car door slam and he drove off.

Daddy looked up at the top of the stairs, "Honey, I'm sorry you had to see that."

I sure wasn't. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen, I thought to myself. And then I had an idea. I came down the stairs with the best pouty face I could muster.

"Daddy, what if a boy I really like wants to put it in my little butthole?"

Daddy cleared his throat, "When that day comes, he will be a lucky boy."

"But Daddy, how can I know that I can, you know," my voice dropped to a whisper, "have anal sex, how can I know that it will fit? Robert said he was too big, it he's too big anyone would be too big."

Daddy looked at me, unsure of what to say.

I continued, "One day someone who isn't a complete jerk like Robert will want to have sex with me and will want to have anal sex too. I need someone I can trust to gently push their manhood through my tight bum back there to make sure I can take it, so I can prove to myself, so I can prove to Robert that I'm all woman."

I wanted to see if my little speech was having an affect on Dad, so I looked down at his crotch, and saw it move, like a snake uncoiling beneath a tarp. It was time for me to drop the question.

"Daddy, will you put your penis in my butt?"

Daddy looked shocked, "Well...uh, ehem, even if I wanted to honey, I'm over 3 times the size of Robert, you saw that. You can't take all of me in you, especially not in your bottom."

He looked genuinely pained that he couldn't help me, but I wasn't going to be dissuaded.

"Daddy, don't you see, you are rejecting me, just like Robert did. I have to prove to myself, if I can take you, I can take anyone. And I know you will be gentle and kind and loving and that you couldn't do anything to hurt me."

Daddy nodded solemnly. then he began to pull his cock out. It looked even bigger than from when he put Robert in his place.

"Oh Daddy, is this for me?" I said as I gently grasped it and looked up into his eyes.

"Everything I have is for you my dear," he said with a look of complete love and devotion on his face.

I came over and took his cock in my hand and caressed his giant manhood. Then I knelt down and cuddled it against my face. It was warm and heavy and it throbbed to my touch. There was plenty of blood flow in it as he was thickening and elongating, and he wasn't even fully erect yet. I had seen what his member looked like fully erect earlier and despite my bravado, it was terrifying.

"Oh baby, I only want for you to have the best," he whispered looking down at me with his cock pressed against my cheek and hanging down along my neck.

"Daddy, you are the best, you always have been, and I only want the best.

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