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Shadows of the Past.

A soft moan escaped my lips as I lay on the mattress, giving myself up to the sweet sensations that Tom was producing in my body. I turned my head slightly and saw, for the first time what else was going on in the room. My handsome husband was reclined next to me and Nancy was giving him what looked like a great blow job. I watched with a certain degree of awe as she took his 7" inches deep into her throat. Deep throating Bill's cock was something that I had attempted but was physically unable to accomplish. Maybe some lessons were in order, I thought to myself.

Bill's eyes met mine and it was clearly apparent that we were both enjoying the moment. The pangs of jealousy that I had feared never entered my mind and, to be honest, I found watching him with Nancy to be a great turn-on. Tom's mouth had begun a journey which led to my wet pussy. My eyes left Bill's as I watched our other playmates in action. My eyes took in the lusty scene as Jill kneeled before Jim, sucking on his long thin cock, her tongue occasionally washing his balls and then quickly returning to his cock. Jill obviously enjoyed sucking cock, her soft, enthusiastic moans filled the room as she continued to work on Jim's hardness. Ben's large head was buried between Tina's long legs. Her hands were busy alternating between pulling Ben's head deeper into her pussy and pulling on the long, hard nipples perched atop her small, firm tits.

My attention was directed back to Tom as he began to intensify his efforts on my cunt. He was flicking his tongue across my clit, sending electric spasms of pleasure through my body. His fingers soon joined the action, sliding deep into my sopping wet pussy. I felt the passion increase in my body and the insistent rumbling of an approaching orgasm stir deep in my belly. I felt movement next to me and saw that Nancy had swung her ass around and was mounting Bill in a 69 position. I couldn't help but reach out and stroke the beautiful lushness her ass as my husband buried his face into the folds of her mons. I also noticed that Jill was taking Jim's cock deep and fast into the recesses of her mouth, groaning around it's hardness as she did so. She suddenly cried out, begging him to give her his cum. His body tensed and he issued a wild roar and I watched as he pumped his load into the depths of her throat. Tina was thrusting her hips up into Ben's face, her legs wrapped tightly around his head and her hands pulling wildly at her nipples, and she came, her hips wildly gyrating against his face. Tina's moans of pleasure filled the confines of the room as her orgasm peaked.

Suddenly, the fingers and tongue which I had enjoyed so much were gone. I looked back toward Tom and saw him holding his very hard, very large cock between my legs. The vacuum left by his mouth and fingers was quickly replaced as his cock slid through the welcoming portal of my cunt. A loud cry of pure pleasure spilled from my lips and filled the room as my pussy attempted to adjust to his length and girth. He slowly slid deep into my cunt and I was soon filled with more cock than I had ever thought possible. I felt so full, yet at the same time so wonderful as he began to slowly thrust in and out of my quivering depths. I relaxed the muscles in my cunt and accepted it, taking everything he had to offer.

I was suddenly brought back to reality by the touch of a warm hand on my breast.

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