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Embarrassed at the doctors.

This time, his tests would be far more thorough, and his subject would be far less repulsive in bed. Preliminary concoctions were either too strong, or contained disastrous side effects - one serum was so potent, that one of the squirrels he used to test it with has amazed the scientific community to this day with the size of its tail. Another serum made a test rabbit sleep for over a month with no ill after effects. Finally, convinced that his new formula would provide the desired results, he began to attend classes, and catch-up on what he had missed. Fortunately, while had had been experimenting with his enlargement serum, he uncovered a potion that had the reverse effects, and was able to again astound his peers with a reduction cream that really worked, temporarily. Ben would never have had to work a day in his life if the discoloration side effect could have been resolved. Soon he was on the lookout for his next victim; this time she would be a cute little Asian waitress from the Sushi Bar next to the bookstore.

She was adorable, with tiny pert little breasts, the wisp of a bottom, the cutest little eyes, and an extremely limited English vocabulary. He tipped her very generously that night, and when she was walking home, his offer for a lift was willingly accepted. When the arrived at the hotel, LuLee had tried to flee, but the modified serum worked perfectly. Her legs buckled, but she retained the bulk of her motor control and was able to navigate safely into the room, and assist him as he removed her tiny outfit. She was even more beautiful without her clothes with just the briefest wisp of pubic hair, a firm, tight body, and the smallest nipples he had ever seen. Her olive complexion, the pigmentation of her skin, and the tiny squeeks of her resistence were more than he could handle, and his erection soon followed. He quickly stripped, and injecting the serum into his throbbing manhood, watching it grow to monstrous proportions in a matter of minutes. She tried to scream as he poised his member at the threshold of her virginity, then contorted her face to deal with the pain that would never come. Although his reproductive organ would have pleased a dinosaur in size, in strength it rivaled an overripe banana. Despite his best efforts, he was too limp to penetrate her. At first she maintained her gimace, but after she realized his dilemna, she lay on the bed with her chest moving to the sounds of her silent laughter. With no recourse, Ben did the best he could to conceal his mammoth erection, and left the room in complete frustration. LuLee would regain full use of her faculties within the hour, and stopped at the shrine one her way home to thank her god for her retained virginity. He would never return to the Sushi Bar; but he wouldn't need to as Jane was LuLee's relief waitress.

After two attempts and two embarrasing failures, most would have conceeded; but when desperation is factored into the equation, the entire evolution is never questioned. With renewed vigor, Ben began anew; testing and retesting, trying and failing and retrying for the better part of three weeks. Day after day and deep into the nights, he tried different compounds, and different mixtures of complex compounds in his final effort to succeed. His masculinity was on the line; and he knew the only other option was surgery that could leave him disfigured for life. Finally, after 22-days of late nights, and frustrating days, a combination of inert and active compounds was tried succesfully on three distinct occasions - all with the desired, temporary effects. The test animals were returned to the field from whence he caught them, and he was to spend an additional week observing their recovery for side-effects. It appeared as if he had finally found a succesful combination, and after finals, he would "field test" his serum.

Meanwhile, Jane had been dating a like-minded law student.

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