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A Journey to remember.

She seemed upset. Anna comforted her as I worked on the risotto. When I joined them with the food, I heard that he had said he didn't see a future with her. We ate and drank wine and consoled Julie as she talked of her frustrations with men. Being a man myself, and being aware of our limitations, I slipped away and cleared up the dishes while Anna continued to listen to Julie.

When I returned, I suggested we play some music - trying to shift the mood. Julie immediately agreed and Anna went away to put the dessert together as Julie got out her fiddle and I tuned up me guitar. We played some lovely music: some tunes energetic and feisty; others slower and heartfelt. It felt like we were really connecting again over the music.

After our last tune, we stopped and looked into each other's eyes. I went over and gave her a big hug, the guitar and violin providing a suitable barrier to a full-on hug. She looked a little flushed and stopped to take another drink and sank onto the sofa. I joined her, once I'd taken the guitar off, and hugged her again. She nestled into my shoulder and thanked me for cheering her up. I held her head as we hugged and felt embarrassed to find myself getting hard being so intimate with Julie, after all these years. But she seemed comfortable to hold me so that's what I did.

And that's where Anna found us. Rather than protesting, she just said 'aww' and joined us, on the other side of Sarah, and hugged her too. Julie laughed and we sat down to apple crumble.

Once we'd finished dessert we cracked open the whiskey, figuring that such an evening deserved something a bit special. I had a nice bottle of single malt whiskey that I opened and we turned down the lights and got a bit mellow. Julie apologised for being so preoccupied with her issues with David. Anna and I tried hard to convince her that it really wasn't a big deal: we'd enjoyed her company and had a good evening of music, food and wine with her.

As we were chatting and reflecting on the evening, I realised Julie's hand had rested on my thigh. I looked over at Anna on the other sofa and saw her raise her eyebrows at me. I raised mine back and she smiled. God, I love Anna! I put my hand over Julie's and took it in mine. As I remember, Julie was talking about how friendship was more important than boyfriends. At this point, I realised I was a little tipsy myself, as I snuggled into Julie.

I nudged down in the sofa a little and, as I did, I put my hand on Julie's belly. She turned her head up to look at me, questioningly, then smiled and closed her eyes. I took that as encouragement and started gently massaging her flat tummy. At some point my hand found its way underneath the fabric of Julie's shirt and I felt a mini-spark as my hand touched Julie's soft flesh. She gave an audible intake of breath. Meanwhile, Anna just watched us, a faint smile on her lips.

I moved my hand up from her belly towards the fabric of her bra, then down to just under the waistband of her jeans. Meanwhile, Anna moved over to sit next to Julie and began to stroke her hair. Julie opened her eyes, looked at Anna then over to me, smiled and shut her eyes again. I couldn't believe we were in this situation: soft music playing, buzzing slightly from the drinks, and caressing a beautiful friend. We were silent, other than the occasional sigh, watching for clues in case we were crossing an unwanted line.

I pushed my hand further below the waistband of Julie's jeans until I felt a tuft of hair. I left my hand there as I turned to kiss Julie on the cheek, just as Anna did the same on the other side. "OK?" Anna asked. "Mm hmm," Julie replied, smiling again. She looked so beautifully contented.

Anna turned Julie's face towards her and they kissed: pecks, at first, then Anna opened her mouth to accept Julie's tongue.

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